21 Most Beautiful Butterfly Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Looking for Halloween makeup but are fed up with the classic witches, werewolves and vampires? If so, we have just the thing for you. How about butterfly makeup? Makeup inspired by butterflies has become so popular and each artist that has tried the trend has managed to create something beautiful and/or spooky. With butterfly makeup you can create fairy costumes and some artists have even created skull and butterfly combos. To give you some inspiration, we have 21 most beautiful butterfly makeup ideas for Halloween. Take a look and try something new this year.

1. Corpse Bride Inspired Makeup

First up, we this skull and butterfly makeup. The makeup artist has painted her face a blue shade complete with an illusion skeleton eye, nose and mouth. While one eye is decorated with a butterfly. Makeup like this is perfect for Corpse Bride fans because as people who have seen the movie will know, Emily transforms into butterflies and this makeup seems to be inspired by this.

2. Beautiful Blue Butterflies

Next, we have a makeup look that features beautiful blue butterflies. As you can see, the artist has painted butterflies on her face and body. Something like this is great for those who want to dress up for Halloween without being scary. You could even add these butterflies to a fairy costume. There are tutorials online to show you how to paint butterflies.

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3. Half Butterfly, Half Skull

The next makeup idea gives you the best of both worlds. One side of her face has skull makeup and the other side has a gorgeous butterfly wing. So, you can look spooky on one side and pretty on the other. This is a fun and unique look and you can recreate the butterfly wing in any color you like.

4. Pretty Butterfly Eye Makeup for Halloween

If the scary makeup isn’t really your thing and you want to look cute on Halloween, then this idea is for you. As you can see, the artist has created beautiful purple eye makeup on one side and on the other, the area around the eye is adorned with a butterfly wing. Wear with a color match dress and you have a stylish Halloween party look.

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5. Skull with Butterfly Design

Want to go all out this Halloween? If so, this makeup idea is for you! This makeup was inspired by the movie Beetlejuice. As you can see, she has the elements of the character with the green hair and purple and grey face. But she has made it unique buy combining it with a butterfly skull design. This is an awesome and spooky idea that is perfect for parties.

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6. Butterfly Eye Makeup

This next makeup idea is so pretty and beautiful! Here we have a butterfly wing design on both eyes. This is such a unique and gorgeous idea. You could wear the makeup as is with a stylish outfit or you can use this makeup to create a fairy costume. Pair with a wig, fairy wings and a dress and you will have one cute Halloween costume.

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7. Butterfly Skull Illusion Makeup with Wings

Looking for butterfly makeup for Halloween that will wow? Then this is perfect for you. Here have butterfly and skull illusion makeup on the face. The look is complete with card butterfly wings on the sides of her face. This is such an awesome idea! Recreate this or you can try a version of this by using any color for the butterfly. A blue version would look amazing as well.

Butterfly Skull Illusion Makeup with Wings

Source: @trinsmakeup

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8. Stunning and Spooky Makeup Idea

We love this next makeup idea and it is one of our favorites! The artist has created a skull illusion on one side of her face with a beautiful butterfly wing on the other. She has also added paper butterflies to her hair and on her body to. This is a pretty but spooky idea and it is a great look for any Halloween event from a club to more family orientated party.

Butterfly Skull Makeup Look for Halloween

Source: @visdommm

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9. Pretty Wing Makeup Design

Next, we have another beautiful butterfly makeup idea to show you. For this one, the artist has gone all out and she has created butterfly wings on her face with the same pattern on her body too. It is a stunning idea and you can wear makeup like this with a color match dress or use it to create a magical fairy costume.

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10. Butterfly Wings with a Skeleton Mouth

Like the butterfly and skull makeup ideas? If so, check this out. This one features bold orange butterfly wings on the eyes with a skull design on the mouth. It is another makeup look that is both scary and cute. You can even add contact lenses to make it a little more scary.

