50 French Braid Hairstyles for 2015

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French braids are so hot right now! Braid hairstyles are the next big trend for 2015. From runway to red carpet, they are everywhere.  Hair braiding is one of the easiest and cutest ways to do your hair. Braids make women feel feminine, natural and fun.

Here’s the list of the coolest french braids we found that will inspire you to create your own hair masterpiece. Enjoy!

1. Messy Inverted French Side Braid

Messy Side Dutch Braid

Instagram / vickymanzhosov

The dutch braid is much like the French braid, only it’s ‘inside out’. If you’ve already mastered French braid, you probably won’t have problems with the dutch braid. The main difference is that you braid the sections of your hair under the braid, instead of crossing them over the top. This technique puts the braid on top of the hair. Dutch braid can be done with 3 or more strands. To make your braid extra thick, you can use hair extensions.

YouTube Tutorial

2. Side French Braid Bun

Side French Braid Bun

If you have long hair, you’ll probably want to try out this amazing hairstyle!  This sophisticated braid bun is perfect for holiday parties. To achieve this messy look, it’s recommended to curl your hair before trying this hairstyle.


3. Half Up French Braid for Short Hair

Half Up French Braid for Short Hair

Women with short hair, don’t despair! We found some cute braid hairstyles for you, too. This is one of the easiest and cutest French braid hairstyles for short hair.


4. Fishtail French Braid

Fishtail French Braid Hairdo

Simple fishtail French braid is a perfect hairstyle for casual days. This braid works best with longer hair. For a more messy and bohemian effect, gently pull outer parts of the braid with your fingers.

If you don’t know how to braid fishtail French braid, check out this video tutorial.

5. Messy Two Fishtail Braids on the Side

Messy Two Fishtail Braids on the Side


What’s better than one fishtail French braid? Two! This gorgeous hairdo will keep your hair looking cool and styled in all weather.

6. French Braid Pigtails

French Braid Pigtails

Keep your hair out of your face with two sleek and tight cornrow French braids. They are so sporty and chic!

7. Two Dutch Braids + Fishtail Braids

Two Dutch Braids with Fishtail Ends

This combination of dutch and fishtail braids is anything but ordinary. There is no hairstyle that says “cool” more than this one. So badass!

8. Braided Faux Hawk

Braided Faux Mohawk


Want some edge? Loosely braid your hair back and tie the rest of you French braid into a cute ponytail. For maximum volume, tease your upper hair part and apply root lifting spray.

9. Messy Side French Braid

Messy Side French Braid


Everyone loves a big messy side braid – it’s simple, easy and looks gorgeous! This type of braid will keep your hair out of your face. Even though this hairstyle looks complicated to recreate, it’s actually pretty simple and anyone can do it! Check the tutorial to find out how to achieve this cute and stylish look.

YouTube Tutorial

10. French & Fishtail Side Braid

French and Fishtail Side Bride

Source and Tutorial

Perfect braided hairstyle for running errands or a date. It so beautiful, and the fact that it’s so easy to make gives it bonus points. If you’re not blessed with naturally thick and long hair, don’t hesitate to throw on some extensions.

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