What To Wear To A Concert – 5 Concert Outfit Ideas

Your favorite concert is near and you still don’t know what to wear? You want to enjoy it in style but don’t won’t to be uncomfortable? Lucky for you, we’ve pulled together a few killer concert looks.

Since each type of concert has an unspoken dress code, we prepared 5 outfit ideas for different concerts.

What to wear to a Country concert?

When it comes to choosing what to wear to a county concert, you want to wear something comfortable for dancing and moving. Most of the country concerts aren’t high fashion events and you don’t need to be occupied with your look. Country concerts are all about dancing and partying and not about looking chic and uncomfortable. Casual look is a must have for a country concert.

Perfect outfit for a country concert includes denim, cowboy hat and cowboy boots. Every county lover knows that! So, what to wear?

If you feel more comfortable in pants our suggestion is white top with long sleeve plaid blouse and denim jeans or shorts. With cowboy boots and hat, you’ll be one hot country lover! You don’t have a plaid blouse? Don’t worry! You can combine white or tassel top with some cute denim shorts and brown belt. If you want to wear a dress, we suggest lace or floral dress with denim vest or jacket. For extra cute look add some bohemian jewelry. Don’t forget to take your favorite brown leather or tassel bag for your staff. For skirt lovers, the perfect outfit includes: white lace or crochet skirt, long sleeve denim blouse, belt and string bracelets.

What to wear to a country concert

What to wear to a Rock concert?

Rock concerts require a cool looking outfit. You can’t attend a rock concert in a romantic dress and heels, right?
Sandals and flip flops are a big NO for a rock concert. Why is that so? Well, no matter how comfy your sandals or flip flops are, you will regret wearing them on a rock concert (or any other big concert). You just don’t want to be stepped on by hundreds and hundreds of people. You can’t have fun and dance with sore feet.

So, now when we have concluded what not to wear on your feet, it would be nice to say some comfortable choices. Ideal shoes for a rock concert are: sneakers, ankle boots or Doc Martens. Rock concerts have tendency to get sweaty – big crowds with little space, jumping, dancing and having lots and lots of fun with your favorite band. Don’t wear too much make-up or it will be smeared all over your face. You want to look good throughout whole concert, not only the first half hour. Use only eyeliner, dark lipstick and light cream or foundation.

For perfect outfit choose comfortable long or short jeans and printed T-shirt. Black leather jacket, leather pants or shorts and studs are also a must have for a rock concert. Big chunky jewelry can sound as a good idea to finish your look but you can accidentally hurt someone with it in a crowd or someone else can hurt you. If you don’t want to remember your favorite concert by your injuries and tears, choose fabric, rubber and braided bracelets or necklaces. This type of jewelry will complete your rock concert outfit.

What to wear to a Rock concert

What to wear to a Rap concert?

Rap concerts usually don’t have seating but have the most energy. For a Rap concert, you can also forget about your favorite sandals or heels. Don’t worry – you can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

For your feet, perfect shoes are: ankle boots, combat boots, Converse sneakers and wedge sneakers. They are comfortable and supportive.

Our Rap concert outfit ideas are:

a) Long sleeve crop top with light denim shorts. Depends on weather, you can wear black stockings and loose sweatshirt. Don’t forget to include chunky gold chain necklaces and bracelets.

b) T-shirt bearing artist’s logo or face with leather pants and big hoop earrings.

c) Long sleeve print dress with cute stockings and lots of big gold jewelry.

Put your favorite baseball cap or headband on your head and you’re ready to go!

What to wear to a Rap concert

What to wear to a Hip Hop concert?

Street chic look is perfect outfit for a Hip Hop concert. You need to be stylishly, comfortable and cool. How to achieve it? Hip Hop concert outfit is definitely loose and baggy. You can’t go wrong with print T-shirt and baggy fitting jeans. Also, your outfit wouldn’t be perfect without layers of gold jewelry.

If you don’t feel baggy fitting clothes, you can wear skinny jeans and sexy crop top. Since Hip Hop concerts are full of dancing, moving and singing, you will need comfortable shoes. Choose your favorite Nike or Adidas sneakers and stay blister-free. Besides jewelry, you can frame your look with baseball cap. Don’t forget to place the cap on a slight angle.

What to wear to a Hip hop concert

What to wear to a Pink concert?

For a Pink concert, we have one advice – keep it simple but cute. Minimal makeup, jeans and lightweight shirt is perfect for girls who want to be comfortable and cute. If you want to stand out, choose loose shorts in bright color, white blouse and comfy polka dot cardigan. Your jewelry choice should be silver statement necklace and friendship bracelets. For shoes choose Converse sneakers or flats. Match them with your bag.

We hope you got inspired by reading our outfit concert ideas. Remember that concert outfit shouldn’t be your main concern. Just wear something comfortable and have lots of fun! Enjoy!


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