81 Christmas Nail Art Designs & Ideas for 2020

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41. Christmassy Nutcracker Nails

Our next idea is inspired by another traditional decoration. These nails feature an amazing nutcracker solider design. This is a beautiful festive manicure. You can recreate the silver look or put the cute solider with any other festive color. A design like this will take some effort, but the result will be worth it. You can put as much or as little detail on the nutcracker that you like.

42. Festive Poinsettia Inspired Nail Art

The Poinsettia is a beautiful, Christmas plant. Our next nail idea uses this plant to create stunning nail art. The nails are a sparkly dark red with two accent nails. Both accent nails are white with a Poinsettia plant design. This is a chic, festive look that will look amazing for the holiday season.

43. Christmassy Plaid Nails

If you are looking for stylish and sparkly Christmas nails, this next design is for you. Here we have a beautiful nail look that features red, black and gold plaid with two accent nails. One is gold glitter while the other has a shimmering deer. This is a stunning nail idea. Recreate the whole look or try just the plaid.

44. Elegant Snowflake Nail Idea

Add elegance to your Christmas look with nails like these. The nails are a very soft and light color with silver glitter tips. There is also a beautiful snowflake. Nails like these would be perfect for a Christmas party or formal event. A design like this will suit any nail length and shape.

45.  Green Stripe Nails

Next, we have a fun and festive nail idea that will make your manicure stand out from the crowd. The nails are a stunning, sparkly green shade with two stripe accent nails. We love these nails because they have candy cane style stripes but with a unique and Christmassy color.

46. Cute Christmas Light Nail Art

Our next idea is inspired by beautiful Christmas lights. Each nail has red glittery tips with bright lights. This is a cute idea and not only is it great for those who love Christmas, but also fans of Stranger Things too. Recreate the whole look or use the light design as an accent nail.

Cute Christmas Light Nail Art

Source: @lifeisnails

47. Glam Christmas Nails

When deciding which nail look to try next it can be difficult to choose. So, why not have a different design on each nails like this! These nails are a soft and light color with festive art on each nail. One of the nails has lights with gems, the next has a bauble, then a snowflake and finally tinsel. Recreate the whole look or just try one.

48. Pretty Pink Snowflake Nail Idea

Next, we have another pink idea. This one features white and pink snowflake nails with one glitter accent nail. Pink is a pretty and elegant color that looks beautiful with snowflakes. You can choose a bright pink like this or choose a softer tone like a pastel pink.

49. Winter Wonderland Nails

One of the best things about Christmas is the snow! These nails have taken inspiration from the wintry Christmas weather to create winter wonderland nails. The nails are a stylish grey shade with white snow and trees. This is a chic and festive look that will look amazing for the holiday season.

50. Christmassy Green and Glitter Nails

If you are going to a Christmas party, consider choosing nails like these. The nails are dark green with a sparkly design. This is such an elegant and Christmassy idea that will look stunning on any nail length and shape. Try a glitter look like featured, or try a different glitter color like silver or gold.

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