41 Trendy Jelly Nails You Have To Try in 2020

Translucent nails have recently been put into the style spotlight by Kylie Jenner. Ever since she was seen rocking jelly nails on Instagram it has become one of the must-have looks of the season. We love these creative and stylish nails and think you will too. So, we have put together some of the best jelly nail ideas of Instagram. We have bold pink nails, multi colors, sparkly nail designs and more. Take a look, you will find a way to wear this trend no matter what your style.

1. Statement Stiletto Jelly Nails

The first jelly nail idea we have to show you is this statement look. The stiletto nails are long and are a vibrant pink shade. Nails like these are perfect for the ladies who want a manicure that will wow. You can recreate this look or use shorter nails too. Either way a color like this will be amazing!

Statement Stiletto Jelly Nails

Source: @noodle_yess

2. Clear Jelly Nails

Next, we have clear nails with a gem accent design. We love the clear jelly idea because it looks chic and stylish. It would be great for the ladies that want to try the trend but don’t like bold colors. You can recreate with or without the gems.

Clear Jelly Nails with Rhinestones

Source: @jackpham68

3. Summer Orange Jelly Nails

Bring a summer vibe to your nails with jelly nails like these. The nails are long and are a vibrant orange tone. An orange color like this will suit all nail lengths and shapes. Jelly nails like these would also look amazing with a gem accent design too.

Summer Orange Jelly Nails

Source: @chaunlegend

4. Two Color Design Idea

If you have spotted two colors that you just cannot decide between then why not wear them both? Here we have a stylish jelly manicure that features two different nail colors. We love the bold tones that have been put together, you can use similar shades to these or two different ones. Wear two vibrant colors for a statement look or two softer colors for subtler nails.

5. Pretty Pink Glitter Idea

Love sparkly, glam nails? Then our next pick is for you! Here we have pink glitter jelly nails. We love the glitter and the light shade of pink because it is such a pretty combination. The look was created with Nails By… Gel Polish in Heartbreaker with a sprinkle of glitter over the top.

Pink Glitter Jelly Nails

Source: @kosloveski

6. Trendy Turquoise Jelly Nails

Add a splash of color to your look with trendy turquoise nails like these! The vibrant shade really suits the jelly style. Turquoise is perfect for the summer, vacations and the color will suit nails in all shapes and lengths. Maybe even try adding gems or glitter for some stylish sparkle.

7. Blue Jelly Nails with Shimmery Accent Nail

Look beautiful in blue with our next idea. The jelly nails are a light blue tone with a shimmering accent nail. The glitter and blue compliment each other perfectly. Recreate the look featured or just wear a similar blue shade without the glitter. Either way you will have a gorgeous manicure.

Blue Jelly Nails with Shimmery Accent Nail

Source: @nailsxtina

8. Classic Red Jelly Nail Idea

Red is classic nail color that will never go out of style. Here we have an idea that features a beautiful red shade on short jelly nails. As you can see, the jelly nails give the color a modern update. Red will suit nails long and short. Choose long nails if you want to make more of an impact.

9. Textured Purple Jelly Nails

Textured nails have become very popular and with trendy ideas like this one we can see why! Here we have a light purple jelly manicure with a textured accent nail. The accent design is reminiscent of a unicorn horn. We love this look because it can be recreated in some many ways. Try different colors or even add gems or glitter.

Textured Purple Jelly Nails

Source: @ashe.nails

10. Jelly Nails with Rhinestones

Next, we have a super glam idea. These jelly nails are long and bright pink with a sparkly accent nail. The accent design was created with gems in different shapes and sizes resulting in a stylish twinkling look. You can recreate this manicure or create a new crystal design.

Jelly Stiletto Nails with Rhinestones

Source: @nishanails

11. Clear Nails with Gold

Jelly nails have never looked so glam! Here we have clear nails with chic gold design. We think the clear jelly nails and gold is a stunning combination. You can choose a similar look to this or maybe try silver instead of gold. Even have gold and silver for a trendy mixed metal design.

12. Bold Neon Nail Idea

Make a statement in neon with jelly nails like these. The nails have been created in a vibrant neon yellow that will get you noticed! You can have long nails like featured or choose shorter ones. Maybe even try changing the shape, stiletto neon nails would look amazing.

Bold Neon Jelly Nail Idea

Source: @chaunlegend

13. Short Jelly Nails

If the long nails are not for you, then you can try short jelly nails like these. As you can see, you still get the trendy look but you won’t have to struggle. Red nails are a stylish choice but you can choose any color. A manicure like this would suit a busy girl on the go that needs no fuss nails.

