32 Cute Nail Art Designs for Easter

If you’re looking for some cute nail art designs for Easter, you are at the right place! We have put together a compilation of 32 Easter nail designs that will certainly inspire you and spark your creativity.  From sparkles to matte finishes, to pastels – we have them all.

Your nails shouldn’t be neglected this year. So, when you finish painting Easter eggs, make sure to adorn your nails, too. No Easter nail is complete without bunnies, chickens and eggs, right? But even if your nail skills haven’t been fully developed yet, you can surely recreate most of our chosen designs. Enjoy!

1. Nail Design for Long Nails

The first Easter nail idea we have to share with you is super cute! Each nail has a different design and includes: polka dots, a cute chick and an adorable bunny. We love this manicure because it includes all the Easter must-haves. You can find tutorials online to help you recreate the animals. Try the whole look or just choose a couple of your favorite designs.

Easter Nail Design for Long Nails

Source: @strawbrie

2. Easter Bunny Nails

Our next nail design features the Easter Bunny! All of the nails have the same design with a pastel blue background and a beautiful white rabbit. It is a fun and vibrant Easter look. There are step by step guides online to show you how to create bunnies on your nails. A design like this is best suited to square nail shapes.

3. Chicken Accent Nail

Another iconic character for Easter is a cute little chick. Here we have a pretty nail idea with a chick design. The nails have a light background with multi color shapes and one nail has a chick. We love this because the chick is stood with an Easter egg. Recreate this or try and put a chick on each nail, either way, it will look adorable.

Easter Chicken Accent Nail

Source: @just1nail

4. Brown Bunnies + Carrots

Bunnies love carrots so why not include them on your nail art?! That what this nail artist has chosen to do. These light nails have a bunny and carrot design. It is such a pretty and creative idea. You can hand paint the bunnies and carrots or you can buy stickers to make things a little easier.

Brown Easter Bunny Nail Design

Source: @cottonconey

5. Pastel Nail Design

Pastel colors are must-have for spring and Easter. Here is a beautiful way to use pastel colors for your Easter nails. Two of the nails have a colorful zig zag pattern, one has pastel Easter egg art and the the last nail has an adorable rabbit. Try the whole look or you can try just the zig zags or even just the Easter eggs.

Colorful Easter Nail Design for Long Nails

Source: @nailsbyjema

6. Yellow Nail Design

Next, we have a fun and bright nail idea. Most of the nails are yellow with a white and black design and there is an accent nail with a cute chick. The chick has been painted to look like it is coming out of an egg, it is also wearing a beautiful bow too. This is perfect for anyone who wants a unique and vibrant manicure. You can buy bows like this online.

7. Simple Chicken Design

Looking for a simpler Easter design? Then this is for you! The nails are all white and each one has a bright yellow chick. It is just the chick’s head so the design will be quite easy to recreate. All you will need is white, yellow, black, orange and brown polishes. Then just try to follow the shapes and design. Just make sure each layer is dry before you add the next color.

8. Blue and Yellow Design

Our next idea features the cutest bunny! Some of the nails are yellow with purple and blue embellishments and there are two accent designs. One of the accent nails has a yellow, purple and blue zig zag pattern while the other has an adorable bunny. We love this because the bunny looks like Thumper from Bambi. Nails like these are must-have for anyone who loves Easter and Bambi!

Easter Blue and Yellow Nail Design

Source: @lineullehus

9. Colorful Bunnies

When choosing your nail art, you do not have to choose classic Easter bunnies. You can go for something colorful and creative like this! For this nail design, all of the nails are white with colorful dots, there is also an accent nail with vibrant bunnies. A design like this is great for people who are new to nail art because the bunnies don’t have to be perfect. You can just have fun and create a bunny shape that isn’t too realistic. Create this look or try your own colors.

