This Dress Will Make you Feel Crazy! Check Why.

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What color is the dress that broke the Internet and divided us into two groups? Black and blue or white and gold?

Apparently, our brain is playing tricks on us and the dress is certainly blue and black.

Blue and Black Dress Illusion

White and Gold? Or Blue and Black?

Why does this dress appears black/blue to some people and white/gold to others? It’s a phenomenal known as a color illusion. Surrounding colors can trick the human eye. Some people are seeing it as a black and blue dress in a yellow-ish shadow, others are seeing it as a white and gold dress in a blue-ish shadow.

Black and Blue Dress Explanation


If you’re having trouble seeing black/blue, don’t freak out! Turn down the brightness on your phone/laptop, squint your eyes and focus on the “gold”.

So, what do you see? Are you team white/gold or team blue/black?

If you don’t know what to believe anymore, check this video for more information:

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