23 Bunny Makeup Ideas for Halloween

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11. Pretty Bunny Face Makeup

The next makeup idea is pretty and pink. She has classic rabbit makeup which includes: freckles, whiskers, a cute nose and fur. Her eye makeup is bright and glam too. This is an easy to wear look that will suit any Halloween celebration from trick-or-treating to a party. You can wear any bunny ears to finish off the look..

12. Glam Halloween Bunny

Bring glamour to Halloween this year with makeup like this. This makeup artist has created a stunning and simple bunny look. Her eye makeup is light with bold lashes and eyeliner. She has a cute bunny design on her mouth and nose too. The colors are great for Halloween as are the black lace ears. There is a YouTube tutorial down below to help you create the look. We love this look!

13. Classic White Rabbit

A classic look is a white rabbit and this next idea shows a beautiful example of the makeup. Her face has a fluffy design that looks like rabbit fur. She has finished off the makeup with pink eyebrows and a pink nose. It is a cute and creative idea. You can recreate this simple look or you could even use similar makeup to create an Alice and Wonderland costume.

Classic White Rabbit Makeup

Source: @jodiehulme

14. Unique Bunny Makeup

Next, we have a more unique makeup idea. The makeup artist has created a cute bunny look with pink eye makeup and she has colored her eyebrows white too. We love the white eyebrows as they are creative and they also give the makeup a spookier look. Recreate this or you could try black and smokey eyes instead of pink as it is Halloween.

15. Vampy Halloween Bunny Makeup

This next idea is one of our favorites! Here we have vampy bunny makeup. When makeup is vampy it usually features dark eyeliner and dark lip color, a popular choice is red. This makeup artist has used this classic look to create amazing bunny makeup. She has the red lips, bold and dark eyes and a subtle bunny design too. The costume is finished off with lace bunny ears. We love this look and it is perfect for a Halloween party.

16. Chic and Cute Bunny

Maybe you want to join in the Halloween fun but still look chic and cute? If that sounds like you, then this idea could be perfect for you. For this look, the artist has created a gold nose, grey lips and white rabbit fur. She also has very glam eyes too. The costume is finished off with grey bunny ears, a grey top and crystal necklace. This is a beautiful look and it would be perfect for a party. You can recreate this or try the bunny makeup with a black dress, that would be amazing for Halloween.

17. Gory Bunny Makeup Idea

Looking for a scary and more gory makeup idea? If so, check this out! This makeup artist has created a classic bunny look but she gave it a Halloween twist by adding bloody wounds that look like claw marks. It is such a cool and creative idea and it will give anyone a fright this Halloween. There are tutorials online that can show you how to make fake wounds like these.

18. Bunny with Illusion Makeup

Next, we have another illusion idea to show you. Here we have pretty and glam bunny makeup. The artist has also painted a carrot illusion on her finger too. It is a cute and quirky idea. Not only that, but it is easier to create and wear than some of the other illusions. You can use this illusion with any bunny makeup.

19. Party Bunny

Going to a party this Halloween? If so, maybe choose bunny makeup like this. This bunny idea has more of a party vibe. The artist has created a cute nose and whiskers. Her eyes are glam and pink with sparkles. It is an easy to wear idea and it is quite simple too, so would be great for a last minute event.

20. Glam and Sparkly Bunny Idea

This next idea is another one of our favorites! Here we have makeup with the classic nose and whiskers. The eyes are also covered in pink sparkles. We love the glam eyes as they are perfect for a party. This is a super cute look and it will wow everyone. You could even choose darker glitter for a spookier Halloween look.

21. Cute Pink and White Bunny

Love the cute bunnies? Then this idea is perfect for you. Here we have a bolder bunny look as the white fluffy areas are more statement making. The makeup is finished off with bright pink features. This is an easy to wear bunny idea and you can recreate this or try similar bunny makeup but with darker features for Halloween.

22. Adorable Bunny Makeup for Halloween

Stand out from the crowd this Halloween by looking adorable rather than terrifying. You could wear makeup like this! It is a simple look with glam eyes, a cute nose and white rabbit fur. It will suit anyone, can be recreated with any skill level and will look great at a party. If you wanted a darker look, then just choose black bunny ears, lace would look cool.

23. Bright Bunny Makeup

The last makeup idea is bright and fun. This look has the classic white rabbit fur and it is complete with pink eye makeup, a pink nose and mouth. This is another cute makeup design that would be perfect for a party. This will suit everyone and will be quite easy to recreate too.

We hope you have been inspired by these bunny makeup ideas!

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