21 Chic and Easy Updo Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Summer is just around the corner, and with that warmer weather comes a very different need. It’s a need for slightly different hairstyles and designs to enable you to protect your hair better from the baking heat of that glorious sun. If you’re on the hunt for chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve found 21 designs that we think might just catch your attention …

1. Faux Mohawk

The mohawk is such a cool style, and it shows you mean business. When you’re not brave enough to go ‘full mohawk’ though, check out this faux mohawk instead. Using braids and little space buns, you have the opportunity to create a really edgy look without the need for really drastic measures … You know, like actually shaving your head. It looks great on some girls, of course, but we’re not sure we could deal with the grow-back time. We’re super impatient.

2. Tutorial for an Elegant Updo

There are plenty of tutorials on Instagram if you take a peek. Some of them are ideas that you might miss if you keep yourself in the Pinterest and Youtube world. There are less well-known people than the big tutorial names you may have already come across, and among these are some really hidden treasures. You should definitely peek at Instagram if you want chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair like this one.

Elegant Wedding Step by Step Updo Tutorial for Natural Hair

Source: @igbocurls

3. Perfect Summer Updo

This perfect summer updo is both elegant and bold, and isn’t that what you want to be this summer? With a little sass thrown on top, of course. It is truly amazing how many different styles and designs you can create from simple braiding techniques. This larger braided style is definitely a great way to keep the hair off your face in that beautiful hot heat!

Twisted Summer Updo Idea for Natural Hair

Source: @voiceofhair

4. Bun + Faux Bangs

Bangs are quite a scary thought, especially if it’s your first time. We’ve all seen those horrifying pictures and videos on social media though, haven’t we? You know the ones – someone’s cutting their bangs and it ends up looking utterly ridiculous, and also usually too short. Faux bangs are a fabulous way of rocking the look, without actually having to cut your own hair and risk any mishaps. Simply rock the bun / top knot look, and leave some free, which you’ll then tease into a faux-bang look to suit your mood that day. When you’re done with them, just release, and you’ll have your own non-bangs hair back again. So simple, so smart!

5. Braid into a Low Bun

When you need a look that does the job and is super simple, this look ticks all the right boxes. Afro type hair often falls prey to dryness, and can be left looking frizzy and unkempt. Simple looks like this one require minimal twisting and turning. They also doesn’t need for anything too tight that could potentially damage your scalp.

Braid into a Bun Updo for Natural Hair

Source: @4adaniels

6. Flat Twist Updo + Pompadour

This is such a fabulous look, isn’t it? You have the great option of being able to add height to your hair with very minimal effort. We think you should definitely rock that. This pompadour look definitely ticks the right boxes if you want something out there and edgy, and the cute flat twists really help to bring something more feminine to the overall finish.

Natural Hair Updo with Twists

Source: @ebonybomani

7. Braided High Bun

For a look that is every bit as fabulous as you are, how about chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair like this one? Using braids and twists, you could easily achieve a piled-high bun with plenty of sass, and you could even add those face-framing braids to add a halo of sorts around the face.

Braided High Bun Updo for Natural Hair

Source: @voiceofhair

8. Bun Updo with a Headband

Headbands are a great way of livening up every look you already do on a regular basis. If you’ve been rocking the low pony, add a headband to instantly make the look much more feminine daytime chic.  You could add the headband with low buns, high buns, and even naturally left down-do’s too. I guess we’re saying that hair accessories are kind of a big deal.

Elegant Bun Updo with a Headband

Source: @zoeallamby

9. Stunning Braided Updo

It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s beautiful – 3 things you want from your chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair. Three more things you’ll want to achieve great looking hair like this one, are the right conditioner, shampoo and everyday styling product to help keep your hair in check. You should be using the product specifically created for your hair type where possible. You might just find it works!

French Braided Updo for Natural Hair

Source: @igbocurls

10. Curly Side Bangs + Bun

A clip-less wand is just the right tool to help you get tight curls like this when you don’t have loads of time to set aside from curlers. By having half the hair back in a low bun, just like this look, you’re also saving half the curling time. These half n’ half styles are great for when you want to make some effort, but you don’t have time to put in the full works.

Natural Bun Updo with Curly Bangs

Source: @sashabasha2

11. Everyday High Puff Updo

One of the simplest styles of all – simply scrape all your hair back and let it rest in a big puff explosion on the top of your head. If you were blessed with crazy beautiful curls like these, it would be a total shame to let them go to waste. By rocking this look, your hair is out of the way when you don’t want it to irritate you, and you’re still showing of those curls you’re so proud of at the same time. An all-round winner if you were to ask us. (Which we’re assuming you are.)

