67 Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Did you know that prom really stands for “promenade dance”? No, we didn’t know that either, but aren’t you glad you have that snippet of information now? Don’t worry, we know you’re not really here for the fun facts. You want to see the 67 gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair we’re about to present to you.

Get yourself comfortable ladies. We’re about to talk prom hair …

1. Romantic Braided Updo

When you’re heading to date with your prom, you want romantic hair. In fact, you want the entire evening to be romantic as hell, right? This braided look is a perfect example of romantic girl. Braids are well known for that romance-tie, as are those curly tendrils left to frame the face. Whatever hairstyle you decide to rock though, remember to do it with confidence. That’s the key to anything these days, and if you don’t have buckets of it, fake it!

2. Elegant, Low Ponytail

If you can’t really be bothered with all the fussing around with braiding, you could always keep things nice and simple with this elegant and low ponytail. Those face-framing tendrils have still been left loose, and the hairband has been hidden from view using a strand of hair wrapped around the ponytail base. Keep things nice and kept-together with a grip or two, add a spritz of hairspray, and you’re pretty much good to go.

3. Messy Twists

What if you want a messier style? Well, we think this messy and twisted look is just perfect. It’s a fabulous combination of romance and boho chic, and really shows off some beautiful colour dimensions to your latest hair-dye-do. You could even consider adding a few hair accessories, such as a tiara or floral headpiece, to really girlie-things up. The possibilities are endless. What would you do?

4. Curls + Side Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is a new take on regular braids, and it uses four strands of hair, rather than the three you’d find in a regular French braid. Some of our members actually find it easier to do a fishtail braid than they find the Frenchies, and we’d love to know if this is the case for you too.

5. Messy Fishtail Into a Low Bun

When you have a beautiful back to your dress, or you want to show your back off, you need a classic and elegant updo. What do you think about gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair like this? A fishtail braid has been added to spice things up, and it really allows you to show off those beautiful earrings you bought especially for the occasion. It’s a beautiful look, don’t you think?

Messy Fishtail Braid Low Ban Prom Hair

Source: @elstilespb

6. Vintage Vibes

If you’re rocking a vintage dress, you’ll need vintage hair, and we think this beautiful and classic red look is just perfect. Having long hair is great, but you can fake short hair with clever twisting and pinning techniques. Once again, this look gives you the opportunity to show off a side to your dress that most other people won’t. Ladies tend to go for beautiful down-do’s when they have long hair.

7. Boho Braided Updo

If you’re looking for something more bohemian than vintage, what about these tousled and braided vibes? It’s braided with multiple braids, and it really shows off a number of beautiful colours in the hair that you might not have seen if you’d worn your hair long and loose. It’s the perfect excuse to show off that beautiful back tattoo too. Just in case you have one hidden away under there.

8. Pretty Low Bun Style

This pretty low bun style is just begging for a crown to be placed on top of it, and if you’re in the running for prom queen, you’ll need to know that your hair can take the pace. We can’t help but think it would be crime if a hairstyle this good didn’t get to wear a crown.

9. Curls & Braids

Nothing works better than the classic combination of curls and braids, as shown by this beautiful and elegant prom look. Curl first and braid later if you want the more natural look, and don’t forget to pull apart that fishtail braid (or French braid if you prefer) for a more relaxed and romantic vibe.

10. Upside Down Fishtail Braid to Bun

If you wanted a way to wear a bun that was definitely out of the ordinary, but not too difficult to be able to do in the comfort of your own home, how about this upside down fishtail braid to bun look. It’s simply a case of fishtail braiding your hair upside down (rather than along the top of your head), giving you a brand new twist on a fairly everyday hairstyle. Don’t you just love a revamp.

11. Boho Vibes

Are you feeling all the boho vibes? If you still want to wear your hair down, but show off a beautiful back design on your dress at the same time, hair like this provides the perfect compromise. We love it when a plan comes together.

