23 Examples of Hair Highlights to Bring to Your Hair Dresser

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If you have been looking in the mirror at your hair lately and feel like it looks dull, drab and boring, then we are coming to your rescue! One way you could fix your hair problem is with hair highlights. Highlights are a stylish way to try a new color, are easier to maintain than all-over color and the new color will brighten up your hair. To give you some inspiration, we have found 23 of the most beautiful hair highlights ideas. You will find highlights for dark hair, light hair and there are some vibrant colors too.

1. Beautiful Blonde Highlights

First up we have this beautiful blonde hairstyle to show you. The color underneath the highlights is quite dark and the light blonde color has been added on the top. Even though the blonde is light, it matches the darker shade and this results in a natural looking hairstyle. Hair like this would be perfect for the summer as you will get a sun-kissed look.

2. Purple Hair Idea

If you are feeling bold and want a complete hair transformation, then you should consider vibrant highlights like these. Here we have dark hair with added purple tones. As you can see, the purple highlights look stunning and really make the hair stand out. Dark purple like this is best suited to hair colors like black or brown. Other hair colors should go for a lighter shade.

3. Chic Brown Highlights

Next, we have chic and more subtle idea. For this look, the hair is very dark and light brown highlights have been added to the hair. Highlights like these would be great for tired hair that just needs a lift. This is a great hairstyle for the ladies who want hair that is stylish and easy to wear.

4. Warm Copper Highlights

Spice up your hair by adding warm highlights like these. The hair underneath the highlights is a beautiful brown shade and the actual highlights are a dark coppery tone. This is a gorgeous hair idea and the color would be perfect for the fall and winter. Highlights like these will suit brown and red hair colors.

5. Trendy Highlighted Bob

Our next hair idea features a trendy cut and color. Here we have a short dark bob with added blonde highlights. There are not that many highlights so the blonde color is quite subtle, if you want a bolder look then just add more blonde. This is beautiful hairstyle and both the cut and color will be perfect for the summer. You can of course try a bob like this with any hair and highlight color.

6. Bright Copper Highlights

The next hairstyle we have to show you is fiery and bold. For this look, the hair is a dark red shade and it is highlighted with a copper color. The copper shade used is quite bright so the hair does make a statement. It is a gorgeous color combination and highlights like these are perfect for the ladies with red or ginger hair.

Bright Copper Highlights

Source: @hairbyamyz

7. Light Blonde Highlights Idea

If you have wanted to try blonde but don’t want to dye all of your hair, then highlights are perfect for you. Here we have dark hair with added blonde highlights. The blonde will brighten up your hair but you still have your natural color underneath. Plus, if you decide that the blonde is not for you, then it will grow out.

8. Stylish Light Brown Highlights

Next, we have another light brown look. This hairstyle features dark hair at the root and light brown highlights have been added further down the hair. As both the natural hair and highlights are brown, they compliment each other perfectly and give the hair a natural look. This method works with any hair color except for black. So, whatever your natural hair color is, try and choose highlights that are only a few shades lighter.

9. Pink and Orange Highlights Idea

Maybe all the natural looking hairstyles are not for you and you want your hair to be more unique? If this sounds like you, then you need to check out this next hairstyle. For this look, pink, purple and orange highlights have been added to the hair. We love this bright color combination and it will suit anyone. You can recreate this look or choose different colors. Opt for just one shade if this is too bold for your taste.

10. Bright Blonde Highlights

Give your hair a summery and beachy look with highlights like these. The natural hair is quite dark and very bright blonde highlights have been added. As you can see, the blonde color looks amazing with the textured waves. This is a stylish and easy to wear hair idea and you can of course try it with straight hair too.

Bright Blonde Highlights

Source: @jmalonehair

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