Everyday High Puff Updo for Natural Hair

Source: @voiceofhair

12. Braided Style

Of course, the one thing guaranteed to take care of your hair during the warmer months when you want these relaxed styles, is good nutrition. Nutrition for your hair starts from the inside, and the better your diet is, with plenty of rest fruit and vegetables, the better your hair will be. This will also be the case for other areas of your body – your skin, for example. If you have really dry hair and you want to give it the best shot at survival, start drinking plenty of fluids, let your hair breathe in these relaxed styles for a while, and eat more foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals. It works. Trust us on this.

Braided Formal Updo for Natural Hair

Source: @4adaniels

13. Cute Everyday Look

If pigtails are good enough for the Kardashian’s and the Jenner’s, they’re good enough for us. Plus, they’re utterly adorable, and when twisted into these low buns, make for great swimming pool hair. It’s tied back so it can’t get all knotted up, and it’ll even last for a few days if you do it tight enough. Just don’t do it too tight though – the whole point of these chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair is to give your hair a relaxed break.

14. Formal Updo

A look that Michelle Obama herself would have been proud to rock, this formal updo is quite something, and actually much easier than you first may have thought. A little twist here, a little teasing-out there, and a pin or two to keep everything all in check … Are you feeling creative today?

Formal Wedding DIY Updo for Natural Hair

Source: @igbocurls

15. Chic Flat Twist Updo

If you want to have really good quality / condition hair, you will want to skip hair-washing day sometimes, as well as eating a healthier diet. Ideally, you will want to be washing your hair only every four to five days or so, perhaps every three to four if you must. The more you wash your hair, the more damaged it will be – you’ll be stripping it of the oils it needs in order to stay strong and healthy. These chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair give you an opportunity to rock dirty hair in an updo, and it would be foolish to let that hair-wash-skip pass you by!

Flat twist Updo for Black Women with Natural Hair

Source: @4adaniels

16. Space Buns

Space buns are so nineties, we can’t help but dig this look, and they’re such an easy look to recreate too. You can rock them messy, or tighter, just like easy and chic updo hairstyles for natural hair like this one! You could add bows, flowers, and other hair accessories if you wanted a cuter and more feminine look, but one of the easiest things to do is use a strand of your own hair to wrap around the base.

17. Pretty Prom Updo f+

Do you remember that we discussed using hair accessories to liven up your chic and easy updos for natural hair? This is a classic example of just that – a pretty prom updo that also could be used for weddings and other formal events. If you were to take the accessories out, or just replace them with different ones, you’ll find the look changes once again. Sometimes it’s the little details that make all the difference.

Cute Prom Updo for Black Women with Natural Hair

Source: @zoeallamby

18. Bun Updo with Bangs

Looking for a cute little bun updo with bangs, just like this one? Awesome, because we think it’s utterly adorable. If you want it to look great however, you should try this natural hair regime. On a monthly basis, you’ll want to do a completely protein treatment. Every week, deep condition your hair, making sure you’re using moisture-specific shampoos and conditioners. On a daily basis, you should be using a curl activator when you can find the time. You might also want to consider using shea butter to help seal those ends. Give it a try and report back – we’d love to know what you think!

Low Bun Updo with Curly Bangs for Black Women

Source: @igbocurls

19. Twisted Look

These easy and chic undos for natural hair are great examples of “protective styling”, and this is designed to do two main things. Firstly, it is meant to prevent the ends from drying out. Secondly, the manipulation is kept to a minimum, and this cuts down on stress and breakage. When you opt for natural hair and twists, you’re achieving these two things, and this style is just one example.

20. Twisted Mohawk Updo

Another mohawk, but a very different style. This one is twisted and much more rounded and softer, but still packs that kicks punch that you want to your relaxed and protective styles to pack. A soft baby toothbrush and some hairspray will help you to ensure those baby hairs are slicked back away from the face, and that will prevent your look from getting mussed up.

Twisted Mohawk Updo for Natural Black Women

Source: @kyssmyhair

21. Twisted Elegant Updo

Do you want to know a secret to getting the softest hair? You’ll need three things – a plastic cap, a hooded dryer, and a conditioner that is créme based. When you have an hour or so to spare one day, simply apply loads of conditioner to your hair, sit with the plastic cap on under the hooded dryer, and let it sink it. You can catch up on your magazine reading while you’re letting the conditioner work its magic. Once you’ve washed it out, you’ll find that your hair is super soft. You’ll get another 4-5 days out of it before you need to wash it again, and you may even get a few days longer with tighter designs and styles such as this one.

Natural Hair Updo for Weddings and Brides

Source: @igbocurls

These 21 chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair all bring something new and unique to the table, but there really are so many ways you can twist, braid, coax and tease your hair, pinning in into place. Customise it to make it your own, and put your own little spin noon things. Your hair is the one place you really can let your personality  shine through,and we definitely encourage it!

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