7 Best Lengthening Mascara For Short Lashes

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Are you cursed with too short and stubborn lashes? You don’t have time to apply falsies every day? Dreaming about natural looking, long lashes? You’re not alone. Every second girl in the world isn’t satisfied with her lashes.  Luckily for us, there are some amazing products on the market which can help us to achieve lashes that we see on celebrities. Our lashes never can be too long, right girls?

Check out our list of top 10 best lengthening mascaras for enviable long lashes. We included some of the drugstore and high end mascaras for every pocket. You are step closer to amazing lashes. Are you ready?

1. Eyeko Curl & Hold Mascara

If you want dramatic, curl and plump lashes, you need to try Eyeko Curl & Hold mascara.  After just one coat, your lashes will be curled and lifted. Your lashes wouldn’t only be super long but also moisturized.  Curvy brush is designed to minimize smudges and maximize length of your lashes.

Eyeko mascara is packed into squeezy tube – you can use every last drop of it.


 2. Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara

Some women say that this really is THE best mascara ever. Why’s that so? Givenchy presented the whole new design of mascara brush. Their brush is small ball-shaped brush and allows high precision. Givenchy proved that big brush doesn’t mean big lashes. With smaller brush you’ll be able to grab the littlest lashes and make them appear longer and thicker.

This type of brush is new on the market so it takes practice. After your try it, your mascara hunt will be over!


3. Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara

This amazing mascara will make your eyes look fantastic and glamorous. If you have extremely short eyelashes, Maybelline is here to help. Another amazing thing about this mascara is – price. It can be found for less than $10. You don’t need to spend $30 to rock long natural looking lashes.

It makes your lashes look longer and it’s easy to apply. Who could ask for anything more? Break a law of lashes lengthening!


4. Kardashian Beauty Quickie Mascara

Kim Kardashian is also a huge lover of long and glamorous lashes. Her lashes always look perfect and natural. Does she use her own product? Well, we cannot claim that for sure.

The ‘Quickie’ mascara is a curling and lengthening mascara.  It’s affordable and gives your lashes everything they need – volume, color and length. Unique designed brush is perfect because it separates your lashes and gives them a false lash effect instantly! If you like a dramatic look, just as Kardashian sisters, your next mascara definitely should be ‘Quickie’.


5. NYX Fly With Me Mascara

‘Fly with me’ mascara is lengthening mascara with a lightweight formula and interesting shape brush. The brush is straight and thin at the beginning with a big bulb at the end. It successfully extends lashes leaving them separately and clean looking.


6. Maybelline Volum’Express The Rocket Mascara

You cannot go wrong with Maybelline mascaras. For us, best Maybelline mascara is ‘The Rocket Mascara’. This drugstore waterproof mascara will hold your lashes in place and wouldn’t weigh them down like some other mascara’s on the market.

Since its waterproof, it’s perfect for women who need mascara that lasts the whole day without flaking and smudging. With it, you will not look like a raccoon when you go to pool parties.   Are you prepared for compliments on your lashes?


7. Lancome Definicils

With its creamy consistency, Lancome mascara will give definition, touch of volume and length to your lashes. It doesn’t clump, smudge or flake and defines each lash. Your lashes will be ridiculously long thought the whole day. It’s important to say that it easily comes off at the end of the day.


If you are sick of bad mascaras that don’t do the job, try one of these and your short lashes will be forgotten.

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