45 Pretty Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women

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31. Cute Shoulder Tattoo

Looking for a cute and subtle tattoo? Then check out our next idea. Here we have a lotus shoulder tattoo. It is a small, pretty and simple design. Something like this would be perfect as a first tattoo because it will not take a long time. It is also great for those who may need to cover up their tattoos too, as it is easily covered.

32.  Pink Lotus

Our next tattoo is stylish and colorful. This is a back tattoo that features a delicate and pretty lotus with a cute pattern around the outside. We love the colors used here because they are so light and beautiful. A tattoo like this can be placed anywhere on the body and you can recreate something similar or use more vivid colors.

Pink Lotus Back Tattoo Idea

Source: @abrahaoana

33. Unique Animal Lotus Design

Next, we have a unique tattoo. This design features a dog with a beautiful lotus. Something like this is perfect for someone who wants a tattoo with an empowering message. The dog is a symbol of loyalty while the lotus represents enlightenment and more. You can recreate a trendy design like this or create your own. You can also use any animal instead of a dog too.

34. Artistic Lotus

If you want a tattoo that is different to the rest, then choose a design like this. Here we have a stunning lotus that is tattooed on the arm. We love this lotus because the the lines and shading are amazing. It is a very artistic and creative version of the flower. Try a similar tattoo or add some color, the watercolor technique would look amazing.

35. Beautiful Sternum Tattoo Idea

Love sternum tattoos? Then check out our next pick. Here we have another lotus sternum tattoo. It has a beautiful lotus with a simple and stylish design. A lotus like this will look gorgeous on anyone. You can recreate this or add some color or patterns to the lotus petals.

36. Lotus and Moon Tattoo

Next, we have a beautiful back tattoo. This one features a lotus, a moon and other patterns. It is a stunning design and is perfect for anyone who wants a pretty tattoo. This is another tattoo that will look amazing on other places on the body such as the arm or leg. You can recreate this design or you can choose a different moon and lotus.

37. Stylish Arm Design

Our next tattoo is amazing. Here we have tattoo that wraps around the upper arm. It has a stylish line design and a pretty lotus. We love this idea because you get the beauty of the lotus with the edginess of the line pattern too. You can recreate this or choose any design you like. A tattoo like this will look awesome on the ankle too.

38. Pink and Purple Lotus

Looking for a vibrant tattoo design? Then this is for you. Here we have a beautiful pink and purple lotus. This is one of our favorite tattoos on the whole list because it so elegant. A tattoo like this will suit everyone and it can be placed anywhere on the body. You can recreate the pink and purple or choose two different colors of your choice.

39. Lotus Anklet Tattoo

Next, we have a super stylish tattoo to show you. This tattoo is an anklet with a lotus design. With this, you get two tattoos in one. You get a cool ankle design with a bold tattoo on the foot too. Try a similar tattoo to this or create an anklet with any lotus design. You could even add some color too.

40. Patterned Lotus Back Tattoo Idea

The next idea we have to show you is another back tattoo. This one features a large lotus with lots of different patterns. It also has a line running down the spine that ends with another cool design. A tattoo like is bold and beautiful. It is a design that can be shown off or covered up when you choose.

41. Lotus Arm Tattoo

Like the arm tattoo ideas? Then you need to check out our next pick. Here we have a lotus that is tattooed on the inner part of the arm. It features an awesome geometric lotus with a trendy pattern underneath. It is a cool and edgy design that will suit everyone. Try a tattoo like this or choose a different lotus, you can have almost any lotus design tattooed on the arm.

Pretty Lotus Arm Tattoo

Source: @tattoomink

42. Chic Lotus Sternum Tattoo

There are so many different lotus designs and this next tattoo features a chic and stylish one. This lotus is tattooed on the sternum and has beautiful, subtle patterns. It is a very elegant piece of body art and it will look gorgeous on anyone. Recreate the sternum tattoo or you can have a similar lotus tattooed in a different place on the body.

43. Lotus and Quote

A lotus flower has different meanings and one of which can be getting through a difficult time. Another tattoo that represents something similar is a quote. Many choose quotes to symbolize something in their life. So why not combine the two and create a cool tattoo like this one. This design features a beautiful pink lotus with a quote on the spine. You can recreate a tattoo like this with any lotus and any quote.

44. Geometric Lotus

Lotus flowers are versatile and can be tattooed with other patterns and designs. Here we have a great example. This is a leg tattoo with a trendy lotus. The lotus has a stylish geometric pattern around the outside too. This is an awesome design that will look amazing on anyone.

45. Lotus Spine Design

Our next tattoo combines a couple of the ideas that we have featured throughout this article. Here we have a lotus back tattoo with a jewel design. It is a stunning tattoo that makes a statement in style. You can try a similar design or add color to the gems like the tattoo we shown you earlier. Either way, it will look amazing.

Lotus Spine Tattoo Design

Source: @iliana_rose

We hope you have found inspiration for your next tattoo!

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