21 Beautiful Hair Style Ideas for Prom Night

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11. Simple Bun

Sometimes less is more. A simple bun like this one can create a beautiful and formal look. It doesn’t need anything fancy like gems or flowers – you could add these if you wanted! We love the simplicity of this hairstyle. Bun hairstyles are easy to create and are gorgeous.

Simple Bun Hair Idea for Prom

Source: @kristin_ess

12. Floral Feature

If simple is not your thing then check out this floral hairstyle. This one features a beautiful braided flower design with a little gem in the middle. It is a unique look that will make a statement.

Floral Feature Idea for Prom

Source: @lalasupdos

13. Half Up, Half Down

If you want to look stylish but aren’t into anything to formal, we have the style you are looking for. This one is a chic half up, half down style. The soft curls are a beautiful touch. You could even add some flowers to jazz it up.

14. Dainty Flowers

The next style shows how flowers can be used to create a delicate and dainty look. This cute messy little chignon has small flowers and a ribbon. All these elements create a romantic and wispy look. Any flowers would work for this just keep them small and light in color.

Floral Hair Idea for Prom

Source: @miyuwada

15. Bun With Volume

We have shown some delicate styles, now it is time to take it up a notch and add some drama! A bun like this is full of volume and sits high on the head. It is a statement maker that will give all the girls style envy. No matter what color hair you have or what dress this hairstyle is a must have.

16. Wispy Up Do

Here is another style that will wow. It sits very high on the head in a loose and wispy curled style. The pieces of hair falling to the shoulders give it a look femininity and drama. If you want to make a memorable impact at prom then this is the way to do it.

Big Updo with wisps of Hair Idea for Prom

Source: @nadigerber

17. Vintage Glamour

Hairstyles from decades gone by are always a popular choice. This hairstyle has beautiful vintage waves that will give any prom outfit a touch of glamour. You could keep it as it is or even add a little flower.

18. Chic Crystals

Crystals and gems will always add a special touch to your hair. On this beautiful hair do there are little crystals that almost look like little flowers. You could place a feature like this anywhere on the hair on any hairstyle. It is a great starting point, where you can get inspiration.

19. Voluminous Ponytail

Here is another ponytail. Only this time it is full of volume! It is a beautiful style that has a vintage vibe. This is a chic and elegant hairstyle that will suit any dress.

Ponytail Hair Idea for Prom

Source: @studio_kay

20. Stunning Chignon

Our next style is another stunning chignon. It has a lot of elements including twists and wisps of hair. There is also a little cluster of pearls in the center. The pearls are a stunning finishing touch. If pearls aren’t your thing then try adding gems or flowers.

21. Curled Up-do

The last style on our list is a beautiful waved hairstyle with a braided feature. These style has braids in a half up, half down style which creates an almost floral look. You could experiment a lot with this style from creating bigger braids, adding more curls or even having the hair straight.

Curled Half Up Half Down Hair Idea for Prom

Source: @bestofhair

We hope you have found the perfect hairstyle for you big night!

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