12. Braided Low Bun

Remember that you are likely to need to some work done to your hair for your prom, either in the form of dyeing, blow-drying, or even curling. Headed styling tools and other bleach-based products are going to be bad for the state of your hair, so if you’re looking for an intricate style, you may want to consider getting the conditioning treatments in nice and early. You’ll want touchable hair, not crunchy and dry hair.

13. Twisted Half Up, Half Down Style

For when you’re not interested in braids, how do twists take your fancy? These are not only cute and simple, but also very elegant, and you can even get away with not having your colour re-done in the salon too. Those ombre dark-rooted looks are very much on-trend right now.

14. Fishtail To the Side Look

When you’ve done your fishtail braid, pull things apart a little for an easy-breezy, romantic hair look. You’d be amazed by how much a little light tousling can change the way your hair looks entirely, and it alway gives you a great way to wear your hair when you can’t be bothered to wash it. These intricate twisted and braided styles always work better on dirty hair over clean hair.

15. Fishtail to a Bun

And when you want to wear your hair loose but not necessarily long, how about a fishtail braid effortlessly twisted into a comfortable and loose bun? A few grips will help keep the hair in place, and some light-hold hairspray will also help. If you struggle to get these looks done yourself at home, book an appointment with a hair salon. They don’t just cut and colour hair, you know, they can style long and short hair too.

16. Braid to a Messy Ponytail

And for when a bun just won’t do, how about a messy ponytail instead? It’s a fishtail braid slightly pulled apart, and after it’s all been pulled back into a medium-height ponytail, a strand has been used to wrap around the base and hide the hairband. Pull it out a touch with your fingers to give thing a more relaxed and boho vibe, and you have a romantic look that’ll go with any dress. One of the simplest and best gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair if you ask us.

17. Twisted Updo

It’s amazing what you can create with a few simple twists and turns of your hair, and a few grips and some hairbands are all you need to recreate a look as pretty as this one. Twist things in, pin them down, and keep it all in check with some medium-hold hairspray. If you play your cards right, you might even get away with this relaxed look the day after the prom night wonders too.

Twisted Updo Idea for Thin Hair

Source: @svglamour

18. Voluminous Bun

Use hair-pieces to give you some oomph when you have limp or fine hair. There’s no need to spend hours in the salon getting hair extensions woven or glues into your hair, especially when clip-in hair extensions can be bought for a decent quality at a decent price these days. You only want the extra volume for that one night, and that one event, but you could also use the extensions again if you feel like being experimental with your ‘do.

19. Curly, Braided Half Up Hair

For when you’re not sure whether or not you want to wear your hair up or down, why not opt for this half-up, half-down fishtail braided style, the braids themselves used as head-bands, of sorts. It’s very angelic looking, almost like a halo, and we think it’s perfect for that fairy princess look. Isn’t that what you’re looking for with these gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair?

Curly Fishtail Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Source: @lomellhair

20. Messy High Bun Updo

If you don’t have long hair, but you still want to look at these gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair, why not look at using hair extensions or clip-ins, just for one night? No one would ever know. Well, unless they knew you and knew you only had short hair to begin with, of course, but for one night only, you might find that it is a lot of fun to play around with long hair styles. What do you think?

21. Messy & Twisted Half Up Style

You can often get away with much more relaxed and loose styles when you have long hair, and that means getting the right prom hair will be easier. You have many more options and designs open to you, and although short hair is cute and can still be wrapped and twisted into wonderful designs and styles, you must admit that this look is stunning. We’d love to make this our next go-to everyday style!

Twisted Voluminous Half Up Style for Prom

Source: @instagram

22. Curly, All Down Hair with a Side Braid

If you have a killer pair of earrings, show them off, but don’t show them off with two ears. Show off just one ear with this beautiful one-sided braided style, both hiding and revealing your face at once. Hair pushed over to the side is considered a sexy and sophisticated style, and it shows off a playful side to yourself. It’s almost like revealing a part of you that you wouldn’t usually reveal.

