23 Halloween Makeup Looks to Try This Year

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11. Scary Skull Halloween Makeup

Our next idea is another skull idea. This one uses black makeup to create an amazing skeletal illusion. We love how you have to look twice at this image because it looks quite realistic. Makeup like this would look amazing at a party. There are tutorials online to help you achieve similar makeup to this.

Scary Skull Halloween Makeup

Source: @sonya_miro

12. Bratz Doll Makeup Idea

Dolls are a classic makeup choice for Halloween. However, this artist has created a unique illusion Bratz Doll look. Bratz dolls are known for their amazing eye makeup and fashionable clothing. So, this is perfect for anyone who wants a stylish Halloween costume that is a little bit creepy too.

If you want to look like a life-size Bratz doll, just follow the step-by-step YouTube tutorial by Promise Phan:

13. Cracked Doll Face Makeup

Next, we have a makeup idea that features a cracked face. Cracked faces are perfect to create a creepy doll look or another popular one is to have a cracked face that reveals a skeleton underneath. The technique can be easy or more difficult depending on how much detail you use. Take inspiration from the image if you want a doll look that can be recreated at home. This makes us think a cool idea would be to create a cracked Bratz Doll makeup look, don’t you think?

Cracked Doll Face Makeup Look for Halloween

Source: @o_czarnecka

14. Pretty Leopard Makeup Look

Take a walk on the wild side this Halloween with leopard makeup. The leopard print has been painted in a pretty design and has been worn with beautiful eye makeup and a painted nose. You can create this look or add more leopard spots. The print is quite simple to recreate and there are tutorials to help you achieve the shapes. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find tutorial for the look, but Jodie Hulme has a blog with more amazing makeup ideas for Halloween and step-by-step guides on how to achieve them.

Pretty Leopard Makeup Look for Halloween

Source: @jodiehulme

15. Glam Skull Makeup

Our next idea is a skull Halloween makeup, but this one is glam! The skeletal look has been created in a brown tone so it is softer than the black skull makeup. The skeleton makeup has been worn with gems, bold eyes and dark lipstick. We love this idea because it is stunning but kinda scary.

Glam Skeleton Halloween Makeup Look

Source: @jodiehulme

16. Scary Clown Halloween Makeup

Next, we have another clown makeup idea. We have featured a circus clown and an IT inspired look, now it is time to step up the scare. This clown has used traditional makeup like red lips with a skeletal look. This would look amazing at a Halloween party. You could even add some fake blood or contact lenses.

17. Joker Makeup Look for Women

The Joker has inspired many makeup looks and here is an idea for this Halloween. As you can see, the makeup is quite simple to recreate with purple eyes, red lips and painted on tattoos. You can also temporarily dye your hair green or just get a wig.

 Joker Halloween Makeup Look for Women

Source: @makeupbyruz

18. Illusion Face Mask Idea

Love illusion makeup? Then this next idea is for you. This artist has created a mask with her face by using black makeup. She has covered part of her forehead, created a mask shape and shaded the chin and jawline. The makeup creates a look that confuses the mind. You can recreate a similar look to this one or make your face more scary with contacts and fake blood.

19. Half Skull Face

Next, we have a half face makeup idea. One side of the face has pretty makeup and the other looks like a skeleton. It also has a melted design too. We love this idea because it is creative and scary. This makeup would look awesome at a party.

20. Cheshire Cat Inspired Makeup

Looking for a unique and creative Halloween look? Then this next idea is for you. Here we have makeup inspired by the Cheshire Cat. She has created a big grin with illusion makeup with purple eyebrows and a cute nose. This would quite simple to create and it will look cool and different.

21. Scarecrow Makeup Idea

Scarecrows are a Halloween classic. Here we have a cute scarecrow idea. The artist has used orange and black tones for the makeup and finished off the look with a hat. This would be great if you didn’t want to be scary, but if you did, you can use this idea with darker makeup and contact lenses.

22. Glitter Gem Skull Makeup

Like skull makeup but want to create a different look this year? Then check out this next makeup idea. The look features shading, the classic skeletal lips and nose with a glam twist of gems. We love this sparkling makeup as it will catch the light at parties and nights out. Take inspiration from this idea or use different gems.

Glitter Gem Skull Makeup for Halloween

Source: @jesshunt2

23. Stitched Up Makeup

Last on our list is this creative stitched up look. The face has been painted in vibrant colors with stitches on the face and neck. You can use this idea and technique for doll makeup, Frankenstein and more. There are tutorials online to help you create stitches like these.

Stitched Up Makeup Idea for Halloween

Source: @maly_mojo

We hope you have found the perfect Halloween makeup look!

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