Galaxy Nails Trend – 23 Cute Designs and Ideas

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11. Galaxy Nails with Stars

Next, we have a simple and cute nail idea. This time we have dark navy nails with swirls of lighter color which creates a marble effect. Then the design is complete with gold sequin stars. The gold stars look gorgeous and glam. It is an easier way to create the galaxy look. You can buy gold or silver stars online and you can just put them on navy color if you prefer.

12. Black Nails with Stars and Planets

If you love the galaxy inspired nails with planets, then this is for you! Here we have matte black coffin nails. Each nail also features a large and colorful planet with gold stars. The planets look amazing and were created with ink. You could recreate this look or try black nails with a planet accent nail. This mani was created with The GelBottle Inc in Jet Black and Aprés Nail Official & Magpie Beauty Nail Art Inks.

13. Glittery Galaxy Nails

We love this next nail idea! The nails are short with galaxy art. This galaxy look was created with purple, pink and blue shades. Each nail is also sparkly with gold foil. The gold and glitter look gorgeous and this design will look amazing on everyone. This is one of our favorite looks and it will look great on all nail lengths and shapes.

Glittery Galaxy Nails

Source: @syznails

14. Space Theme Coffin Nails

The next idea features a trendy and chic version of the nail art. These nails are long and black with added blue and white color to create the outer space look. Each nail is also decorated with white stars. This is a gorgeous and easy to wear nail idea. Recreate this or you can have black nails with this design as an accent nail.

15. Galaxy Art with Planets

Next, we have more galaxy art with planets! The nails are black with dots and stars. Each nail is also decorated with different planets. This is a unique and fun nail idea and it is perfect for those who love space and night sky. Stamps by Whats Up Nails were used to create this look.

16. Dream Nail Design

Earlier in the post we shared black and white galaxy art. If you loved that idea, then take a look at this one too! Here we have a similar black and white design complete with rockets, stars and even an astronaut. The design is complete with the word dream. We love this because it is unique and it has a positive message. This mani was created with Whats Up Nails Liner Brush, Liquitex Acrylic Paints and Black polish by Essence Cosmetics.

Dream Nail Design

Source: @lieve91

17. Stylish Galaxy Nail Art

This next mani is another one of our favorites! The nails are navy with hand-painted galaxy inspired art over the top. It is such a stunning version of the trend because it actually looks like something you would see in outer-space. As you can see, it looks amazing on short nails so something like this is very easy to wear. You can, of course, recreate the design on longer nails in any shape.

18. Fun Outer-Space Nail Design

If you are looking for a more fun and unique design, then you need to check this out. Here we have stiletto nails and each one is painted in dark shimmery colors that have purple and green hues. Each nail is also decorated with different art such as a rainbow space ship, a moon, stars and even a cute cat too. This is a quirky and cool idea and it is perfect for those who like to make a statement.

19. Nude Nails with Stars and Planets

Not all of your galaxy art has to be too dark and bold. You can go for something lighter like this. Here we have nude nails and each one features stars, planets and more in black or silver glitter. This is a more low-key way to wear galaxy art and it will suit everyone. Recreate this or you can have nude nails with this design as an accent nail. The products used for this look are The GelBottle Inc Teddy BIAB, Jellie Gel Polish in Cosmic and Avenir Cosmetics Topcoat.

20. Galaxy Nails with Moons and Stars

Next, we have a galaxy art with a magical look. These nails are a short and sharp stiletto shape. Each one has pink and blue galaxy art with gold moons and stars. This is a gorgeous nail idea and it captures the mystery of the universe and galaxy. You can buy gold moons and stars like these online if you wan to recreate the look.

21. Star Constellation Nails

If you love stars, this idea is perfect for you. These nails feature blue and classic galaxy art and each nail has a different star constellation. We love this because the star constellations are great for the galaxy theme but also add a unique and personal touch to your nails too. You can have your own star constellation on your nails for you star sign or you can just choose your favorite.

Star Constellation Nails

Source: @lieve91

22. Cute Planet Nail Art

The next nail idea features cute galaxy art with planets. These nails are dark with glitter over the top. Then each nail is hand-painted with planets and stars. It is a bold and fun idea that is perfect for those who love outer-space. Recreate this look or have dark nails with the planet art as an accent nail.

23. Galaxy Tips with Stars and Moon

Last on our list of galaxy nails is this stylish design. Here we have nude nails with bold blue tips. The nails also feature gold stars, moons and more to give the blue tips that galaxy look. Nails like these will be quite easy to recreate and to wear. This is a unique and chic way to wear the galaxy trend.

We hope you have been inspired by these galaxy nails!

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