41 Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, even more so for those who have happy baby news to share! If you are thinking of ways to announce your pregnancy to family and friends this Christmas, then you are in the right place! We have found 41 creative Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas that will make this holiday season one to remember.

1.  Baby Christmas Stocking

First up we have this adorable Christmas stocking. The stocking features the name of the baby and comes in a cute box. This would make an awesome present for a friend or family member. You could use to announce the baby name or to announce you’re expecting.

2. Christmas Tree Sign

Our next idea features a unique way to announce your pregnancy. This couple have added a sign to their Christmas tree. It says “our little present is due to be unwrapped June 2016”. This is such a cute way to tell everyone at once. You could invite everyone round for a Christmas party and show everyone the tree and wait for them to see the wonderful sign.

3. Chalkboard Christmas List

If this is your second child, then you could take inspiration from this cute idea! The sibling to be is pictured with a chalk Christmas list with a wish for a brother or sister. This is a great way to tell everyone you are expecting and to involve your other child too! It makes an adorable picture and can be looked back on in the future.

4. Christmas Baby Clothes

Christmas photo shoots are super fun! This couple have had their festive picture taken with a cute Christmas baby suit. You could send a picture like this as a Christmas card to your close family and friends. If you like this idea, then you could recreate it with other baby clothes too, baby shoes would be a great idea.

5. Festive Booties

Our next idea could be the perfect Christmas gift. There is a box with festive baby booties inside. On the lid of the box, there is a sign that reads “Merry Christmas! New baby on the way in 2018″. A gift like this would make it a Christmas to remember. It would be perfect for the grandparents to be.

6. Christmas Photo Shoot

If you liked the photo shoot idea, then this next pick could be for you. This couple have taken three beautiful pictures. One is of them holding a baby suit, the other is of them holding hands and the last is another baby suit picture. You could recreate something like this with any background scene. It would be a great way to tell people and you could look back on it in the future.

7. Festive Mugs

Next, we have a simple but super cute idea. This couple have announced their happy news by holding mugs that say “Mommy” and the other “Daddy”. This is a unique way to tell people and it is easy to recreate. We love this idea as it fits in with the winter season with the candy canes and mugs.

8. Christmas Baubles

Our next idea would make the perfect gift for Christmas. This mom to be has created Christmas baubles that read Grandma Est 2017 and Grandpa Est 2017. The grandparents that receive these will be delighted, it is a fun way to tell them and they can keep the baubles as a keepsake.

Christmas Baubles for Grandparents

Source: @pinterest

9. Winter Theme Announcement

Here is another beautiful announcement photo shoot. We like this one because the photo features winter themes. You can see candy canes, presents and more. This would make a lovely Christmas card to give to family and friends. You could recreate something like this with Christmas trees, lights and more.

10. Baby Bodysuit and Scan Picture

Got your first scan photo? Then consider using the photo for a festive announcement like this one. The scan has been put in a scene with a candy cane heart, tinsel and a cute baby suit. Anyone would be overjoyed to see an announcement like this. You could recreate this with any tinsel and any item of baby clothing.

11. Big Sister Christmas Chalkboard

If you have other children, then it’s important to include them in the announcement. Our next idea features a chalk board style picture with the words “Santa is promoting me to big sister”. This is a great way to tell your other children and to tell your family and friends too. If you like crafts, you could make one of these yourself.

12. Candy Cane Heart

Your announcement doesn’t have to be too over the top. This couple have taken a cute picture with a candy cane heart over her bump. Candy canes are festive, and they can be used to make an awesome photo. We love this idea! It is easy to recreate, and everyone will love it.

13. Christmassy Scan Photo

Here is another awesome way to use your scan photo as announcement. The photo has been put with Christmassy items and is over a sign that reads “Best Present Ever”. This is a super cute announcement idea and it would make an adorable Christmas card too.

14. Christmas Announcement Sign

Our next idea is fun and super cute! This couple have announced their pregnancy with a sign that reads “Santa won’t be the only one coming to town”. You could use this as a way to tell everyone the due date like the sign featured or to tell everyone you are having a baby. We love this idea!

15. Announcement Cookies

Make Christmas a little sweeter with announcement cookies like these! You could recreate cookies like these or make them more festive. Maybe try making gingerbread or use a biscuit recipe and add Christmassy decorations. These would make a super cute gift also!

