21 Stylish Wrist Tattoo Ideas for Women

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11. Pretty Patterns

Intricate patterned tattoos will never fail to wow. This next tattoo is actually a henna tattoo. It is a gorgeous piece and would be stunning as a permanent tattoo to. The design features beautiful botanical shapes and detailing. It really catches the eye and looks stunning.

Intricate Large Tattoo for Women's Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Instagram | jibberjabberjo

12. Cute Kitty Tattoo

This one is for the cat lovers! It features a very small, shaded in cat and is one the cutest tattoos we have ever seen. If you want a fashionable feline design then go for something like this. It is subtle and chic. Black cats are also said to be good luck so this is one trendy good luck charm.

Small Cat Design for Women's Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Instagram | mukatattoo

13. Bold Cat Wrist Tattoo

If you love cats and tattoos but want a bolder design, this is might be what you’re looking for. This tattoo features beautiful dot work and has little flowers that give it a pop of color. The tattoo is cute, fun and stylish. What more could you want?

Cute Cat Design for Women's Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Instagram | miko_nyctattoo

14. Minimal Lines

Our next pick is a trendy and minimal take on the bracelet tattoo style. There are no fancy patterns or colors it just three black lines. The simplicity of it, is what makes it so stylish – it will never be out dated or go out of fashion. You could even experiment with different line thickness to give it a funky look. This is minimal at its finest.

Three Line Wrist Tattoo Idea for Women

Instagram | ricardorodriguez5184

15. Lovely Lotus

Lotus tattoos are delicate and feminine. Even more so when colored with pink shades just like this one. This design shows that tattoos can be soft but bold. The whole tattoo is just beautiful and if pink isn’t your thing experiment with a different bright shade. It would look lovely in any color.

Pink Lotus Idea for Women's Wrist Tattoo

Instagram | rupintart_com

16. Molecule Wrist Tattoo

Molecule patterns have become must haves in everything from mugs to jewelry. These styles have become a tattoo favourite to! So, unleash your inner chemist and consider a molecule tattoo. These are unique and will get everyone talking. There is a molecule to suit everyone.

Molecule Science Wrist Tattoo Idea

Instagram | saradelara_tattoo

17. Roses are Red

If subtle flowers aren’t your thing you will love this because the roses in this tattoo have had an edgy makeover!  This design features bold roses in a traditional tattoo style. The old school style gives it a bold and rebellious vibe. It is the perfect wrist ink for any rock chick.

Red Rose Bold Wrist Tattoo Idea for Women

Instagram | the_madam_ink

18. Sparrow Wrist Tattoo

We are carrying on with the traditional style tattoos with this cute sparrow wrist tattoo. This ink has a traditional vibe with the bird but with a modern twist. The clean and minimal lines keep it fresh and and up to date. It is a cute little classic tattoo that will stand the test of time.

Sparrow Tattoo for Women's Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Instagram | thunichtgut

19. Origami Elephants

Elephants are amazing creatures making it no surprise that these are a tattoo favourite. This fresh take on an elephant design is one of our faves! It features two elephants in origami shapes. The tattoo is so cute and trendy making it a great choice that will suit everyone. If you like the origami style, try using this technique for a different animal or pattern.

Origami Elephant Wrist Tattoo Idea for Women

Instagram | worstgeneration_tattoo

20. Cute Floral Wrist Tattoo

This pink floral design would look beautiful on any wrist. It is subtle but has a vibrant pop of color that will catch people’s eye. A design like this is perfect for any girl looking for a pretty wrist tattoo.

Pink Floral Wrist Tattoo For Women

Instagram | tattooistgoeul

21. Bold and Floral

The last tattoo on the list is a big tattoo with a beautiful bloom. This is for someone who wants to make a statement as it will be seen all of the time.  It is a stunning wrist piece that would also look lovely with a splash of color.

Flower Design for Women's Wrist Tattoo Idea

Instagram | zihwa_tattooer

We hope you have been inspired by all these amazing wrist tattoos!

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