61 Stunning Half Up, Half Down Hairstyles

Half up, half down hairstyles are a great option for formal and casual events. They look like you’ve spent hours on them, but actually are super-easy to create. Also, they work for any hair length and face shape.

Half updos are type of hairstyle that always elicit compliments. Soon enough, they will become your latest addiction. Our collection of 61 half updos will surely inspire you to wear your hair this way.

1. Curly & Messy Style

This half updo will amp up any look! To achieve this look first curl your hair in soft curls. They should look effortless and messy, as pictured. Next, slightly tease your crown to get volume. Pick up few sections of the hair and  loosely twist them upward. Secure with bobby pins. The style is perfect for a summer wedding.

Curly & Messy Half Up, Half Down Style


2. Teased Crown & Soft Curls

Sometimes less is more. A simple and smooth bump matched with wavy hair can make an absolutely stunning hairstyle. All you do is curl your hair with a curling iron and wait until the curls cool down. Brush through them with a natural boar grooming brush. This type of brush will help distribute your natural hair oils down to the rest of your hair. The best way to tease your hair and create a bump is with a tail comb. Smooth the tease with a bigger brush, and secure with a few bobby pins.

Teased Crown & Soft Curls Half Updo


3. Curly Half Updo with a Hairpiece

This gorgeous hairpiece reminds us of Great Gatsby style. The best part about this hairstyle? It’s super easy to do. After curling your hair, take a front section of the hair and loosely twist it toward the back. Repeat on the other side so they both meet and secure with a bobby pin (or few of them). Got Great Gatsby fever? Then make sure to put this hairstyle on your ‘to-do’ list for your next special occasion.

4. Fishtail Braid Half Updo

Whether you are headed to a formal occasion or just looking for an another way to style your everyday hair, this lovely fishtail half updo might be your perfect choice. Now, of course, to re-create it, you have to know how to to do a fishtail braid. This braid style is super easy to create, once you have the technique down, you’ll have an amazing hairstyle every day.  To make the braids look messier and thicker, gently tug the outside pieces of the braids out. Super easy trick, right?

5. Half Updo for Short Hair

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, you can rock a half up, half down hairstyle. This half up braided crown is the perfect hairstyle for beating the summer heat without sacrificing your style.  So cute and refreshing. Give it a try!

6. French + Fishtail Braid Half Updo

Isn’t this one of the most simplest yet prettiest casual half updos you have ever seen? The braid starts as an inverted side French braid (also known as a Dutch braid), and ends as a fishtail braid. You can complete this hairstyle in just a matter of moments. Love it!

French and Fishtail Braid Half Updo

Source: @brixtco

7. Tousled Low Ponytail

Get some breathtaking beach waves into your hair to create an effortlessly gorgeous hairstyle. Separate a few pieces of the hair in the front and twist them around to the back. Pull the twists into a low ponytail. Great look for any summer event.

8. Side Swept Dutch Braid + Curls

If you have long hair and are always looking for something to do with it, our suggestion is this jaw-dropping braided half updo. Braids and curls are our favorite combo. The style feels formal, yet casual since some of the hair is left down.

9. Braided Top Knot Half Updo

This pretty style is a unique take on the top knot half down style. Section the top of your hair and simply hold it in place. Next, add a texturizing spray to give your knot that extra boost. Pull the hair in a half up, half down ponytail and secure with an elastic hairband. Braid it into a fishtail braid and twist the braid into a bun. You can also add curls to your hair for a more romantic look.

10. Messy and Twisted Fishtail Braids

Take your fishtail braids to a whole new level with this  fabulous style. This style is remarkably simple – two fishtail braids, one twist, and you’re done! So, to achieve the hairstyle you need to braid two fishtail braids. As always, gently pull out outer sections of the braid to make it fuller and thicker. Twist the braids around each other to create a “braided twist”. This hairstyle is easy to create and perfect for day or night.

