21 Updo Prom Styles Perfect for the Big Night

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11. Fishtail Bun

Fishtails are versatile braids so can be styled in endless ways. Our next style features a stunning side braid that blends into a bun. This updo has everything drama, style and beauty. With something like this you are sure to turn heads!

Side Fishtail and Bun Prom Hair Idea

Instagram | blohaute

12. Accessorized Loose Bun

We have been talking about adding accessories to hair and here is another beautiful example of how to do it. This simple curled bun has had an elegant finishing touch with pearls. You could change the pearls and add some sparkles, flowers or chains. The possibilities are endless but wrapping a bun will be a stunning choice.

Loose Bun with Pearl Accessory Hair Idea for Prom

Instagram | lenabogucharskaya

13. Vintage Vibe Ponytail

Add some vintage glamour to your prom dress with a bouffant ponytail. Bouffant styles are elegant and will give your prom outfit a 60’s vibe. Perfect if you’re a fan of fashions gone by. The curled ponytail finishes it off nicely. You could wear an updo like this with any dress.

Curled Vintage Style Ponytail Idea for Prom

Instagram | peinados_creativos

14. Side Braids

Here is another way to add braids to your hair. The braids don’t have to big and bold you could go for something thinner and subtle like these. You could re-create this style or add the smaller side braids to almost any updo.

Side Braids and Bun Hairstyle Idea for Prom

Instagram | danabraids

15. Loose High Bun

If you want to add some drama to your prom outfit then check out this updo. This style features a high loose bun with wisps of hair draping down. A style like this looks fit for a prom queen. You will be the style envy of every girl with a hairstyle like this.

Loose Big High Bun Idea for Prom Hair

Instagram | nadigerber

16. Funky Upside Down Braid

If you’re looking for something a bit unique then check out this style. This is for the girls that want to stand out from the crowd. The traditional braid has been turned upside down and the bun is on top of the head. We love this topsy turvy hairstyle!

Upside Down Braid Hair Idea for Prom

Instagram | hair.style_

17. Beautiful Bun

Here is another style that has a hint of vintage glamour. This one features a bouffant bun. It isn’t as dramatic as some of the other bouffant styles but this creates a fresh and updated look perfect for prom. A style like this will compliment any dress and makeup.

Beautiful Low Bun for Prom Updo Idea

Instagram | lalasupdos

18. Long Braid

An updo doesn’t have to be a bun you could have a long beautiful braid like this one. This style looks like it belongs in a fairy tale which is perfect for making you feel like a princess on your big night. The loose braid style is stunning and can be kept as it is or accessorized with sparkles or flowers.

Long Braided Updo For Prom

Instagram | minahosoki

19. Sleek Prom Hair

Looking for something sleek and sophisticated? Then you are going to love this! This style is swept back into a chic bun style. An updo like this will be the perfect finishing touch to any prom dress. To jazz it up wear with a statement pair of earrings. A hairstyle like this will show off your jewelry at its best.

Sleek Bun Updo From Prom

Instagram | nikiwalkerkennedy

20. Braided Updo

An intricate updo like this one will wow. It looks like a work of art and will get everyone’s attention. The way the braids weave together create a stunning style. You could wear with this any dress for a stunning prom look.

Beautiful Braided Updo From Prom

Instagram | welateo

21. Fishtail Updo

Our last updo features a beautiful fishtail braid. The thing that makes this braid stand out from others is the way it sits on the back of the head. A hairstyle like this is unique and will make a statement with any dress.

Fishtail Updo for Prom

Instagram | svglamour

We hope you are feeling inspired and have found the perfect hairstyle!

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