Curly All Down Brunette Hair with a Side Bride

Source: @hairbynune

23. Simple and Elegant Ponytail

A little bit of volume can make the world of difference to an otherwise rather dull ponytail, and just a bit of tousling with your fingers can make gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair like this happen. Once your pony is in place, just use your fingers to bring down various strands of hair that frame the face. You can leave them slightly wavy, or add more curls as and when you want to. You may want to consider a little light backcombing before putting your pony in place. This will help to create volume at the roots.

24. Cool Updo Idea for Brunettes

We’re hopelessly in love with this beautifully romantic look, very elegant and so classic. It’s simply a case of curling your hair before twisting and pinning into place. The way it has been done, however, reminds us very much of a bouquet of roses. Perhaps you should throw in some floral decorations for good measure?

Curly and Messy Updo for Brunettes

Source: @svglamour

25. Side Swept Bun

And for a totally glamorous look, just push things over to the side. Just because you have the length on your side, doesn’t mean you need to show it off. Gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair like this are not only simple, but effortlessly beautiful, and with the help of a braid and a few pins, could be the perfect finishing touch to your prom look.

26. Pull Through Braid Ponytail

We recently tried a little look like this ourselves, and it’s not as difficult to do as you first may have thought. There are tutorials that you can follow if you need a hand getting started, but for the most part, this look requires separating the hair into two sections, bringing over the pony, and then using another small elastic to create another pony. Did that make sense? No, we didn’t think so … We often find it easier to watch someone else do these on a video than it is reading words describing how to do it.

Pull Through Braid Ponytail Idea for Prom

Source: @wb_upstyles

27. Half Up, Half Down Braid Hair

Last, but certainly not least, we come to this look – another of the gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair that we are definitely longing for …. (Pun definitely intended!) It’s half-up, half-down, and also asymmetrically shaped and styles to give it a look that’s quite similar to some of the ones we’ve shown you before, but still very different at the same time.

28. Chic Side Ponytail

The next hairstyle that we have to show you features a chic side ponytail. For this look, the hair on the head is sleek and smooth and the actual ponytail is curly. This is an easy to wear hairstyle that will suit everyone. You can recreate this or you can try the ponytail with all straight hair. Either way, you will have chic prom hairstyle.

Chic Side Weave Ponytail

Source: @onlybells_

29. Updo with Braids and Twists

This next hair idea is stunning and it will wow everyone at the prom. Here we have a loose updo with a beautiful braid at the front of the hair and long twists and curls at the back. It is such an elegant hairstyle and it will make you look like a princess for such a special occasion. Recreate this hairstyle or you can try using a different braid type.

30. Super Glam Weave Ponytail

Ponytails can be so glamorous and this next style is a perfect example. This hairstyle features a sky high ponytail with gorgeous curls. There are also loose tendrils at the front. We love this hair idea because it is stunning but it is also trendy too. It allows you to look elegant but still keep your individual sense of style.

31. Pretty Braided Updo

Braided updos are popular for events like the prom and with hairstyles like this, it is no surprise! Here we have a pretty updo that has braided hair going all the way around the head like a halo braid. There are also loose curls at the front too. It is a beautiful hairstyle and you can find tutorials for similar styles online.

32. Trendy and Unique Prom Hairstyle

Next, we have a trendy and unique hairstyle. This time the hair is braided down the sides and in the middle. The bottom layer of hair has been left loose. We love this because it is such a creative and artistic way to use braids. Hair like this will be perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd and try a different style.

33. Half Ponytail with Cornrow Braids

Looking for a cute and fun hairstyle? If so, this could be perfect. Here we have a high, half ponytail with braids. The top section is braided and styled into a ponytail while the bottom layer is left loose and curly. This is a pretty and easy to wear look. You can recreate this or try just a curly half updo without the braids. Either way, your hair will be gorgeous.