Messy and Twisted Fishtail Braids

Source: @habitsalon

11. Fishtail Braid + Poof Half Updo

Here’s another version of a popular poof also known as a bouffant. To achieve the perfect poof, simply follow few easy steps under the picture #2. What makes this hairstyle even more unique and special is the fishtail braid headband. Absolutely gorgeous!

12. Braided Half Up, Half Down Ponytail

Up your half up, half down ponytail game with some French and fishtail braids. To hide hair elastics, grab a section of the hair, wrap it around the elastic and pin it. Et voila, your amazing hairstyle is ready!

Braided Half Up, Half Down Ponytail

Source: @brixtco

13. Waterfall Braid + Curls

If you want an amazing formal hairstyle that will make heads turn, go with a French waterfall braid and some big curls.  Our short-haired readers, don’t despair, because this hairstyle works for shorter hair too! Hurrah!

14. Fishtail Braid Crown

Although hairbands are a must-have for this season, who needs one when you can easily braid it, right? Perfect style to keep your hair out of your face while still looking cute. You can wear this hairstyle whenever you want.

Fishtail Braid Crown

Source: @blohaute

15. Curls & Twist Hairstyle

Looking for a half up, half down hairstyle that is simple yet stylish? Give this hairdo a try! Curl your hair with a curling iron. Again, create volume at the crown by teasing your hair. Take a chunk of hair from above the ear and twist it around to the back. Secure with bobby pins and repeat with the other side. The hairstyle can be also done using a headband.

16. Flower Braids Step-by-Step Tutorial

We always thought that flower braids are extremely intricate until we stumbled upon this step-by-step tutorial on Instagram. With help of this easy tutorial, we were able to re-create it with no effort. Try it to see it for yourself!

Flower Braids Step-by-Step Tutorial

Source: @lalasupdos

17. Waterfall Twist Half Updo

The hairstyle works best on a medium length hair. Start by curling your hair using a curling iron, a flat iron, or hair rollers. Spray the hair with a sea salt spray for that perfectly undone look. Finish the look with a waterfall twist. This hairstyle works for any occasion.

18. Messy Rope Braid Half Updo

This effortless look is perfect for summer as an everyday look. Simply separate two front sections of the hair and loosely twist them back. Then twist them around each other, creating one loose big twist. Very simple, right?

19. Double Side Dutch Braid

Add interest and dimension to your hairstyle with these gorgeous Dutch braids. With a minimum effort and time you can have a feminine hairstyle that will make you feel comfortable and glamorous at the same time. Blonde highlights make the braids pop even more.

20. Fishtail Side Swept Half Updo

This is one of those hairstyles that looks like you spent hours pulling it together. You can never go wrong with a braided hairstyle, right? Fishtail braids can make any hairstyle feminine and good-looking.

Fishtail Side Swept Half Updo

Source: @lalasupdos

21. Cute & Simple Half Updo

This hairstyle makes our heart skip a beat. We love how actually simple this half updo is, yet so breathtaking. The rhinestone hair clip adds a romantic and delicate touch.

22. Twist Crossed Curly Half Updo

With just a bit of effort, you can re-create this elegant half updo.  You can do this hairstyle with straight or curly hair. For this style, you’ll need a teasing brush, a curling iron, some bobby pins and a hairspray.

23. Poof + Wrap Around Braids

This hairstyle is perfect for any formal occasion. It’s interesting how a little teasing and few braids can do wonders to your look. If styled right, of course.

24. Big Curly Hair Half Updo

This hairstyle is a must try. Big and curly hair gives this half updo that ‘wow’ effect. Big hair, don’t care!

25. Wrap Around Braids, Curly Half Updo

Incorporate braids and curls in the same hairstyle for that effortless look. The messy texture and loose curls make this look perfect for your everyday wear.

Wrap Around Braids, Curly Half Updo

Source: @blohaute

26. Perfect Prom/Wedding Half Updo

Hair accessories, especially rhinestones, have the power to transform both your hairstyle and your whole look. We think this is just the perfect prom or wedding hairstyle idea. Would you agree?

