23 Stunning Prom Makeup Ideas to Enhance Your Beauty

Still searching for the perfect prom makeup? Then we are here to help! We know it can be difficult deciding on your look when there are so many trends, styles and products to choose from. So, to give you some inspiration we have found 23 stunning prom makeup ideas. We have makeup for everyone from classic looks, to elegant eyes and more. With any of these ideas you will look like a prom princess on your special night!

1. Classic Eyeliner and Red Lips

The first makeup idea is this stunning vintage look. The beauty is wearing the classic eyeliner flick with red lips. This is a gorgeous makeup style that will suit everyone. The look was created with products that include: Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Eyeshadow Palette, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Space Cowboy, Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte lipsticks in Strawberry and American Doll and more.

Classic Makeup Look for Prom

Source: @mua_ttt_tia

2. Bold Blue Eyeliner

Blue has become one of the hottest colors to wear on your eyes especially since the release of the KKW X MARIO palette. This next idea shows a stunning way to wear dark blue on your eyes. The look features a beautiful black liner flick with gold tone eyelids and striking blue on the bottom. This is a stunning look that will create a statement for prom.

Gold and Blue Eyeshadow Look for Prom

Source: @shivangi.11

3. Purple Glitter Eye Makeup

Our next idea is this beautiful purple eye look. A stunning blend of purple has been used from very dark on the outer corners to light on the inner corners. There is also a sweep of glitter in the middle of the eyelid. You can recreate a similar look or use lighter tones. Either way, purple will be a great choice for prom.

4. Princess Pink Prom Makeup

If you are looking for makeup fit for a princess, then this next look could be perfect. The eyes are glittery with a black liner flick and the lips are a beautiful shade of pink. This is a stunning and elegant look that will suit anyone. The sparkle on the eyes was created with Make Up Store Glitter in Blue Moon and you can use this on skin, face and hair.

Elegant Pink Prom Makeup

Source: @makeupthang

5. Bronze Eye Makeup Idea

Next, we have a beautiful bronzed makeup idea. We love the colors used in this eye look because they are super stylish and glamorous. To get the look you will need the SOSU Hot Fire Eyeshadow Palette by Suzanne Jackson or a palette with similar shades.

6. Smokey Eyes with Glitter Liner

Prom is a very special occasion which means it is the perfect time for glitter! This makeup idea features a stunning smokey eye with a liner and glitter flick. It is a gorgeous look that will wow everyone at the prom. You could recreate a similar look but with just a glitter line. The sparkle for these eyes was created with Violet Voss Champagne Kisses Glitter.

7. Vibrant Eye Makeup Idea

If you’re looking for something bold and fun, then this idea could be for you. The eyes have a beautiful blend of colors including: purple, blue and silver. We really love the glitter on the corners of the eye. Something like this is perfect for the prom princesses that want to stand out!

Vibrant Eye Makeup Idea

Source: @maheen_sh

8. Neutral Lips and Sparkly Eyes

A combination that really works is bold eyes with neutral lips. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the makeup featured below. As you can see the super stylish sparkly eye makeup looks stunning with the natural looking lips. This idea works with any eye makeup in any color.

9. Chic Black Eyeliner

Sometimes less is more. All you need is black eyeliner to create a stunning look. These eyes look amazing with the just a thick flick of eyeliner and a natural looking eyeshadow. Makeup like this is chic and elegant. You can wear with pink lips, red lips or natural lips.

10. Sparkly Silver Eyes

Earlier in the post we mentioned that the prom is the perfect occasion for glitter. If you do love the glitter looks like us then this next idea is for you. The eyes have been covered in sparkling silver glitter and also have black eyeliner and thick black lashes. This is a stunning idea and you could recreate a similar look or even try gold glitter.

11. Bold Blue Eye Makeup

Next, we have a bold blue eye look. Instead of the bright blue this is more of a dark teal shade. We love the smokey eye blend and think it would be a stunning idea for prom. Wear with nude lips for makeup that will wow. You could even add some glitter to eye makeup like this.

