31 Trendy Undercut Styles for Bold Women

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11. Short, Edgy & Sexy

Rather than heading to the salon every six to eight weeks as you would with your regular longer-haired style, you’re going to need to commit to more frequent cuts than that.

To keep your look fresh, you should be heading to the salon every couple of weeks for trims and to keep it all in check. Regular maintenance also makes it easier to grow the look out once you’re bored with it.

12. Nape Undercut + Long Locks

There are two real ways to grow out an undercut and that’s the one thing most women are not prepared for. Having the undercut done is one thing, dealing with the growing-out stage is something else entirely.

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Source: @alexxcvii

You will need to discuss with your stylist the best way to plan for the future. Will you cut your hair short and give the newer hair a better chance at being healthy? Or will you go for layers to graduate the look back in?

13. Geometric Undercut Design

I think it’s pretty safe to say the classic undercut is making somewhat of a comeback and these days, it’s not just for punk rockers.

A radically different look, the remaining hair takes such a short time to blow dry, you‘d be surprised at how quick you can get ready. The undercut is already a focal point so it’s much easier to leave the rest of the hair just falling down and natural, but a quick once-over with the hair straighteners always perfects the look.

14. Lotus Design

Originally coming about for women in the punk era of the 70’s, the more modern undercut styles for bold women are definitely a long way away from what they once were.

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Source: @trill_handz

Incorporating more intricate styles and designs with bright colors and even tattoos for accessories, the undercut has been revived and we are thankful for that!

15. Long Hair + Shaved Nape

You will need to consider the change this undercut will have on your wardrobe now. Your hippie and boho-like clothes might not work quite so well with your new grungy, punk look.

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Source: @maykherbald

Perhaps you should use it as an excuse to go shopping? Think about more simple, edgier, clean-cut fashion items and you have about the right idea. Your hair is already making a statement, giving you the perfect chance to leave everything else relatively simple.

16. Good Girl… or Bold Girl?

On the outside, you look like a good girl with picture-perfect hair.

The inside looks pretty picture-perfect too, just with a hint of a badass side! 😉

Why not reveal your naughty but nice side with this cool undercut look?

17. Shaved Side with a Design

Rumer Willis wore her hair like this recently  except she did hers with a bob. The classic side-shaved design is one that works on many women but you must make sure your makeup is on point.

You can still pull the top section down to frame your face if you want to cover the side-shaved spaces, or pull it all back and wear it sleek and to the back like you can see here. It’s a look with many variations and that’s why we love it so much.

18. Shaved Long Pixie Cut

Rita Ora recently rocked a look like this and if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us too.

Instagram / hugosalon

Source: @hugosalon

It’s simple yet effective – undercut but not too much. If you’re thinking of going all-in, what better way than with side-shaving?

19. Unique Design + Messy Bun

This is one way to liven up an ordinary bun and we must admit, we heart it so much.

The tattoo is optional, obviously, but the graduated, asymmetrically flowing lines work so well with the messy bun. If you want a way to easily wake up and revitalise a look you’re already wearing on a daily basis, this is definitely it.

20. Classic Design

It’s cute, it’s dainty and it’s still feminine. What more could you ask for? It’s the perfect first-time undercut look.

It’s edgy but not too much. It’s obvious but can still be hidden. If you want a way to test the waters, this is most definitely it.

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