47 Stunning Blonde Highlights for Dark Hair

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11. Subtle Blonde Highlights

If you have natural waves in your hair, don’t automatically reach for the curling irons in order to get those bouncing curls. Constantly using heated styling tools is not very good practice for your hair. It will cause it to become dry, brittle, and very damaged. Rather than relying on those, add some highlights to help accentuate your natural waves. Encourage them to come out a little more with some scrunching with your hands, and some mousse or styling product of your choice.

Subtle Blonde Highlights for Dark Hair

Source: @aaashleee

12. Balayaged Dark Hair

How about a touch of gold in your beautiful brown hair? This beautiful look – balayaged dark hair – has got a beautiful blend of different blonde tones, ranging from golds to rose golds, a slight tinge of copper, and the most beautiful caramel shades too. That’s the best way to get hair that really stands out – go for as many dimensions as possible. You’ll want to the transition between shades to be as fluid as possible.

Chunky Blonde Highlights for Dark Brunette Hair

Source: @sadiejcre8s

13. Sandy Blonde

There’s such a subtle gradient in this sandy blonde on dark hair look, you’d barely even recognise it was there. It definitely makes one hell of a difference! Go for as natural as you dare on the roots, combining a wonderful rich red tone to the centre. Then lighten into that bubbly blonde, with just the slightest touch of platinum for good measure. It’s stunning, that’s for sure.

Sandy Blonde Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Source: @paintedhair

14. Color Melt

A colour melt is a melt of colour together – it’s basically fluid, like melting two chocolate liquid shades together. Molten browns with rich caramel blondes is the trick behind this stunning blonde highlights for dark hair look. Once again, as we previously suggested, the majority of those face-framing highlights have been added to the front of the layered look.

Blonde Color Melting on Dark Hair

Source: @cemgumush

15. Vibrant Pale Ends

If you want a really vibrant and bold shade towards the ends of your hair, you’ll need to be prepared for the lightening treatments before hand. That’s definitely the case if you have very dark hair naturally, in which case you may require separate and multiple sessions to get the desired effect. You’ll need to bleach to go light, and that means making sure your hair is in good condition to start with. Plenty of conditioning treatments, ladies, and make sure you have the right products to care for your hair afterwards too.

16. Face Framing Highlights

Remember we said about those face-framing highlights? Well, this look shows you a rather extreme way to do it. If you can only go lighter in the smallest of sections of your hair, make your face and the ends the sections you opt for. It’ll have the biggest impact on your locks.

17. Caramel + Blonde

To keep these beautiful blonde highlights for dark hair as long as possible, the right products are essential. Make sure you’re using a blonde-specific shampoo to really bring out those beautiful lighter tones. Once again, make sure you’re using plenty of conditioner. When you go lighter, you definitely can’t skip that stage of your hair care regime.

18. Goldie Locks

There are plenty of shades of blonde that you can incorporate into your new ‘do, but you’ll want to find the most flattering one for you. Working with your hairstylist is the best way to achieve perfect results for your hair type, face shape, and skin tone too. Fairer skins seem to work really well with the more platinum shades, think Gwen Stefani with her trademark bleach-blonde locks and big red lips. A golden shade also works well for pale skin. Very much in the same way that Harley Quinn actress, Margot Robbie wears her Australian sun-kissed locks.

Blonde Highlights for Brunettes

Source: @shayzahra

19. Dark Brown Base + Blonde Ends

If you do want to go for a shade that won’t work well with your skin tone, keep the shade right to the very ends of your hair, as far away from your face as you can go. This gives you the opportunity to play around with more shades, without worrying about having to change up your entire makeup routine. This dark brown base with blonde ends is a great example of that.

20. Beige Balayage

If you have pale skin, but a more rich and warm pale skin, sandy / beige tones are better for your skin. Think Scarlett Johansson and you’ve got about the right idea. It’s warm, but still very subtle, and it doesn’t have too many of the brassy tones – orange and copper. Incorporated into your dark hair, ask your hairstylist for cooler-toned highlights, blended in with a darker blonde on the base.

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