12. Elegant Glitter Eyes

Want an elegant eye makeup idea? Then this next pick is for you. The eyes have natural looking eyeshadow with a sweep of glitter. This is such a delicate and beautiful idea. The sparkly look was created with the Aria Cosmetics UK golden Lights Glitter Palette.

13. Colorful Pink and Blue Eye Makeup

Blue and pink work so well together on the eyes. On this look, the eyelid is pink with a black eyeliner flick and along the waterline there is a beautiful blue tone. Makeup like this is perfect for the trendy prom queen who wants a vibrant look.

Colorful Pink and Blue Eye Makeup

Source: @glamgk

14. Stunning Prom Makeup Idea

If you are looking for prom makeup with drama, then this idea is for you. The eyes have a beautiful blend of brown tones and gold glitter with thick black liner and lashes. This is a statement idea that will give you a glamorous look. We love this eye makeup!

Stunning Prom Makeup Idea

Source: @shivangi.11

15. Pretty Burgundy Eye Makeup

Look pretty in burgundy at the prom with eye makeup like this. The makeup is glittery and elegant which is perfect for the occasion. This makeup was created with Lime Crime Venus XL Palette, Eye Kandy Cosmetics Mythical Maia glitter and Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. Add some lashes and you are good to go.

16. Retro Eyeliner and Glitter

If a vintage look is more your style, then this could be the makeup for you. The eye makeup has a 60’s Twiggy vibe but with a modern twist. We especially love the silver glitter as it suits the special occasion. There are tutorials online to help you with similar eyeliner techniques.

17. Smokey Eyes with Sparkle

Instead of the classic glitter on the eyelid you could put the glitter on the inner corner of the eye. This is a stylish way to wear some sparkle. You could wear the glitter with a pink smokey eye or with another color. For this look MBA Cosmetics Bubbly glitter was used.

18. Trendy Eyeliner

Prom is the perfect time to show off your favorite make up style. With our next pick you will be remembered for your epic eyeliner. The eyes have a beautiful blend of pinks and purples with an awesome eyeliner flick. You could recreate a similar look or use your own blend of colors.

19. Bold Eyeliner with Silver Glitter

Next, we have another amazing eye makeup idea. The eyes have a neutral eyeshadow blend, black eyeliner, glitter liner and dark green on the waterline. This eye makeup will wow if you wore it to prom. We love this idea and you could use it as inspiration and mix and match some of the colors.

Bold Eyeliner with Silver Glitter

Source: @shivangi.11

20. Elegant Pink Prom Makeup

Bring some pink sparkle to the prom with gorgeous eye makeup like this. The eyes have a pink smokey eye with pink glitter and an eyeliner flick. Makeup like this will suit everyone and it is perfect for the special occasion. The glitter look was created with Lime Crime Diamond Dew Glitter Topper ‘Paris’.

Elegant Pink Prom Makeup

Source: @annybeeutee

21. Stylish Blue Glitter Liner

Next, we have another awesome glittery look. The eyes have the classic black eyeliner flick with a glitter eyeliner flick to. We love this combination of two eyeliners. You could recreate the look in blue or you could try it in silver, pink or gold.

Stylish Eye Makeup Look for Hooded Eyes

Source: @brandi.x0

22. Metallic Eyes

Have the best makeup at the prom with eyes like our next pick. The eyes have a smokey blend with a sweep of metallic color with an eyeliner flick. Makeup like this is stunning and will suit everyone. It would be great to learn these eyes as you could wear these for other special occasions too. Products used: Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette (Saffron, Retrograde, Oud, Amber, Eden, Desert Sand), theBalm Cosmetics Schwing liquid liner, and MAC Cosmetics Reflect Transparent Teal Pigment.

Metallic Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Source: @annybeeutee

23. Beautiful Emerald Prom Makeup Idea

Last on our list is this stunning emerald eye makeup idea. This is an amazing look that is perfect for the prom. To create the look you will need: Violet Voss Like a Boss Palette, Tarte Cosmetics Chrome Paint Shadow in Pot of Gold and Lit Cosmetics Lit Metals Escape + Gold.

We hope you have found the perfect makeup for prom!

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