Kim Kardashian Admits: “Yes, it’s true, I have cellulite!”

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It’s a fact – celebrities are not perfect. Every day, different kinds of media shape our perception of beauty. Because of that, many women have problem with self esteem. We all want perfect bodies without cellulite, stretch marks and fat. The thing most women don’t get it is that cellulite problems are very common among famous women.

‘Perfect body’ doesn’t exist. We all have some imperfections. In her last interview, Kim Kardashian admitted that she’s also struggling with cellulite!  I know what you’re thinking: “How can she have cellulite problems when she has money and all the time in the world to fix it?” Let’s face it, all women have cellulite. Even Kim isn’t immune to it.

She has often been celebrated for her sexy, curvy and round breech but she also suffers from the same skin problems as the rest of us. In Kim’s case, we can see that money doesn’t help.Cellulite is not easy to get rid of.

What does it really take to get rid of cellulite? Medical procedures? Creams? Magic? Is there anything you can do?

Luckily, we have few pieces of advice to make cellulite disappear.

Here’s how to win the war on cellulite:

1. Quit smoking

What are the benefits of smoking? NONE! Women who smoke cigarettes have bad skin, ugly smell and predisposition for heart disease and lung cancer. Also, smoking will make your cellulite even worse. Eat healthier and have more active lifestyle Cellulite comes with poor diet. Too much consumption of caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol produces toxins that get trapped in our fat. Because of that, it’s important to include fresh vegetables, fruit and lots of water in your daily diet. You’ll not regret! Doing simple exercise every day, you can easily lose extra fat and reduce your cellulite. If you don’t have time for everyday workout, try to walk more. It’s not effective as workout but it can help!

Quit Smoking

2. Change your clothing

Yes, bad clothing choice can contribute to cellulite. Wearing tight clothing can hamper circulation causing cellulite to form. To prevent that, you should avoid tight pants and underwear. Sleeping naked and wearing boy-shorts can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

3. Get a tan

The ‘orange peel effect’ can’t be reduced by tanning – it’s only less visible on darker skin. If you want to hide cellulite, the best way is to get a tan. Don’t go overboard, be sun safe! As you can see, even Kim Kardashian has cellulite! Cellulite problems are very common among all women – famous and non-famous, skinny or fat, young and all – we all have it. And we hate it. Luckily, you can reduce your cellulite just by following these easy 4 steps. Short miniskirts and hot legs are not far away if you start to change – today!

Tanning On The Beach

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