43 Jaw-Dropping Ways to Wear Marble Nails

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11. Trendy Stiletto Marble Nails

Next, we have a very trendy nail idea to share! This one features a very light, matte polish with two marble accent nails with a gold stripe on each. The nail shape used here is the stylish stiletto shape which just adds to the trendsetting vibe. You can recreate the look or use any polish shade. Black nails would look amazing with the shape and marble art!

12. Burgundy Marble Nails with Rhinestones

Our next idea is sparkly and stylish. The nails feature a rich burgundy polish with marble accent nails and gems. Nails like this would look amazing for the fall and winter and the sparkles make the manicure perfect for special occasions. Something like this would look gorgeous for the holiday season.

13. Elegant, Short Marble Nails

Marble art is versatile – it can be trendy, bold and elegant too. No matter what look you want, you can achieve it. Here we have an example of a classy design. The nails are a light and pretty shade with one glitter nail and one marble accent nail. This manicure is so chic and it will suit any nail length, shape and occasion.

14. Short Coffin Nails

Next, we have a creative and stylish manicure idea. The nails are light pink with bold black and white marble accent nails. There is also a cool and simple gold stripe design. You can recreate the whole look or you can take inspiration and use a similar design with different colors. Grey and gold nails would look amazing, too.

15. Grey Matte Nails with Marble Accent Nail

Grey compliments marble perfectly. Here we have a chic example. These nails are matte grey with subtle sparkly gems and there are two grey and white marble accent nails. This is a beautiful nail design that will look gorgeous on anyone.

Grey Matte Nails with Marble Accent Nail

Source: @melcisme

16. Stylish Pink, Purple and Coffin Nails

Our next nail idea is stylish, unique and demands attention. The design features pink and purple matte polish with marble accent nails. There are also funky gold stripes on most of the nails too. You will give everyone envy with nails like these. Recreate the whole look or take inspiration to create your own marble and gold patterned design.

17. Chic Marble and Metallic Nails

Marble nail art looks amazing when worn with metallic colors. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this idea. Some of the nails are painted in a dark shade with a gold stripe, there is one metallic rose gold nail and a pink marble accent nail. This is as a pretty and stylish design that will look gorgeous on any nail shape and length.

Chic Marble and Metallic Nails

Source: @ana0m

18. Marble, Grey and Glitter Nails

Love the grey marble designs? Then you will love this next idea. For this one, most of the nails are a light grey shade with two accent nails. One nail is white marble and the other is a funky design that features grey, marble and glitter. There are also silver stripes too. We love this trendy idea. It would take some time and patience but the end result will be worth it!

19. Marble and Neon Coffin Nails

Looking for something more vibrant and fun? Then this idea is for you! Here we have long, coffin nails that are a vibrant yellow shade with small crystals along the cuticle. There are also two marble accent nails too. As the marble art is in neutral colors, it compliments the bold yellow perfectly. You can recreate this look with any bright color.

20. Chrome and Marble Nails

Give your nails a futuristic and stylish look with a design like this one. Some of the nails have marble art and the others are silver chrome. The chrome and marble look amazing when worn together. You can have chrome nails in any color and most will go with the marble design, so you can create a cool look that uses your favorite shades.

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