What Are The 10 First Signs Of Pregnancy?

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10 First Signs Of Pregnancy

If your period is late and you had unprotected sex, you’re probably dying to know – am I pregnant? Missed period, back pain and sore breasts, are one of the first signs of pregnancy. We made a list of 10 early signs that may indicate pregnancy. Keep reading to find out could you be pregnant!

1. Missed period

One of the first signs of pregnancy you may notice is that your period doesn’t arrive. Unfortunately, missed period is not a relevant sign of pregnancy. You can miss your period because of stress or some kind of disease.


2. Swollen and tender breasts

Noticed that your breasts are a little bigger? They are heavy and tender? Well, that also can be a sign of pregnancy. In pregnancy, breasts are sore, sensitive and tender because of hormonal changes. Your breast might feel heavier and fuller. But don’t worry! Many women have swollen breasts in PMS.


3. Nausea with/without vomiting

Nausea can be caused by smells that never bothered you before or it can be morning sickness. Also, you can feel sick and nauseous anytime (day or night). If you feel weak, sick and nauseous – it’s time to get a pregnancy test!


4. Back Pain

Back pain is a common sign in pregnancy because our ligaments are loosening. For many pregnant women, back pain is normal thing through whole pregnancy.

5. Heightened sense of smell

If you have an increased sensitivity to smell, it may mean you have got a bun in the oven! Smells that you’re used to, can become intolerable. Yikes!


6. Shortness of breath

Most of women never would connect shortness of breath with pregnancy, right? Your embryo is growing so it needs extra oxygen. This feeling is usually normal and harmless.

7. Increased urination

You noticed that you’re visiting toilet way too often? Frequent urination might be a sign. During pregnancy, women’s body produces extra fluids. Also, your uterus pushes on the bladder. If you need to get up at least once in the night to use the toilet – you could be pregnant!

Toilet Paper

8. Food cravings

Suddenly, you cannot get enough pickles or sweets? Or perhaps meat now turns your stomach. One of the worst and best things in pregnancy is definitely food cravings. Pregnant women love to eat chocolate, pickles, spicy foods, fruit, ice cream, and potato chips!

9. Fatigue

Feeling very tired or totally exhausted? Fatigue is a very common sign of early pregnancy. This symptom is very common in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Fatigue is caused by the excess hormones in your body.

CC image by Bianca Moraes on Flickr.

CC image by Bianca Moraes on Flickr.

10. Pimples/Acne

Pregnancy can trigger acne and pimples or make existing even worse. In some cases acne may be severe, moderate or even mild. What causes them? Hormones, hormones, hormones!

Are you really pregnant?

Unfortunately, many of these signs are also symptoms of PMS. If you’re period is late and you have some of these signs – don’t worry. Some of these symptoms can indicate that your period is about to start. Home pregnancy test or doctor’s appointment is the best ways to find out are you pregnant or not. Good luck!

CC image by Maria Morri on Flickr.

CC image by Maria Morri on Flickr.

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