41 Edgy Matte Black Nails to Inspire You

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11. Black, Burgundy and Glitter

If you loved the moon nails from earlier in the post, then this next idea is for you. Here we have a design that only features a full moon on the accent nail. The rest of the nails are a burgundy, glitter and matte black combo. You can recreate the whole look or just some of the designs.

12. Half Nail Design

Our next idea is very trendy. The look features black matte nails with two accent nails. The accent nails are half black and the other half is a nude shade. We love these nails! You can create this look or you can replace the nude tone with another shade. Maybe a vibrant color or a dark shade.

Easy and Simple Half Nail Art Design

Source: @ana0m

13. Black Nails with Silver Glitter

We have another glossy and matte idea. The nails are matte and glossy black with silver glitter. These nails are super glam and would be great for a night out or special occasion. You can have this design on any nail length and shape. Maybe try gold glitter instead of silver too.

Elegant Black Nails with Silver Glitter 

Source: @nail_sunny

14. Matte Black Coffin Nails

Want a manicure that will wow? Then this next idea is for you. Here we have nails that use matte black, flowers, gems and glitter. We love these nails and think they would look statement making and stylish on anyone. You can take inspiration from this and create a similar look or just use the elements you like.

15. Funky Matte Black Nail Design

Next, we have a funky design idea. The nails are black with nude tone accent nails. On the accent nails there are geometric black designs. This design is perfect for someone who wants a unique and chic manicure. You can use these shapes or come up with your own pattern.

Funky Matte Black Nail Design

Source: @amur_nails

16. Matte Black Lace Nails

We love this next idea! The nails are transparent black with a matte floral design. Transparent nails are on trend and are a must-have look. You can recreate the floral design or choose your own. You can buy many different stencils and stickers to help you achieve a floral look.

17. Matte Black and White Stiletto Nails

Matte black and white looks super stylish together. Check out this manicure and you will see for yourself. You can recreate this trendy look or you can just use key designs that you like. A design like this is perfect for the ladies who want nails that will catch everyone’s attention.

18. Matte Black and Dark Grey Nails

Earlier in the post we featured a stylish pink manicure with a trendy line design. This one is the same design but in different colors. It just shows how versatile nail designs can be. Once you learn the technique, you can use it many times in different colors. This would be perfect for the ladies who aren’t keen on bright colors like pink.

19. Matte Black Nails with a Pop of Glitter

Looking for a unique and creative idea? Then this next design is for you. The nails are matte black with two accent nails. The accent nails are different but include similar colors. You can recreate both accent nails or just one. This design would work on any nail length. Keep the nails square for a sleek, elegant look.

20. Matte Black and Gold Nails

Our next idea is very glam. The nails are matte black with gold accent nails. One of the gold nails has a black pattern over the top. You can recreate this pattern or use a stencil to create a different look. This is a gorgeous manicure that would look amazing for a special occasion.

Matte Black and Gold Nails

Source: @melcisme

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