25 Mermaid Makeup Ideas for Halloween

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11. Mystical Mermaid Idea

Maybe you prefer more unique mermaid makeup that has a fantasy vibe? If so, this idea could be perfect for you. The makeup artist has used subtle scales, pearls and dramatic eye makeup to create a stunning mermaid look. This costume is finished off with a shell crown and beautiful necklace. Makeup like this would be perfect for a Halloween party. You can check out a list of products used on the page below.

Mystical Mermaid Idea

Source: @jadedeacon

12. Mermaid Face Makeup

Next, we have a glam mermaid makeup idea. It is quite a simple look that would be easy to recreate. It features small scales, the classic mermaid colors and stunning eye makeup. Makeup like this would be perfect for a last minute party. You could jazz it up even more by wearing a wig or shell headband.

13. Pretty Pink Makeup with Pearls

This next makeup idea is another one of our favorites! Here we have a pretty and pink mermaid look! She is wearing stunning pink makeup that is accessorized with pearls. The look is finished off with body paint, a pink ombre wig and a cute shell crown. Makeup like this will bring beauty and fun to any party.

Pretty Pink Makeup with Pearls

Source: @jadedeacon

14. Mermazing Makeup with Gills

If you really want to wow, then choose makeup like this! Here we have another fantastic and mermazing look. The makeup artist has gone all out on this and has created a mystical and magical mermaid. She has used gems, shells and has even created gills. There are lots of tutorials online that can show you how to create gills and you can the full list of products used on the page below.

15. Sparkly Mermaid Makeup

Maybe you want more glitzy makeup with a party vibe? If so, this idea could be perfect for you. For this look, the makeup is glam and sparkly like you would maybe wear to any other party. The makeup is finished off with glitter, rhinestones and blue and purple color which really gives it a mermaid look. This is subtler mermaid makeup and it will allow you to join the fun of dressing up without being over the top. It would be great if you are going out to a club.

16. Mermaid Makeup with Under the Sea Accessories

Look like a mermaid Queen with makeup like this! The makeup artist has created mermaid scale makeup complete with pearls and under the sea accessories. We really love the bold shell crown because it makes her look like mermaid royalty! You will definitely steal the limelight if you came to a party dressed like this! You could buy a similar crown or create your own if you like crafts.

17. Gory Makeup Idea

Earlier in the post we shared a hooked mermaid. If you loved that idea, then you may like this one too. Here we have another version but this one is more sparkly! She has a bloody hooked mouth with scales under her skin and the look is finished off with shells and starfish. It is so pretty but gory at the same time! So, it is perfect for those who want to look cute and a little scary too.

18. Mermaid Makeup with Jewels

Next, we have another unique mermaid. She has the classic mermaid scales on her face but the rest of the makeup is creative and unusual. The artist has created the ocean on her neck and chest and has used lots of gorgeous blue rhinestones too. If you want your mermaid makeup to stand out from the crowd, then choose something like this.

Mermaid Makeup with Jewels

Source: @minniemcgee

19. Blue an Purple Makeup

If you want to look cute and fun, then this idea is perfect for you. Here we have a bright and sparkly mermaid look. The artist has used lots of classic mermaid colors and has created mermaid scales. This would be perfect as last minute makeup or for those who want a simple and pretty mermaid look. The makeup was created with Sephora Pro Editorial Palette, Huda Beauty Naomi mink lashes, L.A. Girl Cosmetics Blue eyeliner pencil, NYX Liquid Liners and Liquid Suede Lipsticks and OneDor Inc. hair extensions.

20. Mermaid Makeup with Pearls

The next mermaid makeup idea is very glam! There are no mermaid scales used here which creates a more unique mermaid look. The artist has instead used rhinestones and pearls to create the mystical mermaid. She has finished off the costume with a wig and crown. We love this idea!

Mermaid Makeup with Pearls

Source: @jadedeacon

21. Unique Mermaid Eye Makeup

Next, we have another unique mermaid look and this is another one of our favorites. This look features glam makeup but the eyes have a sparkly mermaid tail design. The mermaid tail is so creative and it is so different. You can keep this look subtle or go all out with the costume and even add some mermaid scales too. There is a tutorial on the page below.

22. Simple and Magical Makeup Idea

Look like a magical mermaid princess with makeup and a costume like this! The makeup has scales, rhinestones and uses beautiful blue shades. There is also a little glitter too. It is finished off with a cute shell top, wig and crown. This is an awesome and pretty idea that will look amazing on anyone.

Simple and Magical Makeup Idea

Source: @minniemcgee

23. Metallic Blue Mermaid Makeup

An easy way to give your makeup a mermaid look is by using metallic blue shades. Here is an amazing example. The makeup artist has used blue to create stunning mermaid makeup. She has colored her eyebrows, used blue on her lips and created cool mermaid scales too. You can easily find metallic colors if you shop around.

Metallic Blue Mermaid Makeup

Source: @islaandgirl

24. Blue and Green Mermaid

This next mermaid makeup idea has more of a tropical vibe. She has subtle mermaid scales with blue and green makeup. There is also some gold sparkle too. We love the starfish in her hair as this finishes off the look perfectly. This would be great for a party and it is quite simple to recreate too.

25. Mystical Half Mermaid Look

The last mermaid look is mystical and amazing. This look features the scales under the skin and it is a little gory too. Makeup like this will wow for Halloween because it ticks all the boxes. It has a little blood, it’s magical, unique and will win best costume at any party! You can check out the products used including the accessories on the page below.

Mystical Half Mermaid Look

Source: @r.m.mua

We hope you have been inspired by these amazing mermaid looks!

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