16. Santa Announcement Box

Next, we have a beautiful announcement gift idea. This mom to be has created a gift box with a sign that reads “Santa won’t be the only one coming to town” with a baby suit that says, “guess what”. This would be an awesome gift for family and friends. You could even give a gift like this to the father to be!

17. Funny Festive Photo

Want to make your baby announcement fun? Then create a funny picture like this one. The couple are stood in front of Christmas trees with a sign that reads “we’ve been naughty” with an arrow pointing to her bump. We love this as it is an amusing take on the classic Christmas phrase naughty or nice.

18. Festive Scan Picture

Our next idea is beautiful. It is an image that features the baby scan with a sign about butterflies turning into two feet. Both of these are surrounded by festive decorations. This is a stunning baby announcement photo and it would make a gorgeous Christmas card.

19. Santa Letter Announcement

Here is another way to create the siblings Christmas list. The brother to be is stood with a cute Christmas sign that announces he will be a big brother. This is a great way to tell everyone you are expecting, and it will be fun to look back on in years to come.

20. Festive Family Announcement

If you liked the Christmas photo shoot idea, then you may like this one too. The photo features Mom, Dad and big brother in a festive winter scene. This would be such a cute way to announce to everyone that you are having a baby. You could recreate this in your own Christmassy way.

21. Winter Photo Shoot

Next on our list is a beautiful photo idea. It features Mom and Dad holding hands. You can see her bump and the Dad has the scan photo is in his pocket. This is a simple idea, but it looks adorable. It is easy to recreate too. You could wear festive outfits to make the photo more Christmassy.

22. Adorable Polar Bear Announcement

Next, we have an adorable polar bear announcement. For this, there are three super cute polar bears with a snowy background. Above the bears it reads “The Jones club is adding a cub” and underneath one bear, there is a due date. This is an amazing and festive announcement idea. You could create an image like this for people to see or turn into a Christmas card for family and friends. Other cubs can be added if your family is larger.

23. Best Gift Ever

If you wanted to create a festive photo announcement, then this is a beautiful way to do it. This announcement photo features the scan photos, with a baby vest, Santa hat and wintry decorations. The baby vest reads “Best gift ever” which is adorable. A photo like this can be used on social media during the holiday season so all your family and friends can share the exciting news.

24. Eating for Two This Christmas

The holiday season is all about good food so why not create an announcement based on your love of festive treats? Here is a great example. This announcement features a notice board that reads “I’m eating for two this Christmas”. The words are surrounded with Christmas decorations and popular candy – candy canes, sugar cookies and peppermint treats. This is a fun announcement and everyone will love it. You can eat the sweets after too!

25. Cute Christmas Announcement for Grandparents

Announcing your pregnancy to the grandparents-to-be is a very exciting time. A great way to surprise them at Christmas is with a card like this. It talks about how Santa is bringing a special gift and that they will be grandparents. They will be so surprised when they open this card! You can buy these cards on the page below. You could also create other versions for aunties, uncles, cousins and so on.

26. Festive Photo Announcement

The next idea features another photo announcement. This couple have created a festive photo. Mom is wearing Christmassy pajamas and there is a beautiful background behind them which features a stocking and other festive decor. This is a fun way to announce to friends and family on social media that you are expecting.

27. Christmas Card with the Scan Photo

Next, we have another Christmas card idea. This card reads “Santa’s not the only one coming to town” and there is a scan photo underneath. We love this because the baby is wearing a Santa hat! It is a fun and unique idea and this card will be remembered forever.

28. Personalized Baby Stocking

Get the whole family involved in the announcement with a photo like this one. Mom-to-be is stood in the center holding a small, personalized stocking. You can also see dad holding the stocking and the siblings-to-be are holding the baby bump too. This is a beautiful and Christmassy announcement. You can buy personalized stockings online.

Personalized Baby Stocking

Source: @alyaknbk

29. Funny Silent Night Announcement

If you love the Christmas favorite Silent Night, then this idea is for you! Here we have a photo that features a notice board that is surrounded with wintry decorations, a baby stocking and a scan photo. What we love is the notice board because it reads “Our Silent Nights End” with the due date underneath. It is a funny and festive idea and it is a unique announcement photo too.