Perfect Prom or Wedding Half Updo

Source: @lynny1992

27. Half Up Style with a Scarf

Next, we have a pretty and stylish hair idea. For this, half of the hair is loose and long while the other half is tied into a relaxed bun. The bun also has a trendy snake skin scarf. We love this because the actual style is cute and easy to wear while the scarf just jazzes up the casual look. You can recreate this with a similar scarf or you can use a different pattern.

28. Chic Hairstyle with Twists

The next hair idea has an elegant twist design. So, the two front sections of the hair have been styled into twists and are tied together to create the half up look. There is also a hair wrap around where the hair tie should be which keeps the hairstyle chic. This is an easy to wear style and you can dress it up or down to suit any occasion.

29. Medium Half Up Style with Two Braids and Buns

If you are looking for a cute half up, half down hairstyle, then this is for you. The bottom section of the hair is loose while the top section has been styled into two braids and two buns. There is a middle part with a braid and bun on either side. It is a pretty and fun style. You can wear hair like this for casual days and even the gym. Also, you can use one bun and braid instead of two, if you prefer.

30. Elegant Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

We love this next hairstyle, it is so beautiful and pretty. For this look, the hair is curled with two side braids that meet in the middle. It is a gorgeous hair idea and it can be worn casually or it can be dressed up to suit proms, weddings, parties and more. This style can be recreated on straight hair and it can be used on longer and shorter hair lengths.

Elegant Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

Source: @rjanette_07

31. Stylish and Accessorized Hair Idea

Some ladies may not like the idea of the whole top section of their hair being tied up. If this sounds like you, then you could try a style like this one. For this updo, the hair is mostly left loose but a small section of the hair has been clipped up. So you get the best of both worlds – you can have your hair down and half up. We love the amazing designer accessory but you can use any hair clip.

Stylish and Accessorized Hair Idea

Source: @janawhair

32. Elegant Braided Half Updo with Curls

Next, we have an elegant and pretty hair idea to show you. For this, the loose hair is long and curled while the top section of hair is braided to create the half up look. It is a stunning style and you can keep it simple like this or you can add accessories. Pearls, flowers or gems would be perfect for special occasions and parties.

33. Trendy Half Up Hairstyle

If you like the half-up hairstyles where only a smaller section of hair is tied up, then this is for you. As you can see, most of the hair is loose while one side is tied up giving you the half up look. The actual up section has beautiful twists and the whole style looks so trendy. Something like this great for the ladies who like to be unique.

34. Simple and Stunning Style with a Bow

This next hair idea is so stylish and pretty. The style features loose and curly hair where half of it is tied up with a beautiful white bow. A bow is such a simple idea but it really makes a statement. White and light colored bows are great the spring, summer and weddings. Darker bows are better for the fall, winter and parties.

35. Boho Hair Idea

Like hairstyles with a boho vibe? If so, this is for you. The top section of hair features elegant twists with a pull through ponytail while the rest is loose. It is unique and beautiful hairstyle and it would be great for the summer, vacations and festivals. You could even add some accessories for a boho wedding style. Tutorials for pull through ponytails are available online.

Boho Half Up Hair Idea

Source: @tabitth

36. Pretty and Curly Half Updo

Next, we have a pretty and curly style. The hair is beautifully curled with elegant twists on the half up section of the hair. You can add volume to the top section which will give the style a vintage vibe. This is just stylish and easy to wear style. A half up, half down hairdo like this will suit any occasion.

37. Simple Twisted Style

The next hairstyle features more twists. For this look, the hair is wavy and loose, it has a beachy vibe. The top section of hair is styled into elegant twists. This is such a pretty hair idea and it will look so cute during the summer. The style will look great with shorter hair lengths too.

38. Pretty Updo with Loose Curls

Look like a princess with this next hairstyle. The hair is long and beautifully curled while the top section is loosely tied up. It is a beautiful hair idea that would be great for parties, proms and weddings. You can even add some flowers to the style to give it a Rapunzel vibe. We love this one!