34. Glamorous High Ponytail

The next hairstyle features another stunning ponytail and this is one of our favorites. For this, the hair has been styled into a high ponytail complete with a sparkly hair accessory. We love the loose curls because they create such a voluminous look. It is a chic and classic hairstyle that is perfect for the prom.

35. Edgy and Elegant Braided Hairstyle

Maybe you would like to wear something a little more trendy for the prom? If so, this could be just what you are looking for. The top section of the hair features one braid that then blends into another braid further down the head. Then the bottom section of the hair is left loose and curly and it is styled to the side to create a ponytail. It is a very unique style and it has the perfect balance of elegant and edgy.

36. Cute Side Braid

Next, we have a cute and simpler look. The hair features beautiful and loose curls and the style is finished off with a side braid and rhinestone accessory. It is an easy to wear style and the accessory really glams up the hair. You can find tutorials for these braids online and you can find similar hair accessories online too.

37. High Ponytail with Volume

Love the ponytail styles that are full of volume? If so, this is perfect for you! For this, the top section of the hair is braided. The rest of the hair is styled into a high ponytail that is full of volume and curls. There are so many ways that you can add volume to your ponytail. You can tease the hair with a comb, buy products that you can hide in the hair to create a more voluminous look and more. Read tips and tricks online and see what method works for you.

38. Half Up Hairstyle with Twists

Next, we have a very chic and elegant hairstyle. The hair is split in half, the top section is loose with twists and the bottom section of hair is curly. It is a stunning hair idea that is perfect for a special event. You can keep it simple like this or even add a sparkling hair accessory where the twist section is. It would look perfect with the prom Queen crown too, just saying!

39. Ponytail with a Side Fishtail Braid

The next hair idea features another braided ponytail. This time, the hair is styled into a side fishtail braid and some of the hair is left loose in the actual ponytail too. The fishtail braid looks stunning and it gives the hair an edgy and stylish vibe. Recreate this  or you could even add some hair accessories. You can buy sparkling hair spirals online that can be added to updos like this one.

Prom Ponytail with a Side Fishtail Braid

Source: @kassiahair2

40. Old Hollywood Hair

This gorgeous style is another one of our favorites! For this, the hair is long and loose with stunning curls. We love this hair idea because it has an old Hollywood glamour look that is perfect for such a special event. It is a very chic and classic style. This is another hairdo where you can add some glitzy accessories. Hair clips with rhinestones would be perfect if worn in the thinner section of the hair.

41. Cute Ponytail with Braids

If you like the braided ponytails, then check this out. Here we have a textured and curly ponytail and the top section of the hair is styled into two braids. As you can see, the ponytail looks so stylish with the braids and the double braids jazz up the hair. There are tutorials for these braids online. Recreate this or you can try a similar style with a sleek ponytail.

Cute Ponytail with Braids

Source: @jasonhaiir

42. Bohemian Prom Hairstyle

Another hair trend that is popular for prom and other special events is boho. Boho hairstyles often feature curls, twists or braids. This hair idea is a gorgeous example of style that you could wear to the prom. The hair is long with relaxed curls and the top section has been twisted. As you can see, it is is stylish, elegant and trendy look. You can recreate this or try using braids instead of twists.

43. High Half Ponytail with Curls

Next we have another half ponytail idea. This time, the top section of the hair has been styled into a sky high ponytail and the rest of the hair is loose and beautifully curled. It is a very trendy and edgy updo that shows off your own sense of style. Try this or you can have a similar ponytail with sleek and straight hair too.

44. Elegant Ponytail with a Side Braid and Flowers

This next hairstyle is elegant, romantic and beautiful. The hair is styled into a ponytail with a side braid and the hair is also curled. This look is complete with stunning flowers. The flowers are such a gorgeous finishing touch. If you are using flowers in your hair, then try and color match them to your dress. You can also recreate the style without flowers for a subtler look.