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11. Watercolour Butterfly Idea

Looking for unique makeup for Halloween? If so, why not try something like this?! Here we have a rainbow colored butterfly wing that has been painted on the face. It is an artistic and beautiful piece and it will look amazing for parties. You can keep it simple or go all out and wear a wig, contact lenses and more. Maybe even add some skull elements.

12. Magical Purple Butterflies

Earlier in the post we featured beautiful blue butterfly makeup. If you liked that idea, then take a look at this one too. This one has a similar design but the butterflies are pink and purple instead. It shows how you can be inspired by an idea to create something new. If you like the butterfly design, give it a try! This makeup looks magical and it will be perfect for a fairy costume.

Magical Purple Butterflies

Source: @gabxxrielle

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13. Monarch Butterfly Inspired Design

If you have a favorite butterfly, your makeup can be inspired by it. For example, here we have makeup inspired by a Monarch butterfly. It has the beautiful orange color with similar patterns. So, recreate this or use it as inspiration and create your own Halloween makeup based on your favorite butterfly. You can try the look with or without the skull elements.

Monarch Butterfly Inspired Halloween Makeup

Source: @tephadoll_

14. Spooky Purple Skull

Next, we have a spooky butterfly makeup idea to show you. For this look, the artist has created bold purple butterfly wings on her face complete with skull teeth and a nose. This is a such a cool look because it is kinda creepy but cute. You could even wear white contacts to create a ghostly vibe. Also, try to wear a similar hair accessory to stand out from the scary crowd.

15. Beautiful Butterfly Design with a Scary Skeleton Illusion

The next makeup idea is beautiful but scary too. For this look we have an illusion skull with a dark eye and cracks. While on the other eye there is a gorgeous butterfly wing. The costume is complete with paper butterflies. This is such a bold and statement making look and it gives you the best of both worlds. Pretty and spooky.

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16. Scary Makeup with White Contact Lenses

We love this next makeup idea! This is another makeup idea inspired by a Monarch butterfly. She has dripping wings around the eyes and the same butterfly design is on her neck too. The look is complete with white contacts and black lip color. This is a scary idea and it will give people a fright. Recreate this or you can use any colors for the butterfly wings.

17. Intricate Butterfly Design

If you want to go all out, then this is for you! Here we have very intricate and bold butterfly makeup. As you can see, her face and body are purple. She is decorated with skull elements, two butterflies and amazing patterns. This is such a cool idea and it makes her look like she is from another world. Recreate this or try the look in a different color such as blue.

18. Bold Butterfly Makeup for Halloween

This next makeup idea is cute, spooky and bold which is perfect for Halloween. She has large butterfly wings on her eyes complete with skull illusions. This is a cool makeup idea and you can find tutorials online for both the butterfly and skeleton elements. For a more pretty and fairy like look, you can also try the butterfly wings without the skull design.

Bold Butterfly Makeup for Halloween

Source: @ktiemrch

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19. Vibrant Butterfly Makeup

Next, we have a bold and beautiful makeup idea. This one features colorful eye makeup with cute lip color. Her face is also decorated with vibrant butterflies. This is a fun and stylish makeup idea that allows you to dress up for Halloween in a cute and not creepy way. There is a tutorial for this makeup on the artist’s page and the link is below.

Vibrant Butterfly Makeup

Source: @madykennedy

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20. Half Skull Butterfly Illusion

Maybe you want makeup that is stunning and that will wow. If so, this is for you. Most of her face has glam makeup that you would usually wear to an event. While the other side features a colorful and beautiful butterfly wing illusion. This makeup is so pretty and it will look great with any outfit.

Half Skull Butterfly Illusion Makeup

Source: @ixchel_agz

21. Butterfly Design with 3D Wings

The last butterfly makeup idea is another one with 3D wings. She has created a butterfly wing design on the eyes with a skeleton nose and mouth. The look is complete with wings on the side of her head. This is great if you want unique makeup that makes you stand out. Recreate the red version or try using a different main color. You can also make butterfly wings with card and paint.

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We hope you have found a cool butterfly makeup idea to try for Halloween.

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