41 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

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11. Paw Print Ornament

If you liked the hand print idea from earlier in the post, then you may like this ornament too. Instead of a human hand print, this one is a paw print. This is the perfect craft for anyone who loves pets. You could use a paw template or buy a kit so you can use your dog’s print. We love this cute idea.

Paw Print Ornament

Source: @kai_blezius

12. DIY Painted Canvas Ornament

Like to paint? Then turn your masterpieces into Christmas decorations. Use a small canvas and paint a picture of your choice. Maybe a winter scene or something festive. Attach a ribbon and hang it up. This is a unique idea that will show off your artistic skills.

13. Cute Rudolph Decoration

Do you knit? If so, this is an idea for you. The next ornament is a knitted Rudolph head. You could hang these on trees, make a garland or just use them as decoration around the home. Maybe even give some out as little gifts. Even if you haven’t knitted before, you could give these a go, there are plenty of tutorials and patterns available online.

Cute Rudolph Decoration

Source: @buddyrumi

14. Wooden Tree Decorations

Our next pick is another wooden idea. Instead of larger wooden decorations these are smaller tree ornaments. You can buy plain wooden decorations like these and personalize them yourself. You could design some with names, initials, Christmas quotes and more.

15. Star Ornament

Liked the star decoration from earlier in the post? Then you may like our next idea too. Instead of a small star, this one is a large star with lights around it. The lights just give the star that extra special festive finishing touch. You could hang something like this anywhere around the house.

Star Ornament

Source: @denepeen

16. Personalized Tree Decorations

Next, we have a personalized tree decoration idea. These heart ornaments have been personalized with family members names. These are great crafts as they can be given to family and friends as gifts. You could also make one for each person in the house. Another idea would be add the names to the tree of the people that cannot be with us at Christmas.

Personalized Tree Decorations

Source: @asuffolkdad

17. Key Ornament

Here is another print ornament idea. Instead of a hand print or paw print, this one is of a key. This is such a cute idea if you have just moved into a new house. The ornament featured has the date and key print. This is a special and festive way to remember when you moved into your new home and your first Christmas there.

18. DIY Button Tree Decorations

Our next idea shows how to use buttons to make Christmas decorations. There are three decorations that include a snowman, wreath and snowflake. These would look beautiful on any tree. This is a great idea for people who like sewing as you can bring your hobby into the festive decorating.

DIY Button Tree Decorations

Source: @jogielei

19. Snowman Tree Decorations

Nothing says Christmas like cute snowmen. These snowmen have been painted onto plain wooden ornaments. This is a DIY idea that could be done with the whole family. Each person could create a different face. These would make fun and festive tree decorations.

Snowman Tree Decorations

Source: @doemarianne

20. Pistachio Baubles

You can get baubles that can be filled with anything you like, from glitter to fake snow. This next idea shows you how you can be unique. The baubles are filled with nuts. These would look so cute on the tree and you can also have a snack. It’s a win-win. You could also give these out to family and friends.

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