Elegant Ponytail with a Side Braid and Flowers

Source: @anahhair

45. Beautiful Braided Prom Hairstyle

Looking for a braided hairstyle for the prom? If so, this is for you. Here we have long and beautiful braids with a glam twist design. This is a stunning look that will suit everyone. Keep the style simple and like this or you could add some hair accessories like beads or braid cuffs. Either way, your braided hair will wow everyone!

Beautiful Braided Prom Hairstyle for Black Girls

Source: @fancy_claws

46. Unique and Stylish Updo

The next idea is perfect for the trendsetters who love unique hairstyles. For this look, the hair has been braided and styled into an updo. The hair is also accessorized with gold wire. As you can see, the wire is so stylish and creative. If you want to stand out from the crowd then this updo is great for you. You could also color match the wire to your dress – that would be beautiful!

47. Long Side Braid Into a Ponytail

Next, we have another hairstyle with a bohemian vibe. This time the hair is styled into a long braid that is loose on the top section and tighter on the bottom section. The rest of the hair is left loose and textured. Both are tied together to create a trendy ponytail. This is a super stylish updo that is perfect for the prom.

48. Gorgeous Ponytail For The Prom

Next, we have a gorgeous hair idea. The hair is styled into high and curly ponytail. While the hair at the front has a center part with volume. It is a stunning hairstyle that has a vintage glamour vibe. Hair like this will look amazing for the prom and it will compliment any dress and makeup.

Gorgeous Ponytail For The Prom

Source: @ojoaquim

49. Amazing Floral Hair Idea

This next hairstyle is another one of our favorites! The hair is long and is styled into a chunky and relaxed braid. This look is finished off with pretty flowers. We love this updo because it looks fit for a princess. You can buy flowers for your hair online. Recreate a similar look or color match the flowers to your dress.

50. Curly Ponytail with Side Braids

If you like the ponytail hairstyles, then you need to see this next hair idea. Here we have a long ponytail with two side braids. This is a stylish and elegant updo that will suit everyone. You can try a similar look or you can use a different braid styles for the side sections. This ponytail can be created with straight hair too.

Curly Ponytail with Side Braids

Source: @ojoaquim

51. Beautiful Bun

Maybe all the braids, curls and intricate styles are not for you? If so, this hair idea could be perfect. For this look, the hair is styled into a simple and relaxed bun. The bun is high on the head with loose hair at the front. This is so easy to wear and it will be glammed up by the dress and makeup.

52. Cute Braided Updo

Next, we have a cute braided updo to show you. The hair is styled into two fishtail braids that then meet in a low bun. It is a beautiful updo with a boho vibe. You can recreate this or you can have two buns instead of one. You could even accessorize the braids. These braids could also meet in a ponytail rather than a bun.

53. Fairy Tale Princess Ponytail

The next hair idea is another one that looks straight out of a fairy tale. Here we have long hair that is styled into a curly ponytail. There is also a braided section down one side. The curls look stunning and the braids glam up the look. Hair like this will make you look like a princess for the prom. You can see how this hairstyle was created on the Instagram page below.

Fairy Tale Princess Ponytail

Source: @lova_studio

54. Relaxed Braid

Like the more relaxed styles? Then check this out. The hair is styled into a loose and chunky braid. This looks like a very casual updo but once you have the dress and makeup, then it will be perfect for the prom. This is great for those who like fun and stylish hair with a boho look.

55. Trendy Half Up Half Down Hair Idea

If you are looking for something more trendy, then this could be great for you. Here we have long and beachy waves. Half of the hair is tied up and half is left loose. The half up ponytail features unique and stylish wrap around sections. As you can see, it is such a cute and pretty look. You can try this style with straight hair too.

56. Boho Prom Hairstyle

Next, we have another style with a boho vibe. This time the hair is styled into a low updo with a chunky side braid. There is also loose hair at the front. It is a classic prom style and it is very beautiful. Hair like this will suit dresses where you want to show off the neckline or dresses with designs on the back.

