21 Bold and Edgy Black Coffin Nails

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11. Long Matte Nails

Love the matte and glossy looks? Then this idea is for you. For this one most of the nails are matte with one glossy nail. The glossy nail has a subtle shimmer over the top. This is a chic and gorgeous nail idea. It is classy but super stylish too.

Matte Black Coffin Nails

Source: @chaunlegend

12. Black and White Nails with Glitter

Our next idea is full of glitz and glamour. These nails are matte black with stylish accent nails. One of the accent nails has a silver stripe design and the rest are glitter. Two are black and silver ombre glitter while the other nail is black with silver glitter. We love this look, it would be perfect for NYE and the holiday season.

13. Black Matte Nails with Glitter

Next, we have another glittery look. These nails are matte with two shimmery accent nails. The glitter has a mermaid vibe it to because of the subtle shades. This is a beautiful manicure idea and you can recreate something similar with any glitter color.

Black Matte Nails with Glitter 

Source: @riyathai87

14. Black Coffin Nails with Silver Art

Looking for nails that will wow? Then you need to check these out. All of the nails are glossy black but each one has a different design. The thumb nails is plain while the rest all have silver or gems. We love the crystal nails, especially the cuticle design, it is so stunning and stylish. You can buy gems online to create a similar look and you can try this design or add your own sparkling patterns.

15. Chic Black, White and Gold Nails

3D flowers look amazing on nails. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this manicure. This look features matte black nails, white nails and a gold glitter accent nail. Most of the nails have gems and some have flowers. Flowers like these are easy to apply and can be bought online. Try the whole look or just the black nails with flowers of your choice.

16. Long Coffin Nails with Trendy Swirls

Our next nail idea is glam and trendy! Most of the nails are black but there is two accent nails. One accent nail has a marble look and the other has beautiful golden swirls. It reminds us of a Greek Goddess, so is perfect for the ladies who want to stand out, be noticed and look stylish.

17. Glitter and Matte Coffin Nails

If you need nails that sparkle in style, then this next look is for you. This manicure features matte nails, glossy nails and one glitter accent nail. We love the black nails as they have a silver stripe which jazzes up the color and creates a trendy look. A manicure like this is edgy but is elegant and chic too.

18. Black Coffin Nails with Rainbow Art

Add a splash of color to your look with nails like these! These nails are black with two rainbow accent nails. The rainbow art looks metallic and probably foils were used, but you can create a rainbow look using different colored polishes too, the dry brush technique would look amazing. Try colors like these or your own vibrant combination.

19. Trendy Silver and Black Coffin Nails

Give your nails a trendy makeover with a design like this. This manicure features black nails with silver foil accent nails. Silver foil looks so chic and stylish. You can find plenty of tutorials online to help you achieve the silver look and you can buy the nail foils online. Try the silver or go for glam gold. Either way, your nails will look fabulous.

20. Black Ombre Coffin Nails

As black goes with everything, you can really experiment and have fun with your nail art. Here is a great example. Here we have black nails with two accent designs. One is black ombre with gems and the other features silver, holographic discs. This is funky and stylish idea. Try this look or try a different ombre combination or try polka dots instead of the discs.

21. Black Coffin Acrylic Nails

The last idea we have to show you are these glam coffin nails. These gorgeous nails are black with marble and rhinestone accent nails. We love these nails because marble art and crystals are must-have looks and they compliment each other perfectly. You can recreate with any marble and crystal patterns and you can find marble tutorials online.

We hope you have found a stylish nail idea to try!

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