15 Reasons Why You Got Unfriended on Facebook

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When someone unfriend you on Facebook, it shouldn’t bother you, but admit it – you can’t help but wonder what is the reason they’ve removed you. Is it because they don’t like you anymore? Are your posts and pictures annoying to them? We searched the Internet for the main reasons why people got unfriended on Facebook. Check them out!

1. He got married.

There are two options – he moved on with his life or his wife made him do it. If his wife is jealous, he’ll probably add you after their first fight. Should you accept his friend request? Well, you definitely shouldn’t but it’s up to you. Have fun!

2. You post too much about your relationship problems.

Airing out your dirty laundry on Facebook will make people cringe. If you’re having some relationship problems, resolve them with your partner. Keep the private things private.

Relationship Drama on Facebook eCard

3. Duckface.

If you constantly post your pictures with a duck face, you are out! The duck face doesn’t make your prettier – it isn’t sexy and you should stop doing it.

Duckface Facebook eCard

4. Sending too much game requests.

If you don’t want to be unfriended, stop bombarding people with your Candy Crush requests.

5. Too cute statuses about your significant other.

We are glad to hear that you found the love of your life. Not so glad to hear about it every day. Why don’t you just tell your partner this to his face instead of sharing your feelings with your Facebook friends?

If You Really Loved Me Facebook eCard

6. But first, let me take a Selfie.

One or two a week is a bit much but 2 or 3 a day – too much!

Facebook Selfie eCard

7. Talking too much about politics or religion.

Maybe about half of your friends on Facebook agree with you politically but that means the other half probably doesn’t.

8. You post too much about your pet.

Perhaps the first three photos of your pug in sunglasses were cute, but the fourth photo made your friends remove you from their precious list of Facebook friends.

9. Bragging

Your Facebook friends probably hate you if you’ve always had the most amazing day ever (“Guess what happened to me?!”), you have no shame in sharing your every achievement (“I’m so honored to announce…”), you can’t believe how great your life, hubby or job is (“Guys, my life is so amazing.”).

Bragging on Facebook ecard

10. Forgetting to say “Happy Birthday!”

No birthday message? No place on my friends list, girl. Yes, some people will unfriend you if you forgot to wish them a happy birthday. There’s a birthday notification for a reason, silly!

Forgetting to Say Happy Birthday on Facebook

11. You post spoilers.

If you constantly post spoilers to shows that people haven’t had a chance to watch yet, then you probably deserve to be removed from the friend list. You have the right to post it but I also have the right to unfriend you for it.

12. You update your every move.

You feel the need to update your every thought or move, every hour of the day? If we know where have you been the last few days and what you ate for breakfast, you are using the Facebook wrong. Twitter might be a better option for you.

13. Bad grammar.

If you’re over the age of 11, you should know the difference between “there, their, they’re” as well as “two, to, and too.” Bad grammar can drive some people insane.

Example of Bad Grammar on Facebook

14. You hate everything and everyone.

No one wants to read Negative Nancy’s statuses day after day. Your Facebook status isn’t the right place for your anger management therapy.

15. Stalking

You know you’ve crossed the line when you like his old pictures, comment on everything he does and says, and he never seems to return the favor. Don’t do that! It’s too creepy and weird.

Stalking on Facebook ecard

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