Boho Prom Hairstyle

Source: @svglamour

57. Stunning Braided Updo

Love the braided hairstyles? Then take a look at this. Here we have a multi braid updo with a straight and textured ponytail. This is an edgy, statement making and pretty hairstyle that can be worn for the prom and other occasions. Recreate this look or wear a bun instead of a ponytail.

Stunning Braided Updo for Prom

Source: @lova_studio

58. Pretty Prom Bun Hairstyle

Earlier in the post we featured a simple bun. If you liked that idea, then take a look at this one too. This is another prom bun. For this look, the hair is styled into a high bun with loose curls at the front. It is a pretty and easy to wear hair idea and it will suit everyone. Recreate this version or you can opt for a sleeker bun.

59. Braids into a Wavy Ponytail

We love this next hairstyle. Here we have a wavy ponytail with a multi braid section on the top section of the hair. This is another one of our favorites because the multi braids look so trendy and unique. You can try this updo or try the braids with a straight ponytail. Different braid types can be used too.

60. Elegant Low Updo

If you are looking for a glam and elegant updo for the prom, then this is for you. The hair features a side braid and the hair is styled into a low bun. There is also loose hair at the front. It is a pretty, feminine and soft hair idea. This is another updo that will suit backless dresses or those with a style feature at the back, as you can see on the image below.

Elegant Low Updo

Source: @ojoaquim

61. Long and High Curly Ponytail

Look fierce, beautiful and stylish at your prom with hair like this. This style features a sky high ponytail with a wrap around and curls. It is a stunning hair idea and it will wow. Try the wrap around to cover the hair tie or color match a hair tie to your dress. The ponytail will look amazing with straight hair too.

Long and High Curly Ponytail

Source: @meechnicole

62. Edgy Prom Hairstyle

Maybe all the pretty curls are not for you and you want something more trendy and edgy? If so, this could be perfect for you. For this look, the hair is styled into a textured ponytail. There is volume on the top section and a side fishtail braid too. It is beautiful updo and it has a rock chick vibe.

63. Chunky Side Braid Updo

Next, we have another side braid updo. The hair is styled into a chunky braid that then turns into a braided bun at the the nape of the neck. There is also a cute hair accessory. You can recreate this style with one side braid or you can have a braid on either side of the head. A ponytail can also be used instead of a bun.

64. Gorgeous Low Ponytail

This next hair idea is another one of our favorites! Here we have a chic, elegant and easy to wear updo. The hair is styled into a low ponytail with loose hair at the front and a wrap around where the hair tie should be. It is a gorgeous, simple and understated hairstyle that will wow.

65. Stunning Prom Hairstyle

If you love curls and braids, then you need to see this idea. For this look, the hair is styled into a loose braid on the top section and the lower section features a curly ponytail. It is a beautiful and classic prom hairstyle that will suit everyone. You can recreate this or use a different braid technique on the upper section of hair.

Stunning Prom Hairstyle

Source: @lova_studio

66. Beautiful Butterfly Braid

Next, we have a beautiful butterfly braid. So for this style, the hair is split into two sections, braided and then both braids meet to create one ponytail. It is a stunning hairstyle and it will look so elegant at the prom. You can view a short video on how this braided look was created on the Instagram page below.

Beautiful Butterfly Braid

Source: @lova_studio

67. Long and Elegant Ponytail

Love the low ponytail ideas? Then check this out. Here we have textured twists on the upper section of hair with a low and curly ponytail. This is a stunning hair idea and it is another one with a bohemian look. Recreate this version of the updo or you can try a textured bun with the twists.

And there you have them – gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair that we think you should totally rock for your prom. We hope you have a wonderful time, and don’t forget to tell us all about it, especially if you took inspiration from any of the shots we’ve shown you.

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