25 Creative Halloween Nail Art Ideas

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11. Monster Nails

The modern day version of trick-or-treat as we know it now was actually brought to America from Ireland in the early part of the 1900’s. It wasn’t until the 1050’s that it became as big a ‘thing’ as we know and love it as today.

During the Great Depression of the 1920’s, Halloween turned from a time of general pranks and dressing up, to one of vandalism and hooliganism. During this early times, the candy was handed out in a  bid to ‘bribe’ the adults int behaving themselves … Pretty much what we all do to our kids today then? The little monsters! (See what we did there?)

12. Blood + Claw

The term ‘bonfire’ is actually a Halloween thing from start to finish. Ancient Druids were said to have thrown the bones of cattle and cows onto the fire during Samhaim celebrations, and that’s how the term actually originated – bone-fire became bonfire. Clever, right? We loved that fun Halloween fact!

Speaking of bone, what do you think of these blood and claw Halloween nail designs? We love that claw-nail, and we’re currently hunting the internet for nail embellishments just like it! As a result, there is likely to be a few dodgy attempts at this.

13. Scary Black Design

Halloween can actually be dated to as far back as the ancient Romans, and back then it was known as a festival called Ponoma. There was a goddess Ponomoa, and she was the goddess of harvest, and many of the games that we play today on that infamous night actually originated from around this time, or so experts are lead to believe.

Bobbing for apples, for example, was said to have originated from this time.

14. Cute Halloween Nails

As if Halloween wasn’t scary enough, there is actually such a thing as a phobia of the celebration. It’s a really long word that we can’t pronounce – Samhainophobia.

There’s nothing scary about these nails though. They’re easy enough to recreate at home with just a few minutes to spare. In conclusion … we love them!

15. Golden Pumpkin Nails for Fall/Halloween

One of the freakiest things to ever happen on Halloween was probably the death of legendary magician, Harry Houdini. Instead of dying from some dare devil stunt however, he died as a result of three punches to his abdomen. It brought upon appendicitis, which is probably the least magical way to die. Like, ever.

Pumpkin Nails for Fall and Halloween

Source: @nailistayco

There’s nothing death-like about these magical Halloween nail designs though – another one we’ve definitely got to add to the lust list. Trick or treat? We think TREAT!

16. Witch Nails

The word ‘witch’ actually stems from an old English word, ‘wicce’. This didn’t mean witch at all, however. Quite the opposite – it meant ‘wise woman’. Developing then into ‘wiccan’, and the practice of all things witchy, these witches were actually well respected at various parts of history.

Creative Witch Halloween Nails

Source: @bdettenails

Cats weren’t always as persecuted as we know them to be today. Quite the opposite – no burning at the stakes or anything that dramatic. Nothing as dramatic as these adorable Halloween nail art ideas, that’s for sure.

17. Unique Black Cat Design

During Samhaim, the Celtic tradition of celebrating the end of the year, and the day/night they offer treats to the dead in exchange for a peaceful existence between the dead and the living, black cats were thrown onto fires, starting the witchy-connection and Halloween-bond.

These days it seems like All Hallow’s Eve just wouldn’t be All Hallow’s Eve without a black cat or two. And that’s just why we love these Halloween nail art ideas.

18. Cute Bat Nail Design

There have been a number of weird myths and legends as a result of this spooky night of the year, and one of the weirdest things we’ve heard was from the old times in Scotland. According to the legends, if a young Scottish girl were to hang a wet or damp sheet in front of the fire on Halloween night, they would see the face of the husband they would later go on to marry. Who’s up for trying that this year?

For those of you who are looking for something a little more down to earth and less ghostly-husband-like, how about these pastel shades of cute, with additional black silhouettes for added measure? We might just love these ones most of all.

19. Easy Spider Accent Nail

Spiders get such a bad rap because, when you think about it, they are actually really good for the eco-system. First of all, they eat all the little bugs that creep you out even more – smaller spiders, flies, and other such creepy crawlies. Without spiders, these smaller bugs would overrun the world. We’d be a world solely made of bugs. Second of all, what have they ever really done to you anyway?

That probably doesn’t change your opinion of the eight-legged creatures that much, but at least it’ll give you a fun fact to go hand in hand with your new Halloween spider nails!

20. Frankenstein Stiletto Nails

They’re Frankenstein nails, but done so subtly, you’d even get away with wearing these nails at other times than just Halloween. The patchwork khaki-green mix actually works really well, quite on the contrary to what we first thought. It’s definitely one we fell in love with.

The idea is quite simple really – use nail tape to section of pieces of your nail, before painting them with different shades of army / khaki-green. When it’s all dry, use a black nail pen, or a black polish with a thin brush and a steady hand, and create those black flecked-lines that make it look like the nails have been sewn together. Well, almost sewn together.

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