23 Short Layered Hair Ideas for Women

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11. Short Stacked Cut

Next, we have a unique hairstyle to show you. The hair at the front is longer than the back and the back of the hair has a short, stacked cut. As you can see, the difference in length has created a very trendy and modern style. It is a chic hairstyle with an edge and it is perfect for those who want a whole new look.

12. Short Layered Bob

Our next hair idea features a cute and short bob. For this look, the length of the hair is about chin length and it does have a layered stacked cut at the back. The hair is highlighted with beautiful caramel highlights. We love the bob cut and think it will look gorgeous on everyone. Recreate this or try the cut in a different color. Either way, it will look super chic.

Short Layered Bob for Black Women

Source: @derickus

13. Layered Hair with Caramel Highlights

The next hairstyle is little longer than some of the others. This one has a length that just hits the shoulders. The hair is layered and the shortest one looks about chin length. So, with this, you can have a shorter cut without the bold and dramatic transformation. It gives you the best of both worlds – you still have length in your hair but the layers make it look shorter. The hair is also highlighted too which emphasizes the layers. This is a gorgeous hairstyle and it is great for the ladies who are trying shorter hair for the first time. You could try a similar hairstyle with a shorter length too.

14. Short Grey Hair Idea

Grey hair has become a very trendy look and more and more women are wearing their natural grey color or are dyeing their hair with silvery shades. This short cut shows a very stylish way to wear grey. The hair has long side swept bangs at the front with a stacked cut and layers at the back. It is very easy to wear hairstyle and it is low maintenance too. You can recreate this or try the cut in a different color.

15. Classy Short Layered Hair

Looking for a classy short cut that will never go out of style? Then this is for you. Here we have a short blonde chin length hairstyle with a stacked cut and layers. It is so easy to wear and it is a timeless and classic hairstyle. With hair like this, you will look elegant and stylish every day.

Classy Short Layered Hair

Source: @chloenbrown

16. Short Red Hair Idea

Red is another popular hair color and with hair like this we can see why! The hair is black with a trendy cut and it has added red highlights. We love the red because the dark shade compliments the black beautifully. This is a bold hairstyle that is perfect for those who want a complete hair makeover.

17. Stylish Blonde Short Bob

Next, we have another short bob. This one has a stacked and layered cut and the length of the hair is chin length and above. The hair is colored in a gorgeous light blonde shade. This cut and color will look chic and stylish on everyone. It would be a great summer hairstyle. Recreate this or try the cut with a different blonde shade.

18. Shaved Pixie Cut

Earlier in the post we shared an undercut hairstyle. If you loved that idea, then you need to see this one too. The hair is shaved very short around the sides and it is longer on the top. This hairstyle has a lot of different layers which creates a modern and edgy look. You can recreate the cut in a different hair color.

19. Curly Layered Haircut

The next hairstyle is cute and curly. Here we have a simple and short layered haircut and the hair is styled with curls. This is another easy to wear hairstyle that is low maintenance too. With hair like this, you will look stylish for any occasion and it will suit everyone. A similar haircut would look great with highlights too.

20. Trendsetting Short Layered Hair

If you want a hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crowd, then this could be for you. This style is longer at the back with shorter layers everywhere else. The layers have been styled in different directions and are sleek and straight. We love this style because it makes the hair look edgy. Hair like this is must-have for the trendsetters. Copy the cool color too, or opt for a different color of your choice.

21. Wavy and Layered Bob

Next, we have a chic and glam hair idea. For this look, the hair is cut to chin length with layers and the hair is styled with waves. This is a gorgeous haircut that will never go out of style. The rich brown shade is beautiful too. A hairstyle like this will look amazing on everyone and it is versatile so will look great for an any occasion from work to a night out.

22. Cute Blonde Hair Idea

Love the blonde hairstyles? Then check out this next hair idea. The hair is cut into the modern stacked style and it is colored in a beautiful blonde shade. Some parts of the hair are left in a natural brown hair color which modernizes the hairstyle and gives it a trendy and edgy look. This is another hairstyle that would be gorgeous for the summer. You can try this or go for an icy blonde shade, that would also look pretty.

23. Short Black Haircut

The last hairstyle we have to show you is chic and trendy. The hair has a stacked cut at the back with longer layers and blue highlights at the front. This is one of our favorites because it glam and it is giving us Victoria Beckham vibes as she had a similar cut to this. It is easy to wear and will look great on everyone.

We hope you have been inspired by these short layered hair ideas!

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