39. Half Up, Half Down Style for Medium Length Hair

This next hairstyle is another one of our favorites. The hair is mid length with half of the hair tied up and there are loose sections at the front. We love this style because it is soft, simple and quite edgy. This is another hair idea that you can dress up or down. A style like this would look great with bob length hair too.

40. Half Up Single Braid

If you prefer simple and cute styles, then this is for you. This half up, half down hairstyle features one single braid. Some of the hair is loose while the top section has been styled into a simple three stand braid. This hair idea is so easy to wear and it will look great on the more casual and relaxed days. You can recreate this or you can use a different braid type. Maybe fishtail?

41. Cute and Accessorized Half Up Style

Maybe you like bolder and more statement making styles? If so, take a look at this. The half up section of the hair has braids and volume. While the lower section features curls, a bubble ponytail and braids. If all that wasn’t enough, the hair is accessorized with bright beads. This is a quirky hairstyle and it will be perfect for the summer and festivals.

42. Unique Half Up Braided Hairstyle

Next, we have a trendy and unique hair idea that is perfect for those who want to try a different hairstyle. Most of the hair is left down while the top section is braided to create the half up look. We love this because different braid styles have been used. It is a fun and pretty hairstyle that will suit everyone.

43. Stylish Hair Idea

Earlier in the post we featured a stylish hair idea with a clip. If you liked that idea, then take a look at this one too. The hair is styled half up and it has a chic and vintage look. This style is complete with a cute Paris clip. Clips like these really jazz up the simpler styles and make the hair more unique. You can buy clips like these online with any word wrote on them.

44. Beautiful Half Up Hairstyle

If you need a hairstyle for a special occasion, then this could be perfect. The top section of the hair is styled into twists while the rest of the hair is beautiful and curly. It is so elegant and pretty. You can keep it simple like this or add more twists. Maybe even add some accessories. You can also wear the twists with straight hair too.

45. Two Braids with a Cute Scarf

Next, we have another hairstyle with a scarf. This time the hair is styled into two braids that meet in the middle. The braids are tied together with a red scarf. It is such a pretty style and the scarf really jazzes up the hair. You can recreate this hairdo with any color scarf. Try to color match it to your outfit.

46. Easy to Wear Half Up, Half Down Style

There are so many different accessories that you can add to the hair. So far we have seen scarfs, bows and more. This time we have another cute clip. As you can see, the hair has a simple half up, half down look. The hairdo is complete with a chic clip. We love this because it has a vintage vibe and it is also easy to wear. You can buy clips like these online.

47. Chic and Elegant Hair Idea

This next hair idea is so elegant. The hair has a twisted style with volume on the top. It is a stunning hair idea and it has a glamorous vintage vibe. A half up, half down hairstyle like this would be perfect for a wedding or other special occasion. You could even accessorize hair like this with gems or flowers.

48. Half Up Fishtail Braid with a Stylish Accessory

You can experiment with different braid types to create stunning and unique hairstyles. The next hairdo is a great example. For this look, the hair has been parted into a half style, twisted and then it has been braided into a fishtail braid. There is also an intricate side braid and a beautiful hair accessory too. This is a trendy and gorgeous look, you can recreate this or you could try just the fishtail braid with a different accessory.

49. Creative Multi Braid Hairstyle

Viking braids have become one of the must-have looks and next we have a stunning version of the style to show you. These braids are inspired by Vikings and TV shows based on that time period. As you can see, the hair has been styled into a half updo complete with pull-through braids, three strand braids and twists. It is an edgy and fierce style that will look amazing for festivals, the summer and special occasions. There are tutorials for Viking braids online.

50. Gorgeous Half Up, Half Down Style with Pearls

Make your hair look unique by adding accessories, you could create something like this. Here we have a relaxed and casual style that is glammed up with clips that are adorned with rhinestones and pearls. We love these trendy clips because they jazz up the simple hairdo and accessories also allow you to show off your own sense of style. You can buy clips like these online and you can use them on any half up, half down look.

