23 Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas for a Change-Up

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11. Long, Dirty Blonde Hair

If the ombre and bold highlights are not for you, then you can try something like this. Here we have long dark hair with thin blonde highlights. The thinner highlights give the hair a more subtle and natural look. It is a glam and elegant style and the blonde will give your hair a lift. You can try this blonde look on shorter hair too.

12. Warm Blonde Waves

There are so many different tones of blonde available. We have featured some cool shades and our next one is a little warmer. The hair is dark brown at the root and then the hair changes to a caramel, dirty blonde shade. This is a beautiful hairstyle and warmer tones like this will look amazing all year round, especially in the fall and winter.

13. Dirty Blonde Ombre Bob

Earlier in the post we featured an ombre look, if you loved that then you may like this one too. Here we have a cute bob that starts off dark and then changes to a light, dirty blonde color. It is a pretty and stylish look that will suit everyone. A cut and color like this is a great choice for anyone who is bored with their hair and wants a change.

Dirty Blonde Ombre Bob

Source: @aaashleee

14. Dark Blonde to Light Blonde Ombre

Next, we have another hairstyle that combines different blonde shades. This hair starts off in dirty blonde color and changes to a beautiful light blonde about midway. It just shows how you can put together different blonde tones to create a unique and stylish look. This bright blonde hairstyle would be amazing for the summer.

15. Black and Dirty Blonde Hair

If the bright looks are not for you, then you can try a hairstyle like this one. The hair is black with a dark blonde shade added throughout the hair. You can choose a lighter tone for a bolder hairstyle but the color featured is easy to wear and will suit everyone. It will grow out easily in case you change your mind.

16. Multi Blonde Tones

When you add different blonde tones to your hair it will give you a more natural look. Here is a great example. This style has dark shades at the root and throughout the rest of the hair, there are also light and dirty blonde tones added too. The blonde just gives the hair a sunkissed and beautiful finished look. We love this hairstyle!

17. Brown and Dark Blonde Bob

Want a stylish and chic hairstyle? Then this is for you! Here we have a pretty bob. The hair is cut to sit just above the shoulders, the hair is also dark until about midway where a warm, dirty blonde shade has been added. It is an easy to wear hairstyle and the color and cut is stunning. This is the perfect hairstyle for the trendy ladies.

18. Elegant Blonde Waves

Our next hairstyle shows how to wear waves in an elegant way! This look features dark hair that turns into a dirty blonde color. It is a beautiful and stylish look that will make you stand out from the crowd. The blonde shade used is stunning and similar shade will suit everyone. You can recreate this look or try a similar color combo on a shorter cut.

19. Summery Blonde Highlights

Next, we have another summery hairstyle. This hair idea shows long dark hair with subtle blonde highlights. Even though the blonde here is not as bold as some of the other looks, it does make an impact and really lifts and brightens the hair. This is the perfect idea for anyone who wants to try blonde in a subtle and stylish way. Hair like this will be great for the summer too, as it will give you a sunkissed look.

20. Caramel and Dirty Blonde Bob

Another stylish blonde shade you can try is caramel. Caramel blonde is warm and trendy and it suits other hair colors beautifully. This hairstyle has dark root color that then changes to caramel blonde and then to light dirty blonde towards the tips. We love this color combo as caramel and dirty blonde compliment each other perfectly. You can recreate this style even if you have long hair.

21. Dark Brown Hair to Blonde

Love the toned down blonde looks? Then this is for you. Here we have dark hair that changes to a light blonde color. It is a subtler shade compared to the bright tones, but it does make a statement. This is another easy to wear look that can easily grow out if you decide that blonde is not for you.

22. Simple and Stylish Blonde Bob

Our next idea features a simple and stylish bob. The dirty blonde shade used on the bob is beautiful and trendy. It really jazzes up the cut. A bob like this will be easy to style so is perfect for the ladies that need no fuss hair to wear everyday. Recreate this look or you can try adding other blondes tones too, maybe some warmer colors.

23. Dirty and Ice Blonde Balayage

The last hair idea we have to show you is dirty blonde balayage. The hair is again dark at the root and a blonde shade is added. As the hair is balyage, the color change is more blended than it is with ombre. If you are bored of your hair, then blonde like this will definitely mix up your look. Try a similar shade to this or you can go warmer or cooler.

Dirty and Ice Blonde Balayage

Source: @aaashleee

We hope you have found a trendy dirty blonde hairstyle to try!

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