23 Cool Owl Tattoo Ideas for Women

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11. Pretty and Delicate Owl Design

Next, we have a pretty owl tattoo to show you. You can only see half of the owl’s face and a beautiful wing is on display. There are patterns and plants surrounding the owl too. It is a beautiful and delicate owl design that will look stunning on anyone. You can recreate something like this or try an owl in a different color and with different surrounding plants.

Pretty and Delicate Owl Design

Source: @anna.botyk

12. Cute Family Owl Tattoo

Earlier in the post we shared two owls perched on two flowers. If you loved that, then you may like this design too. This time we have three owls that are perched on a flower. The owls are all the same color but each one has subtle differences such as glasses. This is another cute tattoo that could represent your family or friends.

Cute Family Owl Tattoo 

Source: @abrahaoana

13. Badass Watercolor Owl Tattoo Idea

If you are looking for a unique and bold piece of body art, then this could be perfect. Here we have an arm tattoo that features trees, a geometric pattern, an owl and more. We love the watercolor effect used and it gives the tattoo a very artistic look. Recreate something bold like this or you can use any owl, pattern and colors too.

14. Patterned Owl

The next owl tattoo is beautiful and unusual. This design features just the owl’s face in detail and the rest of the body is patterned. The patterns are elegant and the whole owl is very unique. You can recreate this design or you can try creating the body with different patterns. Maybe choose a theme such as botanical or geometric.

Simple Patterned Owl Design

Source: @laystattoo

15. Artistic Design

Next, we have another artistic owl. This is a watercolor design and the owl is black ink with beautiful and bright splashes of color. It is a gorgeous design and it looks like an illustration. This is perfect for someone who wants a creative tattoo. Try a similar tattoo to this or you can have a different owl in a different color.

16. Unique Galaxy Owl Design

Galaxy tattoo designs are so popular and if you love that style of tattoo, you need to check out this idea. Here we have a large owl that is tattooed on her back. Instead of the colors that we usually see on owls the body and wings have a galaxy design. As you can see, it creates a stunning and very unusual piece of body art. We love this idea because the magic and wonder of the galaxy suits the owl. Recreate this or you can have a smaller galaxy owl.

17. Blue Eyed Owl

Our next idea features another patterned owl. The owl has big and bright blue eyes with a patterned body and head. It is a very unusual and beautiful idea. You can recreate something similar to this or you can try using a different color for the eyes and different patterns for the body.

18. Matching Owl Tattoos

If you are looking for a matching tattoo idea, our next pick could be perfect for you. Here we have two matching owl designs. Each tattoo has a colorful owl with a frame around it. A heart and dangling charms are in the design too. This is a cute and stylish idea that will suit everyone. These tattoos appear to be on the same person but you could get this design tattooed with a friend, family member or your other half.

Matching Owl Tattoos 

Source: @abrahaoana

19. Stylish Owl Rib Tattoo

Rib tattoos are very popular and with designs like this one we can see why! Here we have a beautiful rib tattoo with an owl design. The owl is perched on a branch with flowers and dangling charms. There is also a moon above too. It is a stylish design and you can recreate this or you could add some color for a bolder tattoo.

Stylish Owl Rib Tattoo

Source: @abrahaoana

20. Cute and Colorful Cartoon Owl

Next, we have another super cute tattoo to show you. This design features an adorable cartoon owl. The owl is perched on a branch and it is colored in bright and vibrant shades. We love the purple color as it makes the owl look unique and creative. A design like this will suit everyone and it can be recreated in any color.

21. Stunning Owl with Geometric Pattern

The next tattoo is just wow. Here we have an arm tattoo with a stunning watercolor owl. There are geometric shapes included in the design too. It is a gorgeous tattoo and it would look amazing on anyone. Recreate a similar owl to this or you can have a smaller version tattooed anywhere on the body.

Stunning Owl with Geometric Pattern

Source: @skazxim

22. Pretty and Unique Owl

Love rib tattoos? Then check out this pretty owl design. Here we have a gorgeous owl that is tattooed on the ribs. The owl has large eyes, a patterned body and the design features glam dangling charms too. It is a cute and unique design. This is perfect for those who love owls and for those who want a super stylish tattoo.

Pretty and Unique Owl

Source: @abrahaoana

23. Unusual Owl and Camera Design

Last on our list of the best owl tattoos is this unique design. This tattoo features a camera that is capturing a beautiful barn owl in flight. There are unique splashes of color too. A design like this would be perfect for those who love taking photos of nature and wild creatures like owls.

Unusual Owl and Camera Design

Source: @felippmello

We hope you have been inspired by these owl tattoos!

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