43 Cool Finger Tattoo Ideas for Women

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11. Initial Tattoo Designs

Our next idea is perfect for couples. These two have had each other’s initials tattooed on their fingers. You could have a design like this smaller and in a different font. These two have a had the tattoo placed on the ring finger and this would be a great idea for anyone engaged or married.

Initial Finger Tattoo Designs

Source: @mitjaalder

12. Multi Tattoo Designs

Here is another tattoo idea that features multiple designs. There are four designs on four fingers. You could recreate this with any symbols or artwork. These designs are in black ink, but you could even add some colored ink too. We love this multi design idea.

Multi Finger Tattoo Designs

Source: @njey187

13. Subtle Heart Finger Tattoo

Tattoos don’t just have to be placed on the part of the finger that everyone can see. You could have a subtle design placed on the back of your finger. Something like this is great for someone who wants a simple design that they can show off or hide when needed. You could have any design placed here. Try to keep it minimal though.

14. Cute Origami Cat Tattoo

Origami tattoos are very popular, and we can see why. These tattoos are intricate, unique and super cute. This finger tattoo features a colorful origami cat. A tattoo like this will suit anyone. You could have any origami design and you could have any colors or just the black outline.

Cute Origami Cat Finger Tattoo

Source: @orcnyalcn

15. Pretty Flower Tattoo Idea

Next, we have delicate and tiny finger tattoo idea. A very small flower has been tattooed down the inside of the finger with pink and black ink. This is perfect for someone who wants a subtle tattoo. You could have any flower designed in any colors. This would make a great first tattoo.

16. Stylish Olive Branch Tattoo Idea

Plants, flowers and nature make stunning tattoo designs. This finger tattoo features an olive branch. Olive branches are such a unique and stylish idea. We love this tattoo as it looks trendy and different and it is placed at the bottom of the finger. A tattoo like this will suit anyone.

 Olive Branch Finger Tattoo Idea

Source: @rofostattoo

17. Unique Finger Tattoos

Here is another awesome example of how gorgeous multiple finger tattoos like. This woman has four fingers tattooed with stripes, dots, hearts and arrows. You could recreate this with any lines and shapes. Maybe even add some colored ink instead of just using black.

Unique Finger Tattoos for Women

Source: @sannedbest

18. Rose Finger Tattoo Idea

Roses are very pretty, delicate and feminine. So, it is no surprise that these flowers have been featured in many tattoo designs for ladies. This next idea features a black ink rose tattoo on a finger. It is a cute tattoo that would suit anyone. You could have something similar or add red ink to the petals.

Rose Finger Tattoo Idea

Source: @spreadligth

19. Fierce Tiger Tattoo

The animal kingdom provides artists with a lot of inspiration for tattoo designs. This next tattoo features an amazing tiger artwork. A fierce little tiger like this would suit any woman. A lion would be a great choice too. You could even add a pop of color.

20. Harry Potter Tattoo

Next, we have a tattoo idea that is a must-have for any Harry Potter fan. This finger tattoo features the deathly hallows symbol. It is a cute design that will also have meaning if you love the series. It is a great way to show off your personality and what you like.

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