23 Best Fall Hair Colors & Ideas for 2018

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11. Rose Gold Balayage

Our next hair idea is called rose gold balayage. The hair is very dark at the top with soft rose gold tone running through it. A rose gold color like this is perfect if you don’t like bold and vibrant shades. This would be a stylish hairstyle for anyone this fall.

12. Honey Blonde Ombre

Looking for an ombre idea? Then this idea could be for you. Here we have dark hair that blends into a warm, honey blonde. Hair color like this is a great idea for any ladies who want a dramatic change to their hair for the new season. You can use similar colors like featured or go lighter or darker.

13. Fiery Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Next, we have another fiery fall look. The hair has red, ginger and blonde tones running through it. It is a stunning statement style that will get you noticed. You can recreate the highlighted look or you can choose one color for all of the hair.

14. Caramel Blonde Highlights

When coloring the hair, you don’t have to choose lots of bold highlights, you can opt for a subtler look. Here we have caramel blonde highlights that have been added throughout the hair. The highlights are quite thin and are delicate. This gives the hair a lift but keeps it chic and natural looking. You can use thinner highlights for any hair color.

15. Burgundy to Blonde Colormelt

Want a trendy fall hair idea? Then this next pick could be for you. The hair starts dark at the top and blends into copper and blonde tones. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that will stylishly update your look. Hair like this will suit anyone with any hair length.

Burgundy to Blonde Ombre Colormelt 

Source: @lamiecramer

16. Light Burgundy Balayage

Our next idea is a burgundy balayage. The hair is a dark purple tone with burgundy highlights running through it. We love the purple tones in this hair idea. This is a great color choice for the ladies who want a bold color change but don’t want the classic fall red tones.

17. Peachy Fall Hair Color Idea

Pastel tones are usually associated with the spring. This next hair color idea shows how you can wear pastels in the fall. The hair is a warm brown shade that gradually blends into a pastel peach. Pastel peach is stylish and suits the fall season perfectly.

18. Golden Blonde Balayage

Golden blonde is a classic color that will never go out of style. It suits any season and hair style. With that said, our next hair idea is a golden blonde blend. You can see that it compliments the brown root color perfectly. This color will also work with red hair too.

19. Light Copper to Platinum Blonde

Next, we have a platinum blonde hair idea. The hair starts brown, then blends to copper and then finally to a very light blonde. Without the red tones this would look very icy and cool however the red warms it up a bit. This color combo is perfect for the fall season.

20. Dark Red to Copper

Our next fall hair idea is dark red to copper. We love this idea because the red shade at the root is beautiful and the coppery tones are vibrant. Hair like this is a great choice for the ladies who want a bold new look. It would suit anyone.

21. Honey Blonde Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

When choosing blonde highlights you don’t have to stick to one color. You can have multi tones added to the hair like the image featured below. The combo of light and darker blondes is gorgeous and it gives the hair a natural look. Hair like this will give you a summery look even when the season has changed so you can bring summer into the fall.

22. Warm Brown to Honey Blonde

Next, we have another color blend. The hair starts off very dark, then blends to light brown and then turns to blonde. We love this color combination because it is super stylish. Hair like this will suit anyone and it is a great way to update your look for the new season.

Warm Brown to Honey Blonde Hair

Source: @anunziohair

23. Fall Ombre Hair

Last on our list is this gorgeous ombre hair color idea. The tones used blend together so beautifully. We love the shades used in this look because they are all the trendy colors for the season. There is the dark brown, coppery red and blonde. With this style you don’t have to compromise you can have all the stylish colors in one.

Fall Ombre Hair Color Idea

Source: @cassiohpro

We hope you have found inspiration from our fall hair colors!

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