Easter Bunnies Nail Art Design

Source: @nailsbyjema

10. Easter Eggs on the Nails

An easy way to make your nails look Easter-ready is by creating Easter egg nails like these. The nails do not have an egg shape, instead they just have the colorful pattern that is often seen on painted eggs. It is a simple but statement making design. You can use any colors, but try pastel shades to suit the spring season and just create shapes like featured.

11. White Bunny + Polka Dot Design

Next, we have a stylish bunny and polka dot design to show you. The nails have a purple background with black polka dots. There are also adorable white bunnies on each nail. It is such a cute and pretty nail design. This would be perfect for someone who wants to look chic but have fun for Easter too. You can use any two colors for the polka dots.

White Bunny Easter Nail Design

Source: @just1nail

12. Easy & Simple

Our next idea is another easy one. For this design the nails are white glitter with two accent nails. One accent nail has a yellow sparkly chick and the other has a glitzy purple bunny. This is a simple design because it is just the shape of the two animals. You do not have to worry about intricate patterns and lines. Recreate this look or use different colors for the bunny and chick.

13. Easter Egg Basket

If you are more of a nail art pro, the this next idea is for you. Here we have blue glitter nails with an Easter basket and egg design. Each nail also has green grass too. The eggs and basket has so much detail and it will take a lot of patience and a steady hand to recreate the look. You can try this design or use a similar basket and eggs in your own color palette.

14. Cute Pink & White Nails

Looking for a pretty and cute design, then you need to see our next pick. One nail has a pink bow, the next has a basket of eggs, then an Easter bunny, and then two pink and white polka dot nails. The colors and nail art used compliments each other beautifully and results in a fun and chic Easter mani. You can buy bows online and a design like this is best suited to longer nails.

Cute Easter Nail Design for Long Nails

Source: @nailsbyjema

15. Nail Design for Short Nails

If you do have shorter nails then you can try something like this. This design features light blue nails with glitter, a cute bunny and gorgeous water marble art. It is a stylish and colorful design that will suit everyone. To create the water marble look you need a bowl of water, two or more polishes and a tooth pick. There are in depth tutorials online to show you how to create the designs but they are easy to do and will give you a cool look every time.

16. Pink Bunny

Attending an Easter event and need an awesome set of nails? Then this is the design for you! The nails have been painted pink with a bunny accent nail. On the accent nail, there is the bunny face and the ears have been painted on the skin above. This is such a creative and unique idea! It gives you a bigger surface to work on and is great if you don’t have long nails. A design like this won’t last for long with hand washing so it is best for an event.

Simple Pink Bunny Nail Design

Source: @strawbrie

17. Gradient Nails

Gradient nails has become one of the must-have looks. This technique is little like ombre but instead of two colors, you can use more to create a seamless blend of color. Our next nail idea features a gradient of a peachy orange to purple, each nail has white polka dots too. There is also an accent nail with a cute bunny design. This is a trendy Easter look that will suit everyone. You can use any colors for the gradient, but try pastels to suit the spring season.

18. Easter Accent Nail

Next, we have nails that combine the Easter egg design with a cute little chick! Most of the nails have the bright Easter egg pattern and there is one nail with an adorable yellow chick coming out of an egg. It is a fun nail design that will suit any nail length and shape. You can recreate with any colors.

19. Easter Chevron Nails

An even easier way to create Easter nails is with chevrons. This gives you the Easter egg pattern but without the small, intricate dots and lines. With this design, all you need is a chunky chevron in a cool color. Here is a great example, each nail has a vibrant chevron design on a white background. You can use stencils or tape to create the chevrons and there are tutorials online. A nail design like this will look great after Easter too.

20. Almond Nails

It is not just the art that will give your nails an Easter look, but the shape too. You can use rounder shapes like almond to give your nails an Easter egg vibe. These nails have used an almond shape and, as you can see, it creates a cool, egg design. You can recreate these nails or use an Easter egg pattern of your choice. The chevron design above would look amazing on almond nails too!

