81 Christmas Nail Art Designs & Ideas for 2020

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71. Festive Nails with Candy Art

Next, we have another candy inspired mani. This time, the nails have a red or green peppermint design. It is such a festive and gorgeous idea. You can recreate the red and green design or just choose the red. Either way, your nails will look amazing! There is a full list of the products used as well as a tutorial on the nail artist’s page below.

72. Acrylic Red and White Nails

Our next pick is another holly jolly manicure! This design is perfect for women who want to include a few fun nail art designs on their nails. This look features a popular candy cane design that is jazzed up with some gold glitter, a simple red nail, an accent nail with a big, white snowflake, while the last nail mimics the cable knit texture of a winter sweater that she is also wearing on the photo.

Acrylic Christmas Nails in Red and White

Source: @_mejzi

73.  Cute Pink Glitter Nails

We don’t know about you, but nothing gets us in the holiday spirit like transforming your nails into a christmassy manicure! Instead of going with traditional red, white or even green nail polish, you can opt for a girly pink shade that is also very popular during Christmas time. Recreate these cure reindeer nails and you’re sure to turn heads!

Cute Pink Reindeer Christmas Nails

Source: @_mejzi

74. Elegant Snowflake Nails

Gold sequins, glitter and a big white snowflake make a nude manicure more festive. This design is for those who don’t like bright Christmassy hues and designs. The snowflake design can be easily recreated using  a thin brush and white acrylic paint – just make sure to have a steady hand!

75. Candy Cane Coffin Nails

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so it’s time to transform your fall burgundy nails to your Christmas nails! If you love coffin nails, our next pick is for you. This design will look great on all nail shapes but we really love it on these long coffin nails. The design has winter and Christmas symbols, so you can rock them as soon as Halloween ends. If you don’t have a steady hand for the candy cane design, there are nail wraps that are pretty easy to use.

76. Cute Gingerbread Nails

You know it’s Christmastime when your entire house smells like gingerbread cookies. The gold sequin dots really transform this cute mani into a glam one.

77. Simple Polka Dot Nails

Polka dot nails are not quite a Christmas staple, but this designs shows how you can jazz them up by adding a cute reindeer design with a red and white hat. Just by adding a Christmas design to one of your nails, the manicure can easily be transformed into a Christmassy one. Small polka dots can be created using a dotting tool.

Simple Polka Dot Christmas Nails

Source: @ewuleeek

78. Red Gel Christmas Nails

If you’re looking to jazz up a red manicure, adding a snowflake, a gingerbread cookie and cable knit sweater design is the way to go! Unfortunately, it’s not quite the easiest way to transform your classic mani, but the end result will be worth it!

Red Gel Christmas Nails

Source: @_mejzi

79. Blue Glitter Acrylic Nails

This sparkly glitter manicure has tons of glitz and glam, and the snowflake design helps take it to the next level. This is another look for those who don’t like classic red and white Christmas manicures and want to have an elegant and subtle nail design that still represents this special time of the year. This nail design is fit for a winter queen!

80. Cute Grey Winter Nails

Get in the holiday mood with these cute grey winter nails that are quite simple and clean. The nail artist opted for a grey matte base with two white reindeers and tiny white dots that represent snow. You can achieve this design with thin nail brushes, red and white acrylic paint and of course, some patience.

Cute Grey Winter Nails

Source: @ewuleeek

81. Christmas Reindeer Coffin Nails

This year, celebrate Christmas by rocking these cute reindeer nails with white snowflakes. This nail design shows how neutral shades can also be worn during Christmastime. With just a few festive details, you can transform your matte neutral polish into a manicure fit for the holidays.

Christmas Reindeer Coffin Nails

Source: @_mejzi

Hopefully now you have plenty of inspiration to get started on Christmas nail ideas! There are so many to choose from, and so many ways you can make seemingly un-Christmassy colours more festive… Now which one goes better with that little black dress?

Christmas Nail Art Designs

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