21 Girly and Delicious Summer Cocktails

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11. Summer Fishbowl Cocktail

If you are having a party then consider fishbowl cocktails like this. These are great for sharing and will serve lots of guests at the same time. Add some funky straws for a unique look. You can fill these up with any cocktail. Add some sliced fruit for a summery finish.

12. Mimosa

Mimosas are refreshing and easy to make. These are made with orange juice and Champagne. Cocktails like these would be great for a summer outdoor party and more. Finish off your Mimosa some fruit to give it an extra special touch.

Mimosa for Girly and Delicious Summer Cocktails

Source: @amnurmela

13. Pink Gin Cocktail

Next, we have this cute pink drink that all your girls will love! This delicious drink was made with honeysuckle rose syrup, gin, lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Serve it in a chic glass for a glam look. Drinks like these would suit any event.

14. Pink Margarita

Cute glasses and straws would be a cute and creative way to serve your cocktails. Add some fruit and a yummy cocktail and you’re good to go. Any cocktail can be served in this. A pink would look awesome. Try our flamingo recipe mentioned earlier. There are so many glasses available online, just choose your favourite.

15. Amalfi Martini

Serve a cocktail with a kick this summer with an Amalfi Martini. These martinis are made with lemon liqueur, vodka, lemon juice and mint leaves. Cocktails like this are fruity and delicious, perfect for summer! Serve in a glass like this for a chic and glam look.

16. Summer Raspberry Cocktail

Cocktails can be dressed up with fruit. To give your cocktails a summery vibe, add some raspberries. These are tasty and are perfect for the season. You could add raspberries to almost any cocktail. Add some to your pink gin which was mentioned earlier for a girly, fruity and refreshing drink.

Summer Raspberry Cocktail for Girly and Delicious Summer Cocktail

Source: @smichelis

17. Fruity Summer Punch

Fresh and fruity punch is perfect for a hot summers day. If you are having a busy event or are having lots of guests attending then a bowl or jug is a great way to serve. This way the guests can serve themselves. To make this punch you will need: 2 liter ginger-ale, 1 liter pineapple juice, 1 orange, peeled and separated, 1½ cup strawberries, halved, 1 cup pineapple, cut in cubes and fresh mint.

18. Tropical “Octopus” Cocktail

Our next cocktail is called the octopus. This quirky drink is made with: rum, passion fruit juice, club soda and Angostura bitters and is garnished with an orchid, pineapple twist and an anchor swizzle. A cocktail like this is fruity and tropical, perfect for summer. Decorate any cocktail with an orchid for a pretty look.

Tropical "Octopus" Cocktail for Girly and Delicious Summer Cocktails

Source: @ventikivta

19. Irish Summer Cocktail

Next, we have this vibrant orange cocktail. It is made with: Jameson Whiskey, Peychaud’s Bitters, fresh muddled raspberries, lemon, and Mango juice. The raspberry is a summery finishing touch. This would be a hit with any guest.

Irish Summer Cocktail for Girly and Delicious Summer Cocktails

Source: @thehaulgp

20. Citrus Summer Cocktail

This cocktail looks chic, tastes like citrus and is perfect for summer. What more could you want! It is made with Lemongrass infused Tanqueray gin, lime leaf-ginger tincture, honey, lemon and lime juices. A cocktail like this would be perfect on warm day.

21. Rose, Girly and Delicious Summer Cocktails

Last on our list we have this selection of rose cocktails. This just shows how chic and pretty cocktails can look. You can recreate this with the mix of glasses and garnishes or just take inspiration from one. These are summery, delicious and girly and would be perfect for a party.

We hope you have found the perfect girly and delicious summer cocktails.

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