21 Elegant Baby Boomer Nail Designs You’ll Love

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11. Glam Baby Boomer Nails

The next nail idea we have to show you is glam and stylish. All of the nails have the baby boomer design but three of the nails have sparkle too. Two nails are glittery and one has gems. It is a beautiful nail idea and it would look amazing for a special occasion, you could even wear a similar manicure to a wedding.

12. Baby Boomer Nails with Floral Art

Love floral nail art? Then this idea could be perfect for you. For this look the nails are all ombre except for one. The accent nail is light pink with stunning floral nail art. Flowers like these can be hand-painted or you can use stickers or stencils if you wanted to try and recreate this look yourself. You will find tutorials online for both the ombre and flower art.

13. Sparkly and Stylish Nail Idea

If you want a manicure that will wow then you need to see this design. Some of the nails are plain baby boomer ombre and the rest are covered in gems and silver sparkles. The nails are stiletto shaped too. It is a statement making design and it would look amazing for a party. Recreate the whole design or try just one or two of the nails that you like.

14. French Ombre and Chrome

It is not just the baby boomer trend that is a must-have, chrome is too. This next design combines the two. Most of the nails have the French ombre look and the rest are pink chrome. We love this idea because the pink chrome looks so chic and trendy with the ombre. Nails like these will suit everyone and the combination can be used on any nail shape.

15. Baby Boomer Nails with Gold Accent Design

Next, we have a trendy and glam nail design. Most of the nails feature the baby boomer pink and white design except for one. One nail on each hand also has gold sparkles where the pink should be. It is a stylish and beautiful nail idea. Recreate the gold look or you can use any color for the sparkles.

16. Beautiful Baby Boomer Coffin Nails

Love the sparkly nail art but would like a subtler look? Then this could be just what you have been searching for. These nails are long with the baby boomer nail art. One nail also has small gems around the cuticle. By adding small gems to one nail like this you get the glam look but it is not too over the top. You can recreate this design on any nail shape and you could try it on a shorter length too.

Beautiful Baby Boomer Coffin Nails

Source: @sheadbeauty

17. Elegant Nails with Pearls

Another chic combination you could try is the baby boomer nails with pearls. Here is a stunning example. Most of the nails have just ombre nail art except for one. The accent nail features gems, pearls and elegant white nail art. Crystals and peals can be bought online and they can be stuck on with nail glue.

18. Baby Boomer Nails with Gems

Our next idea is bold and glamorous. Some of the nails just have simple baby boomer nail art and the rest are decorated with sparkling crystals. As you can see, the crystals really make a statement. You can recreate this on any nail shape but it is best suited to longer nails. A manicure like this would be perfect for a party.

19. Stiletto Baby Boomer Nails with Glitter

Earlier in the post we featured baby boomer stiletto nails. If you loved that idea, then you may like this one too. These are also stiletto shaped nails but instead of simple ombre this manicure has a sparkly accent nail. The added glitter just jazzes up the nails and makes them more statement making. Recreate this or you can try the matte and glitter combo on any nail shape.

20. French Ombre Nails with Crystals

Make your nails stand out from the crowd with a nail design like this one. Two of the nails are simple French ombre and the rest have a sparkling crystal design. This is a stunning nail idea and it would be perfect for a special occasion. Recreate the whole manicure or wear the baby boomer ombre with just one of the crystal designs.

21. Classy Baby Boomer Nails

The last nail idea we have to show you is classy, elegant and has subtle sparkle too. These nails are long and coffin shaped. One nail on each hand has a sweep of silver glitter too. It is a stunning nail idea and it will look amazing on anyone. A design like this will be perfect for a bride as the glitter is on the ring finger. You can of course wear a manicure like this anywhere though.

We hope you have been inspired by these baby boomer nails!

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