41 Beautiful Braided Updo Ideas for 2019

11. Beautiful Fishtail Braid Updo

Curls and braids complement each other beautifully. This next hairstyle features a side fishtail braid with curls that are styled into an updo. A hairstyle like this is pretty and elegant. You could wear something like this for a date night, wedding, prom, night out and more.

12. Chic and Stylish Braided Updo

Looking for chic and trendy hairstyles? Then this could be for you. This next style features a large braid that sits on the back of the head. Even though the braid is loose, the hair still looks neat and sleek. It shows you how to get the best of both worlds – a relaxed braid that is in an elegant updo. We love this look.

13. Braided Bun

Our next pick shows how you can create a braided hairstyle that will wow! The updo features a large bun that is completely braided. If that wasn’t enough, there is a neat side braid too. This is a beautiful style that would look amazing on a bride. To make it less formal, you could recreate a braided bun with looser and more relaxed braids.

14. Side Fishtail Braid

Next, we have a funky updo that uses a fishtail braid. The fishtail braid has been styled on the side and pulled loose. When you pull a fishtail braid, it relaxes it and makes it look more casual and trendy. You could style the braid like this or you could have it on the side and put it into a bun or ponytail.

15. Double Boxer Braid Buns

Liked the boxer braid updo from earlier in the post? Then you might like this one too. Instead of having the braids styled into one bun at the ends, it has been styled in two. This double bun look is cute, fun and stylish. You could wear this for any occasion.

16. Bun and Small Braid

If you prefer subtler braids, then you might like this next updo. It features a loose and messy bun with a small braid down the side of the head and a braid around the bun. A hairstyle like this is chic and stylish. You could wear this anywhere from work to a night out.

17. Large Double Braids

Our next pick features a boxer braid look. It has the same double braids but these have been pulled so they sit very loosely. When you pull a braid out it makes it look voluminous and relaxed instead of neat and tight. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that will suit everyone. It would also be a great choice for anyone who hasn’t mastered the sleek boxer braid look.

18. Romantic and Elegant Braided Updo

Next, we have a braided updo that looks fit for a princess. It features a beautiful side braid that wraps around a bun. The bun is also braided with a large braid. At the front of the hair, there is also some curled loose hair. This elegant and romantic look would be perfect for a special date night, wedding, night out and more.

19. Rope Braided Up Style

Prefer simpler braids? Then you may like our next pick. This updo features a rope braid. Rope braids are quite easy to recreate and there are plenty of tutorials available online to help you. The rope braid has a more twisted look instead of an intricate weave. We love this trendy look.

20. Multi Braid Bun

You don’t just have to stick with one braid style, you can use different braids in one hairdo. This next updo features a braided bun with a fishtail braid wrapped around it. The use of these two braids makes it the updo look trendy and elegant.

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