30. Elf on the Shelf Photo Idea

The Elf on the Shelf has become such a big part of Christmas. So, why not use the little elf in your announcement? This photo features the elf holding onto the scan photo. As you can see, this makes a great photo announcement. You could recreate this or leave the elf hanging around for family and friends to find when they come over to celebrate the holiday. That will be a surprise!

Elf on the Shelf Pregnancy Announcement

Source: @kakies_life

31. Christmassy Photo Announcement with Mom and Sibling to Be

Next, we have another beautiful and meaningful announcement. This photo features the mom-to-be holding mistletoe over the baby bump and the sibling-to-be is giving the bump a cute kiss. It is such a Christmassy idea because of the mistletoe but also it carries the festive message about the importance of family. This would be a great announcement for social media but you can also keep this as a special memory too.

32. Santa Announcement with Scan Photo

The next announcement idea is festive, fun and cute. Here we have another notice board announcement and this one reads “Santa Came a Lil’ Early” with the due date and scan photo underneath. This is easy to create and you can use this on social media or even use the image on Christmas cards.

Santa Announcement with Scan Photo

Source: @nikkiguinn7

33. Expecting a Little Elf

Another way to announce your pregnancy is with a t-shirt. Here we have a festive t-shirt that says “Expecting a little elf”. You could create a Christmassy photo like this, wear the t-shirt for an announcement photo or simply wear it on Christmas day. Either one will surprise everyone! You can buy this t-shirt on the page below, other designs are available too.

34. Christmas Card Announcement

Next, we have another Christmas card idea. This time the card reads “We have something to tell you” and there are stockings underneath. Each one is personalized with a name and there is one stocking with the label “coming soon”. This is a cute and Christmassy idea. It is a fun way to announce you’re expecting to many people at once. You can buy these cards on the page below.

Christmas Card Announcement

Source: @inkandfred

35. Super Cute Stocking Idea

If you like the stocking idea like the one above, then you will love this too. The parents-to-be stood in front of two stockings and they are both adding a small, baby stocking to the fireplace. This is such a beautiful way to show the world that you have another addition to your family. You can create a photo like this or put the stocking up on the fireplace in front of family and friends on Christmas day.

36. The More the Merrier

We love this next idea because it is so festive and cute! This announcement features a scan photo on a piece of paper that reads “The More the Merrier”. The scan photo is surrounded by a candy cane heart and other festive decorations. It is a simple and beautiful idea and it is the perfect way to share your news at Christmas.

37. Naughty or Nice Announcement

Next, we have another fun and Christmassy idea. Here we have a notice board with the words naughty and nice wrote on it. There is also a scan photo with the due date underneath. It is more of a humorous announcement as naughty has been ticked. Something like this is easy to create and you can be very festive like the image featured or subtler. Either way, it will look amazing.

38. Fun Announcement T-Shirt

Earlier in the post we featured a t-shirt announcement idea. If you loved that, then you need to see this t-shirt too. Here we have another design. This one says “stuffed with” and there multiple options underneath. The Christmas favorites are there but the extra box says baby and that is ticked. It is a fun and unique way to tell everyone you are expecting. You can buy these t-shirts on the page below.

Fun Announcement T-Shirt

Source: @indieamavi

39. Christmas Song Announcement

The next announcement idea is another one inspired by Christmas songs. There is a baby vest with “Silent night, yeah right” wrote on it and there is a notice board with “All we want for Christmas is you”. It is a fun and unique idea that is perfect for those love festive music!

40. Festive and Beautiful Photo Announcement

Pregnancy is not plain sailing and for a lot of couples neither is getting pregnant in the first place. If you like many others have struggled, then this announcement is perfect for you. Here we have festive photo announcement. It features the scan photo, Christmassy decorations and a baby vest that reads “worth the wait”. We love the white feather heart too. This is a stunning way to share the amazing news during the holiday season.

Festive and Beautiful Photo Announcement

Source: @leahnobrega

41. Christmassy Baby Vest

If you are looking for something simpler, then this idea is for you. Here we a more minimal photo announcement. It features a baby vest with merry and bright wrote on it. There are also cute little trees in the background too. This is a stylish announcement that is perfect for sharing on social media.

We hope you have found the perfect way to announce your pregnancy this Christmas!

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