43 Eye-Catching Twist Braids Hairstyles for Black Hair

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11. Stunning High Bun

Earlier in the post we featured a high bun, next we have another gorgeous bun idea. This one sits very high on the head and has a double wrap look. It is just stunning! Hair like this would be perfect for a special occasion or just on the days where you want to feel like a Queen!

12. Side Twists

Next, we have a different version of side braids. Instead of just resting on the side, these twists have actually been braided that way. This is a statement making and stylish hair idea. Recreate a similar look to this one or try shorter side braids.

Here is how you can achieve this stylish, crochet look:

13. Short, Chunky Twists

Looking for a shorter hair idea? Then these twist braids are for you. Here we have a chunky twist bob with a cute side style at the top. We love this hairstyle and the color. You can recreate this look or try a different twist color. Thinner braids would look beautiful too.

14. Super Long, Chunky Twists

Our next idea features long, chunky twists. The twists have also been accessorized with a cord and hair cuffs. This is a beautiful hair idea and the twists look stunning. Hair like this will suit anyone and you can create a similar style with or without the accessories.

15. Simple and Stylish Twist Braids

If all the bold colors and statement styles are not for you, you can choose a hairstyle that is simple and stylish like this one. Here we have sleek twist braids that are long and medium thickness. It is just a timeless hairstyle that will suit everyone and it can be worn for any occasion.

16. Accessorized Crochet Braids

Next, we have a cute and stylish hair idea. Here we have long, thick twists with a side part. A couple of hair cuffs have been added, too. You can always create your own version of the look, try thinner or shorter braids with the beautiful side part. Either way, you will look gorgeous!

Accessorized Crochet Twist Braids

Source: @zitastones

17. Senegalese Twist Braids

Love the bun hair ideas? Then you may like this one too! Here we have a twist braid bun, but this one has thinner twists and a more relaxed finished look. The bun is not high and tightly wrapped, instead it is lower and looser. There are also two loose braids at the front too. This is perfect for the ladies who want to look casual and stylish.

Senegalese Twist Braids Bun

Source: @tupo1

18. Jumbo Braid Twists

Our next idea features more jumbo twists. These twist braids have been styled with more hair on one side, and has been accessorized with hair cuffs. This is a beautiful hair idea that will look stylish on anyone. You can recreate this look or opt for shorter jumbo braids.

19. Vibrant Hair Idea

Have you been bored with your hair and what to try a bold new look? If this sounds like you, you need to check out these twists. These twist braids are a beautiful burgundy shade and a color like this will make you stand out from the crowd. Burgundy will suit all braids and styles so what are you waiting for, give it a go!

20. Glam Twist Braids

Next, we have a very glam hair idea! Here we have long twist braids that have been styled high on the head. By styling some of your hair like this, you get a gorgeous half-up, half-down look. A hairstyle like this will suit thin and thick twists in any color. You can also try shorter twist braids too.

Glam Twist Braids in Brown Shade

Source: @billykiss

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