21. Polka Dot Design

Earlier in the post we featured a nail idea with polka dots, a chick and a bunny. If you liked that idea, then you will love this one too. This one has a more intricate design and it uses different colors. It shows how you can take inspiration from nail art and create something new and unique. This is a great idea for someone who wants to celebrate Easter in style.

22. 3D Nails

If you want to go all out for your Easter nails then this is the way to do it! The nails are all different colors and two of them have the coolest 3D design. One nail is a bunny and the other is a carrot. This is an amazing set of nails and if you wore something like this to an event, it would wow!

23. White Bunny Accent Nail

Next, we have a cute pink and white Easter idea to share with you. Most of the nails are pink with different colors over the top and there is a white bunny accent nail too. We love this design because it makes painting the Easter bunny a little easier. Instead of trying to get the whole shape of the bunny, you can just paint the face. The nail featured here is all white with simple black lines and pink shapes. This is a pretty nail idea that can be recreated by everyone.

24. Easter Matte Nails

Looking for bold and bright nails? Then these nails are for you! Each nail has a different design which includes: a chick, a bunny, polka dots, a carrot and a pretty flower. This nail art takes inspiration from Easter but also from the spring season too. It has everything that an Easter manicure needs. Recreate the whole look or try just a couple of the designs.

25. Sparkly Pink Nails

Want to glam up your nails this Easter? Then check out this idea. These nails are all painted in stunning sparkly pink polish, there is an accent design too. On the accent nail, there is a beautiful white bunny. Nails like these are perfect for the ladies that want to look chic but celebrate the occasion too. You can recreate this look or choose a different bunny design.

26. Smiley Bunny

Easter is a fun and happy occasion and this next nail idea captures this perfectly. The nails feature different designs including: polka dots, a carrot, an adorable bunny and chevrons. We love the bunny used here, it has such a smiley and joyful face. Nails like these will brighten your mood and help you celebrate in style.

27. Hot Pink Nails

Love using vibrant nail colors? Then this next idea is for you. Most of the nails are painted in a hot pink shade and there are two accent designs. One features a white bunny and the other is covered in pink sparkles. It is a bright, bold and fun look that is perfect for Easter. You can recreate this manicure or choose different bunny nail art.

Hot Pink Easter Nail Art Design

Source: @pribonaldo

28. Stiletto Nail Design

Next, we have another stiletto nail idea to show you. For this look, each of the nails has a different design which includes: a bunny, colorful stripes, an Easter egg pattern, a chick and a cross. It is a fun and colorful manicure that also includes the religious theme of the holiday.

29. Matte Egg Shell Nails

If the bright egg patterns are not your thing, then you can choose an egg design like this. These nails have been painted to look like more realistic eggs. The design also reminds us of the small chocolate eggs that you can buy for the holiday, so this is perfect for anyone who loves chocolate too. Recreate the colorful design or just choose one color for all nails.

Easter Egg Shell Nail Design


30. Christian Easter Nail Design

Our next nail idea is another one with a religious theme. Each nail has been painted to look like the clouds and there is an image of Jesus on one of the nails. A nail design like this is perfect for someone who wants to celebrate the spiritual side of Easter. You can try and create this look or use a different background color instead of clouds.

Easter Jesus Sky Nail Design


31. Purple + Turquoise Nails

Next, we have a cute purple and turquoise look. Each nail has a different design and we love the adorable bunny ear art. The glitter also gives the nails a touch of glamour. This is a stylish look that will suit all nail lengths and shapes. You can recreate the bunny ears or use the bunny face. Either will look great!

Purple and Turquoise Easter Nails


32. 3D Chicken

The last nail idea we have to show you is this amazing 3D chicken design. The nails feature Easter egg art as well as different birds. One of the birds is coming out of an egg and the other has funny 3D googly eyes. This is such a creative and unique idea. You can attach googly eyes with nail glue and you can use them on any chick design.

3D Easter Chicken Nail Design

Source: @zigiztyle

We hope you have found a cute nail art design to try for Easter!

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