21 Stylish Wedding Guest Dresses for Summer

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11. Trendy One Sleeve Dress

Dresses with one sleeve have been in the style spotlight for the spring and summer. Many designers including Antonio Berardi have used this look in their collections. Our next idea shows how you could wear this trend to a wedding. The one sleeve dress has a pretty floral print and the frill feature is beautiful. You can buy dresses like this in any color and with any print.

Trendy One Sleeve Wedding Guest Dress

Source: @aurboncom

12. Stylish Pink Dress

Next, we have a super stylish statement dress idea. The pink dress is long and fitted with a multi tier peplum look. You can take inspiration from this dress and choose a long dress in a bold color or maybe use the peplum feature. A dress like this will wow!

13. Dress with Red and Pink Floral Print

Our next dress idea features a romantic floral print. The short dress is white with a red and pink flower pattern. We love the red and pink color scheme for a wedding because these are the classic colors of love. Wear a dress like the one featured with heels, pretty sandals or wedges.

Dress with Red and Pink Floral Print

Source: @ewelaines

14. Vibrant Floaty Dress

If you want to keep cool but look stylish for a summer wedding, then you could choose a floaty dress like the one featured. The fabric used is very light and colorful which is perfect for a hot sunny day. You can go for a dress with similar features like a belt or choose a simple, long and vibrant dress.

15. Light Summer Dress Idea

Next, we have a summer dress idea that will suit any wedding. The sleeveless dress is in a very light blue color with a lace overlay. You can wear a dress like this with heels and glam jewelry for an elegant look or maybe try with sandals for a beach wedding. If the wedding has a bohemian vibe, wear with wedges and cute jewelry. A dress like this is versatile and will suit everyone.

16. Elegant White Dress with Floral Print

Our next dress idea is for someone who wants an elegant and more classic wedding look. The dress is longer with long sleeves and it has a beautiful floral print. A dress like this would look chic with a hair accessory that uses a color from the print.

17. White and Pink Dress for Summer

White and pink is a beautiful color combination, especially for a wedding. This next idea shows how you can wear the two colors together on a printed dress. The dress looks really stylish and would be perfect for any summer event. You can wear a print like this or wear a white dress with pink accessories or the other way around.

18. Glam Black Dress with Floral Print

Just because you are going to a wedding, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear darker colors. This next dress shows how you can wear black but look summery at the same time! It is a black, floaty dress with beautiful floral print. The lightweight fabric, style features and bright pattern make this black dress perfect for a summer wedding. There are many dresses like it too, if you shop around.

Glam Black Dress with Floral Print

Source: @qupidshoes

19. Gorgeous One Shoulder Dress Idea

Earlier in the post we talked about dresses with one sleeve. Our next idea is similar to that, but the look is more subtle. This dress is in a light color and is sleeveless on one side with a small strap on the other. We love how this dress uses one of the latest trends with such elegance and style. You can find many dresses like this online in a variety of colors.

Gorgeous One Shoulder Dress Outfit Idea

Source: @ftkwomen

20. Bold Blue Dress Idea

Next, we have a stunning blue dress idea. We have featured some light blue dresses in this post but this shade of blue is darker and more bold. The dress also has a beautiful floral print. We love this dress because it looks stylish and designer. You can find dresses like this online by searching for blue dress with floral print. If the floral isn’t for you then you could choose a plain blue dress in a similar color.

Bold Blue Floral Dress Idea

Source: @lwestogram

21. Dress With Statement Making Print

The last of our ideas is this statement making dress. The long dress is quite simple in design but has a beautiful bold print. You can really wow everyone at the wedding by choosing a bright, summery print like this. There are so many dresses out there with amazing prints, so shop around and find one you love!

We hope you have found the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding!

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