21 Stunning Wedding Dress Ideas for Beautiful Brides

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11. Backless Beauty

Wow you husband to be and guests with a backless dress like this one. This is a stunning close-fitting dress with beautiful sleeves. It is a very chic and luxury looking dress. If choosing a backless dress wear your hair up like this because it will show the backless feature off at its best.

Backless Wedding Dress

Instagram | galialahav

12. Spring / Summer  Wedding Dress

Planning a spring or summer wedding? Then you might want to take a look at this dress. It is a beautiful sleeveless dress with see-through straps and floral detailing on the bodice and skirt. The dress has a bohemian vibe and would be a stunning choice for an outdoor or beach wedding.

Long Bohemian Style Wedding Dress

Instagram | inbaldrorofficial

13. Intricate Dress with Beautiful Buttons

Dresses with a white button up back have an elegant, luxury look. As you can see on this dress the buttons just give it the extra special finishing touch. A dress like this has a vintage vibe and captures the glamour of times gone by. The buttons and the lace dress work together perfectly. This would be a beautiful dress for any bride.

White Lace Wedding Dress with Button Detail

Instagram | leahdagloria

14. Ruffle Dress

Ruffles are a huge trend this year so, if you’re planning a 2017 wedding then take a look at this dress. This gorgeous dress features a stunning set of ruffles at the bottom. The ruffles work very well with the lace fabric and sleeveless top. It is a fun and elegant dress perfect for any wedding theme.

Ruffled Wedding Dress

Instagram | lizmartinezbridal

15. Bling Bride

Nothing says eyes on me like a wedding dress covered in bling. A wedding dress like this one will dazzle your husband to be and all your guests. This is stunning gown perfect for the very special occasion. The crystals will catch the light from the sunshine and indoor lights making you look like a sparkly princess.

Sparkly Crystal Wedding Dress

Instagram | lucidweddings

16. Chic Close-Fitting Dress

The next dress has a simple design, it is a strappy dress that fits close to the body. What makes this dress stand out from all the rest is the stunning fabric. It is very detailed and intricate giving the dress and overall look of beauty and elegance.

White Long Floor Sweeping Dress

Instagram | pallascouture

17. Floral Embellished Wedding Dress

Looking for something pretty and floral? Then check out this beauty. This dress has very thin straps and a hits the floor in a close-fitting style. The best thing about it is the gorgeous floral embellishment. It has a magical look about it, which will be perfect for your magical day!

Floral Embellished Wedding Dress

Instagram | paolo_sebastian

18. Thigh Split Dress

Thigh splits have been a must have feature on a dress over the last few seasons. The next dress shows how you can wear this trendy style on your wedding day with class. On this dress the split is softened and given a look of elegance because of the white color and lace top. These features take it from party dress to formal gown.

Thigh Split Wedding Dress

Instagram | reallybride

19. Flowery Wedding Dress

Buttons and flowers are popular features on a wedding dress. When you look at this dress you can see why. The see-through fabric with beautiful flowers and elegant buttons are a stunning combination. It is a gorgeous dress that will make any girl feel special on her big day.

Floral Button Wedding Dress

Instagram | vireinoiva

20. Fairy tale Dress

A wedding is the fairy tale ending. It is the time when you and your true love officially begin life together. You need a dress that reflects this important event. This next dress is the way to do it. The long flowing skirt and lacy flowers give it an ethereal look perfect for a princess.

Long Princess Wedding Dress

Instagram | weddedwonderland

21. Floral Feature Dress

Our last dress has a stunning floral design on the bodice and arms. As the flowers sit on a see-through fabric it looks like the floral pattern is actually on your skin. This would be the perfect for dress for a spring and summer wedding as it captures the botanical beauty of these seasons.

Floral Feature Wedding Dress

Instagram | weddingsbyyourstruly

We hope you have found some wedding dress inspiration. Whenever your big day is planned, we hope you have a wonderful day!

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