14. Purple Glitter Idea

Our next idea features a gorgeous purple look. The jelly nails are purple with two glitter accent nails. Purple is a fun and stylish color choice for anyone who likes to be bold. You can recreate these nails or just have the purple without the glitter. Purple also looks amazing with gems too.

15. Multi Color Jelly Nails

Earlier in the post we featured an idea that used two colors but have you thought about using five?! Yep, that is a different color on each nail. As you can see, the variety of colors looks fun, stylish and unique. You can choose any five colors you like. Try vibrant colors to create nails like featured or five colors that are close shades for a coordinated look. Either way it will be awesome.

Colorful Jelly Nails for Summer

Source: @p10nailspa

16. Floral Design Idea

Looking for a glam nail idea that will wow? Then these could be the nails you are looking for. Here we have clear jelly nails with a stunning floral and gold design. The combination of the flowers, transparent nails and gold is just beautiful. Nails like these will suit special occasions, including weddings.

17. Purple Jelly Nails

You can combine trendy jelly nails with other styles too. Here we have purple jelly nails that have been paired with a beautiful pink design and glitter accent nail. You can take inspiration from these and create a similar look or you can use different colors and accent designs. We love this look though because it is pretty and colorful.

Jelly Nails with Accent Nails

Source: @nailzbyel

18. Zesty Orange Nails

Zest up your look with orange jelly nails like these! The orange shade used is vibrant, fun and super stylish. Orange will look amazing throughout the summer and if you are going on vacation. Use a similar shade to the one featured  to recreate the look. Maybe add a yellow accent nail for a zingy design too.

Zesty Orange Jelly Nails


19. Bold Long Red Nails

Our next nail idea is striking and looks amazing! The jelly nails are a red tone and are shaped into a sharp looking stiletto point. We love these nails because they are so stylish and attention grabbing. While probably not suitable for everyday, these will look fabulous for a night out or party.

Bold, Long Red Stiletto Nails

Source: @noodle_yess

20. Summery Lemon Nails

Next, we have another zesty idea. These jelly nails are yellow with cute little lemon slice designs. Nails like these are just perfect for the summer season. They are fun, vibrant and unique. You can recreate the look or just have yellow nails with one lemon accent nail.

21. Cute Pink Nail Idea

Last on our jelly list are these super cute pink nails. The nails are medium length and feature a bold pink shade. We love these nails because they remind us of Barbie dolls and summer jelly shoes. Nails like these are perfect for the ladies who want a fun and pretty manicure.

Cute Pink Jelly Nail Idea

Source: @paytonmanis

22. Bright Jelly Short Nails

Next, we have a bright jelly nail idea to show you. The colors used on each hand are different. So, on one hand, the nails blend from blue to purple and the other hand blends from purple to red. It is a fun and bold jelly nail design. You can recreate the whole look or just use one color blend on both hands.

23. Clear Jelly Nails with Stars

The next nail design features more clear jelly nails. These nails are long and coffin shaped. Each one has a cute pink star design. The pink stars are so unique and they really stand out against the clear nails. Try something similar or you can use different colored stars. You could even have a bright jelly nail color with glitter stars as well.

Clear Jelly Nails with Stars

Source: @chaunlegend

24. Glittery Jelly Nails

If you like nails with lots of sparkle, then this design is for you. Here we have mid length clear jelly nails that are covered in glitter. The glitter looks amazing with the translucent jelly because it gives the mani an elegant look. Recreate this or you can try any jelly nail color with any glitter color. You can be as bold and bright or as a chic and low-key as you like.

25. Fun Banana Mani

Add a pop of color to your look with nails like these. This mani features bright yellow jelly nails with a blue accent nail. The accent nail also has a quirky banana pattern. This is a fun and unique nail design and it is perfect for the summer. Try a similar look or you can try the bold yellow jelly nails without the bananas.

Fun Banana Mani

Source: @gelsbystef

26. Glitzy Jelly Nails

Need trendy but glam nails for a special occasion? If so, this design could be perfect. Some of the nails are translucent nude and some are nude with clear jelly ombre. Most of the nails are decorated with rhinestones. The crystals look so glitzy and the colors are elegant and easy to wear. Rhinestones can be bought online and you can recreate this or you can opt for a different crystal pattern.

Glitzy Long Jelly Nails

Source: @sheadbeauty

27. Nude Nails with Sparkle and Butterflies

This next nail design is another one of our favorites! Here we have long coffin shaped nails. The nails are either light nude or clear jelly and are adorned with sparkles and stars. One nail is also decorated with butterflies. This an elegant version of the jelly nail trend and it would be perfect for a special occasion.

