23 Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

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11. Simple Spider Web Makeup

If you liked the spider web Halloween makeup from earlier in the post, then you might like this one to. This idea shows how you can create a similar look with darker colors and a bigger web. Just apply your dark makeup and add the web design. You can even add in the little spider to. It is a fun, simple and last-minute makeup idea.

12. Surgery Makeup

Looking for a creative last-minute look, then this next pick could be for you. This simple makeup idea creates a surgery look. You could use this technique to create a plastic surgery costume or even an undead patient. It is quick and easy makeup idea that is perfect for any party.

Surgery Makeup for Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

Source: @face_envy

13. Vampire Halloween Makeup

Vampires are classic Halloween costume ideas. Our next pick shows how you can simply create a vampire look. All you will need is some dark makeup and makeup that is red. Apply dark eye shadow and lipstick and then finish off with some veins around the eyes and a blood drip. You could use a pencil for the red blood or add some fake blood. However, you decided to recreate it, you will have on cool Halloween makeup look.

14. Leopard Print Makeup

We couldn’t have a Halloween list without animal inspired makeup. Animals make cool and simple costumes. Our next pick shows how you can create awesome leopard print makeup. Just create a cat eye eyeliner flick with glam eye makeup, add some lip color either like the picture or black and add your pattern. The pattern can be created with liquid liner or face paint. Just create little c shapes and fill in with glitter or a neutral shade. There are tutorials available to help you with this.

15. Old Age Makeup

Our next pick is fun and creative. It is makeup that makes the wearer look older. You could maybe create a costume of your older self or just use the technique to create something else such as a witch. All you will need is neutral makeup and brown makeup to create the wrinkle lines. As an extra you could add some white to your hair and eyebrows. Baby powder will create a grey hair effect.

Old Age Makeup for Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

Source: @mandyshaye

16. Jessica Rabbit Makeup

Are you a red head? Then this next pick is just for you! A simple Halloween costume idea for red heads is Jessica Rabbit. All you will need is purple eye makeup, red lips and a red dress. It is fun costume and will be a hit at any party. If you have a little more time and you do not have red hair you could always purchase a wig.

17. Deer Makeup

Looking for a cute makeup idea? Then consider creating a deer look. Deer makeup has become very popular for costume parties so would be perfect for Halloween. Just give yourself some glam eyes, add some black makeup to your upper lip and nose and finish off with some white dots. You could add in the shading if you have time.

18. Spooky Skeleton Makeup

Want a spooky look? Then a skeleton is perfect for you! Our next pick shows how to create a simple skeleton look. All you will need to do is create glam eyes with eye shadows and other makeup you already have then add some black makeup to your lips and nose. You can use a liner, face paint or a face paint crayon to create the black detail. If you have time you can add the shading. There are tutorials online to help you with the skeleton shapes.

Spooky Skeleton Makeup for Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

Source: @loveseren

19. Bloody Tears

Our next pick is scary and simple. This idea just uses a normal everyday makeup style with fake blood added under the eyes. The bloody tears turn your makeup into a creepy Halloween costume. It is really easy to recreate just choose your own makeup style and drip blood under the eyes.

20. Simple Halloween Makeup

Next, we have a dark makeup look that can be created with makeup you may already have. All you will need is eye makeup in black and purple and finish off with red lips. You could change the colors to suit you. This is great for the ladies who want to look spooky but not over the top. It is perfect as a last-minute Halloween look.

Simple Halloween Inspired Makeup for Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

Source: @idleen

21. Mermaid Makeup

Mermaids are very popular Halloween costume ideas. You can create a mermaid look easily this Halloween. Just create glam eyes preferably with green/blue colors and then add some accessories. This mystical mermaid has a starfish in her hair and sequins on her face. The sequins create a shimmering mermaid scale look. You can recreate this look cheaply and simply.

Mermaid Makeup for Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

Source: @perlababe3

22. Cute Cat Makeup

Our next pick shows how you can be a cute cat this Halloween. All you need is black liner, lipstick and face paint. You could just use face paint if you don’t have the other things. Just create the cat eye flick, add some black to your nose and lips and finish off with whiskers. This is a simple and fun look. Wear with a black outfit to complete the costume.

23. Illusion Halloween Makeup

Last on our list is this illusion makeup idea. All you will need for this look is your normal makeup, black eyeliner and some white face paint. Apply your makeup as normal and create the outline with the black liner. Create a similar design to the image and use the white to highlight. If you have time you could also add the shading.

We hope you have been inspired by our easy, last-minute Halloween makeup ideas.

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