41 Cute Thanksgiving Nail Ideas for 2019

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11. Thanksgiving Pumpkin and Glitter Nails

Next we have another super cute pumpkin design. This nail art features two pumpkin orange nails with one gold glitter nail and a pumpkin accent nail. The accent nail features gold stripes and a small pumpkin. This is design is perfect for thanksgiving and can be recreated at home. You could use all the elements or just the orange polish and accent nail.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin and Glitter Nails

Source: @melcisme

Products used: OPI ‘ Alpine Snow’ (white base), My Favorite Ornament (champagne glitter), and Pants on Fire (neon orange) + Snail Vinyls (pumpkin and marbled chevron vinyls).

12. Autumnal Glitter Nails

A great way to get a thanksgiving look is with autumnal colors. These nails use glitter in fiery warm orange tones. Glitter like this is stylish and statement making. Wear it with a nude polish like these nails or go for an all over glitter.

Products used: Nude base + OPI ‘Orange You Fantastic’.

13. Glittering Gold Nails

Metallic colors and glitter complement each other beautifully. The combo of glitter polishes and metallic ones will create a stylish manicure. These nails use a sparkling gold glitter with metallic rose gold on the other nails. We love this trendy mixed metal look. Something like this is perfect for a special occasion and you can wear both colors separately to.

14. Thanksgiving Pumpkin Nails

Next we have another cute pumpkin design. This one features two orange nails with a small little pumpkin with three other nails with an all over pumpkin design. You could recreate something like this freehand or use a stencil. Try both designs or you could even try just one.

Cute Thanksgiving Pumpkin Nails


15. Pretty Purple Nails

Want stylish thanksgiving nail ideas? Then this pick could be for you. These nails feature a dark purple polish with two glitter accent nails. The glitter used is a lighter purple so compliments the dark purple well. Nails like these will look stylish for thanksgiving and beyond.

16. Autumn Leaf Accent Nail Design

Liked the leaf nail design from earlier in the post? Then you may like our next idea. These nails use the autumnal leaf art but use it with other nail designs to. The must-have burgundy shade has been used as well as a trendy black accent nail with a gold embellishment. We love this look as it is both seasonal and stylish. Want to recreate this design? Check out the tutorial here.

17. Burgundy, Pink and Glitter Nails

Our next thanksgiving nail idea is feminine and stylish. A burgundy nail polish has been used on two nails and the other nails have a soft pink polish and silver glitter. The combo is stunning and will suit everyone. This for the ladies who want to bring glamour to the thanksgiving festivities

18. Thanksgiving Turkey and Stripe Nails

Loved the turkey thanksgiving nail idea from the beginning of the post? Then this next nail art could be for you! These nails feature a cute turkey accent nail with a striped nail and two brown nails. These nails bring together the fall and thanksgiving. There are tutorials online to help you recreate a turkey look.

Thanksgiving Turkey and Stripe Nails

Source: @fervelia

19. Chic Nails with Glitter Accents

Next we have an idea that brings together the must-have colors of the season with an added touch of glamour. Some of the nails feature a dark shade, one features a soft pink shade with an elegant design and there is one silver accent nail. We love this chic and stylish look.

Chic Nails with Glitter Accents

Source: @nail_sunny

20. Burgundy and Glitter

Give all your family and friends nail envy this thanksgiving with a design like this one. These nails feature a very dark burgundy polish with a gold glitter accent nail. Gold and burgundy complement each other perfectly. Nails like these can be worn for Christmas and new year to!

Matte Burgundy and Gold Glitter Nails

Source: @nail_sunny

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