51 White Ink Tattoos That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

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21. Heartbeat Wrist Tattoo

Wrists are a common part of the body to get tattooed. This heartbeat white ink tattoo could be mistaken for a bracelet, which may be the thought behind your wrist design. Also what a great part of the body to get a heartbeat line… we all have a pulse here so it makes sense! This tattoo would be a great way to break the ice with someone or to make conversation.

22. Connecting Wrist Tattoo

This white ink skyline tattoo is incredible. It’s a connecting wrists tattoo. This to us, is a genius idea. When your wrists are together side by side, the tattoo continues onto the next wrist. This is art! You can do this with any design you wish but the skyline works so perfectly.

23. I Must Not Tell Lies – Harry Potter Tattoo

Another white ink tattoo for all the Harry Potter lovers… I must not tell lies. It’s simple and straight to the point. As we know, white ink tattoos are not as visible and bold as the colourful or black and grey tattoos but having said that, this is a hand tattoo and will definitely get people talking.

24. Small Anchor Tattoo

Anchor tattoos are very popular amongst men and women. From Christians, preachers, rockers and to old sailors, they all seem to be wanting or have an anchor tattoo. It symbolises strength and stability and it’s also a fashionable symbol. It’s a good shape and size for your wrist.

25. Be Happy

We all want to be happy. This quote will be a daily reminder telling you to be happy. Every time you look down at your wrist. At some point in all our lives, everyone will experience bad times and when we come out the other side, we appreciate happiness. This white ink tattoo is all in lower caps and in a lovely joined-up font. By not having a capped word, it softens the feeling and message. It looks so girly and cute.

26. White Ink Semicolon Tattoo

Maybe you like grammar symbols or maybe it’s deeper than that. Project Semicolon is a non-profit organisation trying to raise awareness for mental illness and many people are backing this project by getting a semicolon tattoo to show their support. You may think that showing your support by getting your skin ink forever, is a tad extreme but if you believe in something that strongly, it’s your passion. Your beliefs show your character and if you like tattoos, it’s your body. Spreading the message this way, will help other people become knowledgeable, about an illness they have no clue on.

White Ink Semicolon Tattoo

Source: @tigga8301

27. Imagine.

Imagine your life in a few years. Imagine what you’ll be doing. Imagine where you’ll be. Imagine who you’ll be with. Nobody knows what’s going to happen so we all imagine. There’s so much to imagine in life. This charming white ink imagine wrist tattoo looks elegant and chic. Unless you love John Lennon’s song Imagine then this will mean something completely different!

28. Family.

If you’re proud of your family and want a tattoo, family is the best word for you. Family means so much to many of us and by dedicating an area of your wrist to your white ink family tattoo, just shows how much you actually care. You can have family written in any font and wherever you feel is suitable for you. Wrists are a good spot to start. Of course, you can also decide on the size but with it being in white ink, remember it will not be as noticeable as a coloured or black ink.

White Ink Family Wrist Tattoo

Source: @shhshrn

29. White Ink Key Tattoo

You can treat key tattoos as a very meaningful message or even a secret. It may take a key to unlock your heart or it’s a mystery due to not knowing what the key unlocks. Make it your own meaning. You could have a white ink key like this or maybe a key and padlock. There are so many key designs to choose from so be sure to make your count!

30. Matching Couple Tattoos

There’s nothing like getting matching tattoos with your loved one. A special date that means something to you both, like an anniversary, your first date, your wedding date or simple the day you got the tattoo. Just don’t get any personal numbers tattooed on your wrist like a PIN number to your credit card or your phone number. We understand that white ink doesn’t stand out but you can still see it! Don’t forget this.

Matching White Ink Couple Tattoo

Source: @szkotti

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