21 Gypsy Halloween Costume Ideas for 2020

Halloween is not far away so if you are feeling spooky already, then you are probably on the lookout for the perfect costume. This year why not ditch the traditional ghosts, witches and vampires and try something new?! Maybe try a gypsy Halloween costume instead? We love these costumes because they are versatile so you can look spooky, mystical or supernatural and stylish. There is something to suit everyone. You can buy these costumes or put together your own. It is also the perfect opportunity to go shopping in vintage stores! Take a look and see which costume is your favorite.

1. Classic Gypsy Halloween Costume

We would like to begin with this classic gypsy costume. The outfit features a long skirt with a corset style top and patterns like paisley. This is a pretty and easy to wear costume. If you shop around online and in vintage stores, you will find similar pieces. A costume like this will look amazing for any Halloween event from parties to trick or treating.

2. Wild and Free Gypsy

If you love the wild and free bohemian look, then this costume is for you. It features a bold red skirt with a statement sleeve blouse. The look is complete with a hair accessory. This looks amazing – the image and background really captures the spirit of the costume. Something like this will be quite easy to recreate.

3. Gypsy Costume with Gold Coins

Many of these costumes will use gold coins as accessories and here is how to wear that look in style. This costume is made up of a cute white top and a red skirt. It is complete with a coin belt and hair accessory. This is a fun and easy to wear costume and it is perfect for parties and Halloween nights out on the town.

Gypsy Halloween Costume with Gold Coins

Source: @sarahgarnes

4. Pretty and Magical Makeup

This next costume shows a cool makeup idea. She is wearing a white top and probably a longer skirt in a bold color. The costume is finished off with a purple head scarf with color matching makeup. If you want makeup that will wow this Halloween, then recreate this. You could try the look in a different color other than purple.

5. Stylish Gypsy Halloween Costume

As it is Halloween, you can give your costume a more supernatural vibe. Here is a cool way to do it. This costume features a statement sleeve top with a bold and patterned skirt. She is also wearing mystical accessories and awesome shoes. This one uses the classic elements such as the vibrant colors but in a modern and more spooky way.

Stylish Gypsy Halloween Costume

Source: @its.jessika

6. Gypsy Costume with a Corset

This next costume idea is so cool and classic – we love it! It features a corset style top with a patterned skirt and belt. The layers, colors and patterns just look amazing together. She is also holding tarot cards which just gives that more mystical vibe suited to Halloween. This is an amazing costume and you can shop around to find similar pieces.

Gypsy Costume with a Corset

Source: @terralaina

7. Gypsy Costume for Pregnant Ladies

It can be a challenge finding a costume when you are pregnant, but here is a cute and mystical one you could try. She is wearing classic gypsy costume elements such as the gold coins and has painted her baby bump and transformed it into a crystal ball. This is a unique idea and it makes the baby part of the costume.

8. Spooky and Fun Costume

Next, we have a spooky and fun costume idea. For this look, she is wearing a statement sleeve blouse with a corset style belt and patterned skirt. The costume is complete with darker makeup and coins. We love this one because it creates a magical and mystical look. It is just perfect for Halloween.

9. Gypsy with Tarot and a Crystal Ball

If you really want to go all out with the magical gypsy vibe, then this is perfect for you. She is wearing the classic costume with tarot cards and a crystal ball. Her makeup is unique as she has one dark eye and one light. This is an awesome costume and it is great for those who love to wow with their Halloween outfits.

Gypsy with Tarot and a Crystal Ball

Source: @anav84

10. Fortune Teller with a Third Eye

Continuing on with the mystical vibe, we have a unique costume to show you. This one features the classic elements such as the long skirt and coins. But, it features a third eye illusion on her head. The third eye is associated with the supernatural so it is perfect for Halloween. You can find third eye makeup tutorials online.

11. Gypsy Halloween Costume DIY

The next costume idea is another one with a third eye and it looks more spooky. Her outfit and makeup are dark and she is wearing a beautiful skirt with gold coins. Something like this is great for those who want to create a scarier look for Halloween. You can recreate this or try the costume without the third eye if you’re in a hurry.

12. Stylish Gypsy Costume

Next, we have a stylish costume idea to show you. She is wearing a stunning green top and head accessory. This shade of green is perfect for the fall season not just Halloween. The look is complete with a bold belt, white skirt and silver coin necklace. Something like this is perfect for those who want to dress up but look trendy and cute.

Stylish Gypsy Costume

Source: @curlymiss

13. Maternity Gypsy Costume with a Bold Skirt

If you are pregnant and looking for an easy costume to DIY, then this is for you. This costume features a patterned skirt with a simple black top. We love this costume because it is so fun and easy to recreate. It is perfect for Halloween parties and trick or treating. You will be able to find skirts like this one online.

14. Pretty and Easy to Wear Costume

Looking for a simple and easy to wear costume? If so, this is for you. This costume features a headband with a glitzy top and large tarot card accessory. It is a spooky costume with a gypsy vibe and it is perfect for last minute events. You will be able to find similar pieces online and it will suit everyone.

Pretty and Easy to Wear Gypsy Costume

Source: @stinadiane

15. Sexy Gypsy Costume

The next costume idea is another simple one. She is wearing a black stylish outfit complete with a shawl, headband and crystal ball. This is a trendy and easy to wear costume with a darker and spookier gypsy vibe for Halloween. It is another great last minute costume.

16. Spooky Gypsy Costume Idea

Spooky costumes are very popular for Halloween. Here is one with a fortune teller or gypsy vibe. She is wearing white off the shoulder top with a long, patterned skirt. The costume is complete with boots, hair accessory, rings and a black corset belt. This is perfect for parties and nights out. It is for the ladies who want to make a statement.

17. 3D Third Eye Makeup Idea

If you like the third eye idea, then you need to see this next idea. For this look, she has dark and autumnal makeup. She also has a 3D third eye on her head. This is a cool illusion and it looks spooky and creepy for Halloween. You can find third eye makeup tutorials online. Try to color match the eye to your actual eyes. For more fortune teller/gypsy makeup ideas make sure to check out this article.

3D Third Eye

Source: @spabellanj

18. Tarot Card Booth

Want to go all out? If so, this is for you. Many of this type of costume feature mystical elements such as Tarot cards. Here we have an actual booth! This is so fun and spooky. It is great for parties. You can create something similar to this if you like DIY. If you want something unique, then this is just perfect!

19. Magical Costume

Next, we have a cool costume to show you. This one features the classic and colorful outfit. She is also wearing glasses and a headband which is giving us Professor Trelawney vibes from Harry Potter. This is a magical and fun costume that will suit any Halloween event. To recreate a similar look, you will have to go to some vintage shops.

20. Gypsy Couple Costume

If you want to wear a couple costume that will be remembered, then this is perfect. These are unique, striking and statement making costumes. Everyone will know when you arrive at the party with a costume like this. You will win best dressed for sure!

Gypsy Couple Costume Idea

Source: @cait.vogel

21. Gypsy with a Third Eye

The last costume idea is another one with a third eye. It is a cool outfit with a witchy boho vibe. Recreate the whole costume or you can try a similar outfit without the third eye illusion. Either way, you will have that mystical gypsy look. We love this because it looks spooky for Halloween.

We hope you have found a gypsy costume for Halloween!

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