43 Trendy Ways to Rock African Braids

11. Fulani Braids with Color

Next, we have a gorgeous hair idea with Fulani braids. These braids are very trendy and suit everyone. The braids have red running through them and they also have beads. You can recreate this hairstyle or you can use a different color for your hair. If you do use color, try and choose beads that compliment the shade used.

Fulani Braids with Color for Summer

Source: @nnescorner

12. Thin Patterned African Braids

If you want a subtle patterned look, then this next hair idea is for you. These braids are thin and long but have two braids crossing over. There is also a slight color change. Hair like this will suit everyone and it is perfect for someone who wants a unique look without being over the top.

13. Braids and Curly Hair

Our next idea is another style with braids and loose, curly hair. There are so many different features to this look. You have patterned braids on the top of the head that end with beautiful beads while the rest of the hair is in gorgeous curls. We love this hair idea!

African Braids with Loose Curly Hair

Source: @fancy_claws

14. Layered African Braids

Next, we have layered african braids that have been styled into a half-up style. This is a very elegant and pretty hair idea. Hair like this would be perfect for a special occasion or if you need to look smart and professional. You can have braids like these in any color.

15. Reverse Ombre Braids

Ombre has been a massive hair trend. This hairstyle has stepped up the game and features reverse ombre. So, instead of the hair having light color at the ends, it is at the top. Reverse ombre will look super stylish on any braid style.

16. Cute Matching Braids

Our next hair idea is so cute! These two have had matching hairstyles. You can have matching braided styles with your family member or friend. Or if you just like the style you can wear it yourself! Either way you will have one trendy look.

17. Multi Tone African Braids

You can have the simplest of braided styles but jazz them up by adding different colors. Here we have a braided style with long braids. Different shades have been added and there is a warm blonde. A blonde like this gives your hair a sunkissed look and it would look amazing for the summer.

Long, Caramel Box Braids

Source: @didorich

18. Patterned Long Braids

Next, we have another patterned idea. These long braids have a subtle but stylish pattern on the top of the head and the hairstyle also features beads. Hair like this will suit someone looking for a trendy way to update their look. You can have a similar design with short braids too.

Thin and Long Fulani Braids

Source: @fancy_claws

19. Bold Red to Blonde Braids

Red and blonde compliment each beautifully as hair colors. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this gorgeous hairstyle. The colors in this hairdo look vibrant, fun and bold. This is perfect for someone who wants to make a statement.

Bold Red to Blonde African Braids

Source: @dmannysglow

20. African Braids with Stylish Pattern

You can be so creative with braids and create any pattern you like. This one has an intricate zig zag style pattern. A hairstyle like this will wow anyone who sees it. It would look awesome with a vibrant color like red added to it too. You can also have bigger braids with a pattern like this.

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