51. Stunning High Half Ponytail

Next, we have a trendy and beautiful hairstyle to show you. Here we have a sky high half ponytail complete with gorgeous curls. Very high ponytails like this one are so stylish and they have become a must-have because of celebrities like Ariana Grande. We love this hair idea because it is a different take on the ponytail and you get the best of both worlds. You can have the sky high look but also have your hair loose and curly. This would be a great hairstyle for the prom, weddings and other special events.

52. Cute Half Up Bun

It is not just ponytails and braids that can be used for a half up style. You can also use a bun, just like this cute hairstyle. Here we have a half bun and the rest of the hair is left loose. As you can see, the bun looks so stylish and pretty. This is an easy to wear style that can be glammed up or down to suit any event from work to a wedding. You can keep it simple and chic like this or add accessories for a bolder hairstyle.

53. Beautiful Half Style with Trendy Accessories

Next, we have another accessorized look to show you. This time the hair is styled into a soft and elegant half updo and it is finished off with sparkly clips. We love this look because it is a stunning and classic hairstyle that has been giving a modern and trendy edge. It is a beautiful style and you can recreate it with similar clips or you can use a clip design of your choice.

54. Half Up, Half Down Hair with a Boho Vibe

Love hairstyles with a bohemian vibe? If so, you need to check out this next idea. Here we have long and beachy hair with two side braids which give it the half up look. The braids and beach waves are such a stunning combination. You can recreate this hairstyle with or without the accessory. Maybe try using craft feathers or glitter in a half up style like this for a summery festival look.

55.  Simple and Stunning Half Up Hairstyle

Sometimes less is more and this is so true with hairstyles like this. This half up style is so simple and stunning. It is just a half up wrap around ponytail. Hair like this looks effortlessly beautiful and it is versatile so can be worn for any occasion from a casual day to a formal event. You can find tips on how this look was created on the page below and there will be tutorials online too.

Simple and Stunning Half Up Hairstyle

Source: @blohaute

56. Braided Half Up Style with a Vibrant Accessory

This next idea is so cute and pretty. For this look, the hair is split into a half up style. The top section of hair is braided and the rest is put into a ponytail with a vibrant accessory. As you can see, it is a fun and bold style. You can recreate this or try just the half ponytail without the braids. Hair accessories similar to this are available online.

57. Elegant Half Bun

Next, we have an elegant hair idea to show you. The style features a soft and beautiful half bun with volume in the top section of the hair while the loose section of hair is curly. It is a gorgeous hairstyle and you can recreate this formal look or try a more casual style with relaxed curls or waves.

58. Half Up Bubble Ponytail

We love this next hairstyle, it is another one of our favorites. Here we have a half up hairstyle that features a bubble ponytail. Bubble ponytails are a super stylish look and they are also unique. This is a bold and creative version of the half up ponytail. If you want to recreate this look yourself, you can check out a written tutorial on the page below.

Half Up Bubble Ponytail

Source: @blohaute

59. High Half Up Style with a Bow

Earlier in the post we shared a beautiful hairstyle with a bow. If you loved that idea, then you need to see this one too. Here we have another updo with a pretty bow accessory. The hair is styled into a high half pony and it is finished off with a black bow and loose curls. It is such a statement making and stylish idea. You can buy bows like these online in any color so there is a version of this hairstyle to suit everyone.

60. Multi Braid Hairstyle

Next, we have another multi braid hairstyle. This time the hair features a half up ponytail complete with three strand braids and there are two small and loose fishtail braids too. The multi braids and style create such a trendy and edgy look. You can recreate this or add even more braids or add another different braid style. Either way, your hair will stand out from the crowd!

Multi Braid Hairstyle

Source: @b.u.tified

61. Trendy Sky High Half Ponytail

If you love the sky high ponytails, then you need to see this next look. Here we have another half up style with a very high ponytail. A small ponytail has been created high up on the head and the rest of the hair is styled with loose curls. It is such a glamorous hairstyle and it will be perfect for a night out or a party.

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