21 Bold and Beautiful Blue Ombre Hair Color Ideas

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Blue hair – we love it and according to everywhere we look, so do you too! With everyone opting for bright and bold, beautiful hair these days, it makes sense to pay a little bit more attention to detail and just one of the ways you can do that is to take your look just that one step further.

We have sourced and located all the info you need to know – how to do it, how to make it last longer, and how to rock the latest styles. It’s all the inspiration you need. So what are you waiting for? Here they are….

1. Purple Roots + Blue Ombre

The word ‘ombre’ is actually derived from an old French word to mean shading or coloring. When looking at ombre designs on the hair, it usually means a gradual change of color, usually starting darker at the roots and aiming lighter towards the ends.

Instagram / cemeterystrut

Instagram / cemeterystrut

This look works with the darker purples on the top and working down to the lighter blues at the end. When this color range fades, it will simply turn into more pastel versions of itself which can look just as good as the initial finished result.

2. Dark Blue Roots to Sky Blue Hair

Sticking with the trend of dark to light, if you wanted one-shade hair rather than two shades (purple to blue), just use the same blue and dilute it down.

Instagram / christinakreitel

Instagram / christinakreitel

A clever trick to get more looks from one color and to help you achieve this ombre look is to add more conditioner to dilute and pastel-down the color as you work from the top to the bottom. Just a little trick we learned along the way… ;)

3. Sleek Blue Ombre Lob

Before you start, make sure you have dirty hair. It sounds bizarre but dying your hair works better when its not freshly washed. For best results, you’ll want one-day old hair.

Instagram / aimee_grayssalon

Instagram / aimee_grayssalon

When you haven’t washed your hair for a day or so, there are natural oils and grease present that can help protect it from the bleaching process coming up. With most color changes, there will be some lightening and bleaching involved and this can seriously mess up your hair. You should make sure your hair is already in good condition before you start the dying process and if it’s not, whack on some conditioning and wait another week or so.

4. Dark Blue Ombre

Just because you have blue hair doesn’t mean it needs to be the brightest of blues. Dark blue works just as well as can make a real impact if you have naturally light hair anyway.

Instagram / mizzchoi

Instagram / mizzchoi

If you have dark hair, you can leave the roots relatively natural and just apply the ombre to the ends. We love the stark contrast between the jet black and the bright blue here and we can’t wait to recreate it for ourselves!

5. Grayish Blue Ombre Hair

Blue works really well with silver or grey as you can see from this grayish-blue ombre hair look.

Instagram / evalam_

Instagram / evalam_

Long hair pulls ombre shading off really well so why not make the most of the length and really play around with a good and clever graduation of coloring?

You can’t see the patches where these colors blend into one another and that’s the kind of look you should aim for if you want it to look natural… Well, as natural as blue hair can!

6. Light Top, Dark Bottom

Ombre usually goes dark at the top to light at the bottom but this look throws things totally the other way around giving you another clever and very unique way to wear the look.

Instagram / markathturn

Instagram / markathturn

Using a lighter color on the top and working your way to a darker color at the bottom turns things on its side but will require more maintenance than the other way around. The roots don’t look so good when it’s dark on light to dark again.

7. Subtle Blue Ombre

Don’t want super-bold? Aim for super-subtle instead!

Instagram / _michg

Instagram / _michg

This look is cleverly shades tones of blues and greens melted together with a natural brunette shade to create a look that has maximum impact but incorporating subtlety at the same time. Clever right?

8. Dark Blue to Pastel Blue Hair

Another one that follows the dark to light trend, this one really goes through the spectrum of blue to finish with as shimmering silver color right on the ends. We are seriously lusting after this look.

Instagram / lslaayer

Instagram / lslaayer

Ombre hair hides a multitude of sins for a long time although this one has been so perfectly structured, we think it would be quite a high-maintenance blue ombre hair color idea.

9. Dreamy Ombre Blue Hair

Let your natural curl flow free with this dreamy ombre blue hair look and you’ll be glad you did.

Instagram / tortoiseandthehair_

Instagram / tortoiseandthehair_

Ombre + curly hair covers a multitude of sins. The curls help if you’ve let your roots go a little longer than you should have done. Just add volume at the roots and start the curl closer to the root and the grow-out won’t be as noticeable.

You’ll need great conditioned hair to glossy locks like this. Make sure you’re using plenty of conditioner and go with a leave-in one with added proteins for best results.

10. Dusty Denim Hair

We cannot love this look enough times. We can’t stop looking at it either. This dusty denim hair is perfect for anyone looking for winter-ready hair but you must be warned – it’s hard work getting there.

Instagram / bescene

Instagram / bescene

Silver hair has a tendency to go lilac if you’re not careful but the blue helps to counteract that, especially if you start with an ashy base.

The darker roots really help to add depth to this hair, another classic example of short blue hair done right.

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