28. Unique Botanical Design

We love this next nail design! This mani features clear jelly nails with a bright green leafy design. This is such a unique and amazing idea. It reminds us of plants under the water. You could create an underwater scene with a similar design. Choose a blue jelly nail with a green plant for seaweed. It such a pretty and quirky botanical nail idea.

29. Floral Jelly Nail Idea

Next, we have shorter jelly nails. This time the nails are nude with clear jelly tips. Each nail is also adorned with colorful flowers. It is a pretty and elegant nail design. You can recreate something similar or you can try using different flowers in a color of choice.

30. Pastel Jelly Nails

Jazz up your nails for the spring with a mani like this one. The nails are super long and each one is a different pastel jelly color. These light and bright colors are perfect for the spring and summer seasons. This design can be used on any nail length and shape. Recreate this look or you can choose one of the colors for all nails.

Pastel Jelly Nails

Source: @chaunlegend

31. Neon Pink and Stars

We need to try this next mani! For this look, the nails are long and are a bright pink jelly color. One nail is also decorated with silver stars. It is such a fun, bright and pretty idea! You can buy small silver stars like these online and they can be placed on all nails. The stars will look amazing with any jelly color.

32. Colorful Butterfly Jelly Nails

Next, we have a pretty butterfly nail design. For this look, the nails are pink on hand and blue on the other. Two nails on each hand are also decorated with butterflies. The colors are beautiful and the butterflies are stunning. This is a unique and bright nail idea that will look amazing on everyone. Try a similar look or use the same color on both hands.

Colorful Butterfly Jelly Nails

Source: @chaunlegend

33. Magical Mani

Give your nails a magical makeover with a design like this one. Each jelly nail is different and features art like clouds and sequins. It is an awesome nail idea and you could even add other mystical art to this mani such as mermaids or unicorns. Try and keep the pastel colors though because these colors suit the magic theme.

34. Pretty Purple and Glitter

This next nail idea is another one of our favorites! Most of the nails are purple and one nail is covered in silver glitter. We love the purple jelly color because it is so bold and trendy. Nails like these make a glam statement and the look can be recreated with any nail shape. Try the darker purple or you can try more of a pastel tone.

35. Trendy Orange Nails With Black Tips and Hearts

If you like cute nail art, then you will love this next mani. Here we have light orange jelly nails. Each nail has a trendy black outline and one nail on each hand also has a pretty black heart. It is a unique and stylish nail design that will make a statement. You can recreate this or you can try a similar design with a different jelly color such as pink.

36. Clear Jelly Nails with Butterflies

Earlier in the post we shared butterfly jelly nails. If you like the butterflies, then you need to see this next idea. Each nail is clear jelly with blue art and one nail is covered in silver butterflies. It is a stunning design and the butterflies look amazing with the clear jelly. This is a pretty and magical mani that will be perfect for the spring and summer.

Clear Jelly Nails with Butterflies

Source: @1nailsbyk

37. Jelly Nude Ombre Nails

Next, we have a trendy and glam nail idea. For this look, the nails are nude with sparkly clear jelly ombre. Each nail is also decorated with rhinestones along the cuticle. The jelly ombre looks so stylish and glitzy. Try a similar version of the mani or you can use any jelly colors for the ombre. This color combo is perfect for a special occasion.

Jelly Nude Ombre Nails

Source: @sheadbeauty

38. Elegant Floral Mani

Not all jelly nails have to be bold and over the top. You can always choose a more elegant and pretty design. These nails are a sharp stiletto shape. Some are soft pink and some are clear with white flowers. The white flowers really glam up the clear jelly and the pink is stunning. Nails like these would be great for the spring, summer and even weddings.

Elegant Floral and Pink Mani

Source: @sheadbeauty

39. Neon Pink Jelly Nails

The next nail idea features more butterflies. This time we have neon pink jelly nails and one nail is clear. The clear nails are decorated with stunning butterfly sequins. We love the neon pink jelly and think it suits the pretty butterflies perfectly. Recreate this or opt for a different nail shape.

Neon Pink Jelly Nails

Source: @nammnails

40. Clear Jelly Nails with Silver Sparkle

These nails are glitzy and glam. Here we have nude nails with clear jelly tips. The clear section is also adorned with large and sparkly silver sequins. It is a bold and statement making look. Nails like these will be perfect for a special occasion and you can try the silver look or choose gold. Gold sequins will look amazing as well.

41. Glitzy and Glam Mani

Next, we have another pretty, sparkly and pink design. Some of the nails are nude with jelly tips and some are jelly pink. The clear nails are sparkly and the pink nails have rhinestones. This is a glam design that is perfect for parties. It is a great for those who like to make a statement.

Glitzy and Glam Mani

Source: @toriadanyel

We hope you have found a jelly nail design that you can’t wait to try!

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